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  1. Updated foto of Blaire 3 weeks later and she is looking so much better
  2. Our newest family member Blaire, she was rescued after months of neglect and abuse we are so happy to give her a home
  3. So is Willie going to Burgos bh then?
  4. Nowhere spectacular just a nice Friday ride to Stellenbosch via Polkadraai
  5. Just had a look , that price is fine the bike in the pics is a old rockhopper 26er and not a new 29er he is using as a reference price. just little worried about the container full of bikes in the pics
  6. I still have a gopro 5, take it with me on all my rides Just incase
  7. Very happy with my wahoo element bolt, but for price I don't think you can beat the lezyne units
  8. Merhawi Kudus the one African rider I hoped they would keep is thriving at his new team.
  9. https://www.blsglobal.net/za/
  10. I use my gopro small enough to put in the back pocket. Obviously not the greatest quality pics but ok for me
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