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  1. I dabbled with a KTM enduro bike years ago. Other than bouncing around in the bush on an old XT500, I had only ridden road before that. The fun factor was off the chart but I realised I needed more skills... Hopefully this old dog can learn a few new tricks... 😄
  2. So I did a thing... Back in the year 2000 I bought one of my bucket list bikes... an old aircooled Beemer and for years it was my daily ride, but then family and life etc happened and it has been standing in my garage for years now gathering dust and in need of more and more TLC as time passed. In the back of my mind I always hoped to do a full restoration or a customization but I realised realistically that was not going to happen anytime soon. At the same time I really wanted something to ride with my son, and so I was looking online and found a guy willing to trade... So we did... And so, in the words of Monty Python, "And now for something completely different": I've always wanted to try trials, so here we go!! 😁
  3. Say 'Hola' to my son's new Spanish made amigo.... Can't wait to get home to watch him ride it... 😁
  4. Had a lekker day out yesterday at Dirt and Dust... Headed out with a mate and his kids and their bikes and a few kids who've never ridden before... Very windy, dusty and hot but grins all round... Think he's nearly too big for this bike now... And then I took him for a spin on one of the older kids 125's... Whole time in my head I'm going, "Don't crash, cos your wife will kill you! Don't crash, cos your wife will kill you!" 😂 WhatsApp Video 2024-01-22 at 09.37.08_43ec1b10.mp4
  5. Started re-reading Terry Pratchett's Discworld series... It been years since I read them the first time, so I've forgotten more than I'm remembering, which is cool...
  6. https://www.mcnews.com.au/see-the-moment-that-a-dakar-rally-e-bike-snaps-in-two/ Bliksem! 🫣
  7. https://www.pinkbike.com/video/370390/ An oldie, but a goodie... 🤣
  8. A week spent out at Hermanus... Seriously crazy erosion following the flood, but they've done an amazing job of getting the trails ridable again... And those views:
  9. A beaut of a Saturday morning out in Stellies...
  10. I ride alone often, but it's mostly on the green belts in southern suburbs to Tokai or over Kirstenbosch, or if we're away, the Hemel & Aarde trails in Hermanus so relatively safe from a crime perspective. I will tell my wife my planned route. Always ride with my cellphone which has ICE details on the lock screen, but then realised that is useless if someone finds you crashed and decides to help themselves to your phone instead of helping, so got an ICE bracelet as well. My main concern is having an accident alone on the mountain, but I also take i easy when I'm by myself and the trails are quiet... The brain defrag from the solitude of riding in the mountains by yourself is worth the risk, imo...
  11. https://www.cyclesure.co.za/products If you're a pro-rider, Cyclesure will cover you...
  12. Nice!! What year? My dad had one, but I guessing an older model ('69/'70) as it had chrome 'sides' to the petrol tank. Sitting as a small kid on the tank holding onto the cross brace on the handle bars as he puttered round the garden with the smell of 2 stoke in the air are my earliest motorcycling memories... Then it stood in the garage for years and when I was around 11, and tall enough, he dusted it off and taught me how to ride on it.
  13. Oh. my. word... I feel like 16 again, reading BikeSA magazine, drooling over the ZXR750... 🤤
  14. Squeezed in a quick ride up the green belt before work... Beaut of a morning!
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