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  1. Go park at Old Bethlehem and take it from there. Turn off into Kylemore and keep left.... you will eventually see the gate and parking lot on your left. To do 40km plus you will probably have to do a few loops and then keep going towards Boschendal.... alternatively park in Stellenbosch and start by cycling up Botmaskop... do Sky Traverse.... into Banhoek through the farms.... up Niknaks and on and on. Park at the top of Unie Road and follow the signs taking you up to the Corkscrew. Enjoy!
  2. Seems like a good price. Where did you buy the supplies.
  3. Stumpy for sure. For the fun factor.
  4. Burned down in 2009, 2015 and now 2021 ????
  5. http://lognet.saeon.ac.za:8088/Dwarsberg/index.html ????live weather station Wind speed currently 18ms.... if its around there in thw morning you might want to consider rolling over ????
  6. I am sitting probably 200m from the start/finish. The wind is HECTIC. 60kmh plus....
  7. Also be careful not to overinflate the tyre when trying to seat it the first time. This damages the sidewalls - especially the lighter casings.
  8. Also be careful not to overinflate the tyre when trying to seat it the first time. This damages the sidewalls - especially the lighter casings.
  9. You will not regret it. I went through exactly the same decision process. Ended up buying the Stumpy 6fattie. Lightweight XC bike is still in the garage.... gathering dust! Best thing I ever bought for myself. Thought I would buy a 29 wheelset for it and probably still will.... but if you get the pressure right on those big tyres you will get to the bottom of ANY trail with the biggest smile by a looong mile!! I feel like a kid again when I ride the Stumpy. And it climbs pretty well all things considered. I ride Jonkershoek most days and this is IMHO the best bike for the terrain. Enjoy!!!
  10. Someone mentioned being “heavy” on your bike. This should not be under estimated. If you shift down halfway up the hill while standing and hammering the pedals you are bound to break your chain, deraileur or both. I lost count how many broken chains I have seen in races just on the other side of a dip in the trail ten metres or so up the other side. Look after your equipment and you reduce the chances of having trouble dramatically. Good luck!!
  11. I am afraid this sort of thing is becoming the rule rather than the exception. I never take my bike to ANY shop for a service however minor. Do it myself or if I am pushed for time I take it to a specialist bike mechanic (not attached to a shop). If you are in the Stellenbosch area call Pierre de Villiers. You can find him on Facebook. Next level service. And he even come and pick it up and drop it off..... and generally more competitively priced than any shop because he is focused on the job, not on selling you a helmet or socks as well. My two pence...????????
  12. There is a big group ride being organized for Saturday morning 13 October in protest of this sad state of affairs. Details to follow. Please join us. This is not right.
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