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  1. Personally a proper pair of cycling baggies with pockets (plus liner) are just the bomb. lycra pockets with your cellphone jammed in are uncomfortable for your whole peleton 🤯
  2. Had a lovely Sunday ride last week, 99.9% of motorists very considerate and peaceful. Well behaved taxis and trucks. Except for some Krugersdorp tannie in a tiny white i10 who took a close run at us inside the yellow line and then flipped us the bird through the back window. I'm not even upset about it - just trying to make sense of why she felt the need to strike out.
  3. I get okes who won't let me know they're no longer interested even for free stuff.. some people are just like that 🤔
  4. Cradle is remarkably much better for cycling since the cyclists got involved, so thats good. Self-regulation of cyclists by cyclists should continue.
  5. Getting around the CBD is probably best through Fordsburg (Milpark hospital-Atlas bakery-gas works-fordsburg). Follow the route above to the circus cafe at around 50km, after that there are more gravel options - depends on your final destination
  6. To Deneysville to see the Dam | 116.2 km Road Cycling Route on Strava
  7. somewhere in a toolbox I have those. let me know if you want them shipped?
  8. From my previous problem solving on the topic: 1. Typically you have to choose between changing the crank (or chainrings) on the 10s solution vs. changing the RD+cluster+shifters+wheelset to make an 11s solution work. A wide range 10s cluster isn't the best solution. 2. ..because - you want to retain reasonably closely spaced gearing on your cluster - if you go to 11-32 or more you may find the gears a little too long between shifts. 11-28 is nice. 3. best up front is to go compact. 50/34 or 50/36. If you're struggling on the low end, you're not going to miss the high end gears from a 52 front ring much.
  9. I have ordered from them twice and things did not go well. The first parcel was lost by the courier (contents fell out of bag). Probably the couriers fault, but I had to phone the courier guy supervisors a few times before they found my stuff. Almost no support from Evobikes to locate the parcel, and when I eventually received the parcel 3 weeks later it was me updating them that they could now stop looking. Didn't even get a thank you. Second time around I had the out of stock issue on an in stock item - Janos offered to ship as soon as stock arrived but given my previous experience I decided to rather take the refund. Some relationships are just not meant to be.
  10. Yah I know the difference - we just read different versions of the news. What took Facebook down | ZDNet Why Facebook went down, and what's BGP routing | CyberNews More details about the October 4 outage - Facebook Engineering (fb.com)
  11. Northcliff had a lathe for this purpose not long ago. They'd probably do it for you. But as above the MTB 11s cluster spec will fit a 10s hub - and if that doesn't land up in your spokes then there's a good chance the machined road one won't either. Note however that you can't downsize a road cluster if it is one that has a solid inside sprocket, or if the cluster body is connected directly to the sprocket. Shimano uses an aluminium sprocket carrier that is shaped in such a way that you can take some material off without interfering with the sprockets. I have a road cluster on one bike that was dremeled to fit. Also works fine, but at your own risk obviously.
  12. strava says Hekpoort to Bird Cafe is 31.6km. 550m climbing, 484m descent.
  13. From last night obviously. still funny. Apparently Facebook is on the same BGP as the system that runs employee access cards for Facebook. lol. As a rough translation of the above, the security guard is locked inside the datacentre. The sysadmin is right outside but his keycard doesn't work, and the engineer lives in Mexico..
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