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  1. My lifestyle Sacrifices. My Inheritance R5600/ Month goes to Cats. That's R107/ Cat. No longer able to go Cycling. I'm Living on my own. Staying out of town on a Farm is a Inconvenience. No Electricity. No hot Water. No Fridge/Appliances. No TV/ Internet. I Don't Eat Meat. No Take Aways. No Dining out. No Alcohol. No Coffee/ Tea. No Dairy products. No soda soft Drinks. No Sweats/ Chocolates. Living with Nightmares of Cats Passed Away.
  2. Why was my Topic moved from Causes to "chit chat"? Fund raising for Cat welfare?
  3. Hello Everyone Please Help FOXY. Reference 12515. email payment notification catzspace@aol.com I keep to myself, continue caring for Cats since January 2021. Presently I have 24x young cats all around 1 year/ 1 half years old and 28x adult cats staying in the house here on the Farm outside Ladismith. It was my own choice to start accepting to take any Cats and offer the cat a home. Today I come to you with my pride in my pocket. I had to take FOXY to the Vet, a young female cat who has broken her hind leg and desperately needs an Operation for the leg to be reset. But because my Vet's account is currently at R4887 outstanding. The Vet is now asking for me to pay either 50% of my account or R2500 upfront. Before the Vet will proceed with this much needed Operation. Oakhurst Animal Clinic, Swellendam has always been very helpful and accommodating. I can't find the people willing to join me to form a committee to register as an Animal Shelter. Being unable to register, It's difficult to get the Cats advertised for Addoption. I am Struggling man alone. Please find the love in your heart and consider making a contribution towards my Vet's Bill. If you can Help me with my Vet's account I will be extremely grateful. I love cats. https://www.youtube.com/@CatszMan David Kleynhans I don't have Cellphone Reception Or WiFi here at the Farm 071 085 9006
  4. Hello Everyone For my 51st Birthday, 02 March I am asking for donations towards the 52 Cats and Kittens in my care. I am staying out on a Farm near Ladismith. It is tiresome trying to contact me at the moment due to there being no Cellphone Reception at the house, I need to walk 2km just to make a call. Your Support will be Gratefully Appreciated. Thank You From all the Cats Meeow TYME Bank account 5300 0899 649 David John Kleynhans 071 085 9006
  5. This is the new house. House will need lots of renovations done to secure it and make it comfortable.
  6. Hello Everyone I have Finally managed to find a place to stay. I received the keys to the House today. House has 7x Bedrooms, (space for how many cats???) Bathroom and Kitchen. The house will need lots of renovations to make it secure and comfortable. I have been offered the use of a car to get around as my car is still in the workshop. Slow, slowly getting things together and moving forward. Thank You
  7. Hello Everyone I have Found other accommodation! I have been renting a house on a Farm. There was no lease drawn up. One day Owner tells me, by the way I would like to sell the Farm. Then the confusion starts, 1.property is sold, 2.then it was canceled (offer was declined), 3.again property is sold. 1. If I am renting, can the owner suddenly draw up a lease (today) because the property has been Sold? 2. Am I not entitled to 3 months Notice? 3. What if I can't find alternative accommodation during the 30 days?
  8. I have 30 days to Vacate this house where I am Staying and find other accommodation.
  9. Hello Everyone This is a desperate plea for any Donations. Firstly my car broke down last week Tuesday. 1.Engine mountings are damaged. 2.Top gasket is blown. 3.Piston sleeves are damaged. Estimated @ R15 000. I am Waiting for the final assessment. Secondly I am behind with my Vet's Bill for the cats in my care is now R3630. I am not able to take a "Sickly cat" to the Vet to get treatment. Thirdly I am still trying to find other accommodation as the Farm where I am now staying has been Sold. I need to move during February. The only income I receive is from my late mother's will. I do plan to start a GoFundMe account once I am back in Cellphone range to receive the Authorizations. I will be Very grateful for your Support. Thank you David
  10. Feral Kittens that I Rescued, last year. @3 weeks old, bottle fed. received_1143284229558435.mp4
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