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  1. Sorry no I`m confused I saw the melted Stans Valor here:
  2. His brand new Stans Valor carbon rim melted in its moer in so be prepared and bring many bikes, transported by different means, you never know what hot pipe might melt your bike until it actually happens.
  3. Did you not know that COCT urged people to not wait for water to get warm before getting in the shower? I still want to see a woman get into that 1st stream of cold water of the shower during winter - my shower water takes like 3 mins to warm up.
  4. I wanna ride my tricycle this year: http://image.11street.my/editorImg/2016/08/23/51688367/2016082309272343761.jpeg
  5. HT bikes are for riders who enjoy getting their tails pomped hard.
  6. That kerb looks just about right to make a car flip over onto the cyclists cycle lane.
  7. I have increased the tension and the play is still there with new cleats. The connection between pedal and cleat is crap with Shimano pedals, this is more obvious when pedaling in circles like I think all cyclists should. This is actually a very bad drawback of Shimano/SPD pedals. People unknowingly adapt to pushing down more to reduce the vertical play.
  8. Nino uses Ritchey spd pedals, I think this is a better option than Shimano or Look but these are difficult to find.
  9. Can somebody please make us a proper MTB pedal?!?!?(&$@(#$&
  10. S-Tracks vs XT pedals: What I like about the S-Tracks: - lightweight - the connection with the cleat is much better than Shimano pedals, when I pull up in the pedal stroke the XTs have vertical play which annoys the crap out of me, causing me to not pedal in proper circles What I don`t like about S-Tracks: - about 5mm thicker both sides than the XTs so 5mm higher center of gravity when the weight is on the pedals and less clearance over obstacles - fragile compared to XTs I think these are the 2 best options for pedals yet both are still not great and I don`t know which 1 to recommend, look at my vs points and decide what is more important for you.
  11. If I was sponsored or if money is not a factor I would say hell yes give me a Cannondale mtb but I would never pay for 1 out of my own pocket.
  12. But in South Africa people can be forced to pay money for nothing, this is why the Guptas are so rich.
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