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  1. There's a thing called a 'near miss'. In the safety industry we use them to make sure there are less real accidents.
  2. I can't buy into the idea that our athletes should make the most of whatever they're given and be happy with it - this isn't school sport. Professional sport is about preparation in so many ways, and part of being prepared is having the right kit, and if your national organisation isn't up to the task you're not going to perform at the same level as better prepared nations. I also believe that frustration and dissatisfaction are often the route to making things better. I don't think this is a cost issue - I mean we have flown(?) a couple of horses to Japan for the equestrian events, and it's not like we're coming home with those medals. What does a plant ticket cost for a horse. De Bod should have better equipment - he's beaten a lot of really big names without a level playing field, and he only has a few opportunities to do so in his life. Either that or perhaps he should also be packing his bags for a country that will better support him.
  3. CSA fined one of our riders in the last olympics for making his own skinsuit. it's just silly that they can't get their heads around the way time trialing technology works these days.
  4. It is weird though when the olympics are raced under different conditions to all the other events. Does anyone know if the olympic qualifier events are also radio free?
  5. Nah - they do stuff like that just to spite the Dutch 👽
  6. a queue of riders and officials crossing the track. None of them should have been there
  7. This is good advice. stability and confidence is key
  8. Get a pair of quick link pliers. After that all chains are basically the same.
  9. Twitchyness is more about your fork/stem geometry than the width of your handlebars. I can't tell if it looks wrong from the pics, but if you want to make it work you might have to make further changes. Basically if you put 700c tyres on a 29er you get a smaller diameter wheel and a shorter fork trail - which is twitchy. I'm not sure what else changes when you swap out the handlebar.
  10. You've described me 🤣 Admittedly I did buy a dropper and rode with it for a while. After a year or so (probably more) and I hadn't used it other than to make my bike fit better on a bike rack I took it off. And I had ridden Swazi Frontier, Mankele, van Gaalens pofadder descents, etc. without finding the spot where I actually liked the feel of a lower seat. Middle aged dogs can't learn new tricks either.
  11. Always interesting to see that other people have the same issues as I do A surprising recent addition to my list of cycling non-compatibilities is that road and MTB handlebars use slightly different 'pipe' diameters. In my case I was just trying to fit mtb brakes so I could test drive my new build, but hey presto here's a mtb diametered road bar. Probably saves you R10k on your build.
  12. I'm quite a fan of tubolito's - pretty durable, light, and low rolling resistance. Cheaper than upgrading to tubeless rims on my older wheelsets, and you don't have to pump them up daily like you would with latex. Admittedly the patch kits are hopeless, so when they do go then that's it. I've never tried to patch latex. Quick comparison Tubeless GP 5000 - costs R1250 a tyre; weighs 300g (+ sealant); rolling resistance 8.9W @ 100psi Vittoria latex + GP 5000 - costs R1000+R300 = R1300; weighs 215+80 = 295g; RR 8.8W @ 100 psi tubolito s-tubo + GP 5000 costs R1000+R550 = R1550; weighs 215+22 = 237g; RR 9.6W @ 100 psi What would be the price difference between 2 similar wheelsets with a 65g weight difference.
  13. try get in touch with the track guys at Hector Norris - they generally train on Wednesday afternoons at the track. They have junior competitions, they'll offer him some coaching, he'll learn some great skills on track, it's a safe environment, and they can probably put you in touch with groups out on the road.
  14. he's doing 5000km's in Crocs?
  15. Just for fun I've tried to estimate fork trail on this bike - it looks really short, so perhaps a little twitchy? I'm no expert, but I've done a bit of reading. On a 36 spoke wheel the spoke holes are 55mm apart, so trail is maybe 25/30mm? Trail is the length of tyre at the road surface between the blue lines below. You'd like to have 45-55mm on a bike like this. If you used a straight(er) fork - i.e. less fork rake - with a steep head tube such as this you would get a longer trail, and something a lot more like road/gravel bike handling. A straighter fork would pull the hub backward in the photo, and voila.
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