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  1. I have been running in Gt2000 for over 30 years. Think they were called GT 2120 or 2170 or soemthing like that. I heavily pronate and need a stability shoe. . I do about 3 x 10km a week also not very fast . I always think i want another lighter faster sexier shoe as i swear i feel like i get slower with every run. but im old now so who cares. Never been injured so as they say if it aint broke dont fix it.
  2. Guys just stumbled on this thread. I have bought a 2016 F800GS and i am loving th ebike. Only issue as i have is the wheels are tubed. Are there no ways i can make them tubless? Does anyone know of companies thats ell tubeless rims or convert rims to tubeless? I have been told that due to the flexi nature of the spokes that they will puncture the rim tape so this is why peeps dont convert. I really do not want to think of tubes when im in the middle of the tankwa
  3. My mates on scalpels also struggled. Been telling them for years to get trail bikes.
  4. What a day out . Thanks to Vikus and his team . The trails and teh views were insane. Loved every second.
  5. Great build almost identical to mine but tryes 2.4 not 2.6?
  6. Then proceed to door number two. a groot PK!!!
  7. You defs did the correct thing. I dont see any need for police and lawyers but the little skelms do need some sort of discipline. So a little knock on the front door, and a sit down with ma , pa and skelm and a good talking to should sort this out. They didnt mean harm but they couldve caused major damage so they need to be educated . I was taken out buy some lunatic a few years back, started a whole thread here on the hub about it, she clipped my handlebars whilst was bombing down visserhoek rd at approx 60kmh. All i can say my camelbak and baggie ssaved me from a lot of pain. I was roasted head to toe. got a nice titanium plate in my arm for my troubles. Pressed charges. Case was clear as day hit and run even had a witness. After a month they were dropped . 1m rule my ASS excuse the pun.
  8. Wow he absolutetly monstered Gaethje. He is just so much better than anbody else. Well done Kabib you truly are the GOAT.
  9. Basically the spaz evo is down country if u call it that same as scalpel se It’s another name for a XC bike with wider bars, wider tyres, dropper post and 20mm more travel. And if was going to get a DC bike ????. I really really really love the YT Izzo and the Tranny Spur is a close second
  10. Not only Spaz but Trek is the same. the Fuel Ex is the best trail bike around IMHO but they to have decided not to import the Fuel for 2020/2021 range. So its either XC supercaliber or Top Fuel which is like an epic or electric . Trail bikes just dont sell in SA. I ride with quite a lot of guys . ANd out of a bunch of approx 20 guys i ride regularly with i would say 16 ride XC bikes (epic/scalpel/anthem etc) and 4 of us on trail bikes. And guess what teh XC crowd cant ride anyhing technical , they all over 45 and they wonder why they keep going OTB. Hell i cant even convince some of them to buy droppers as they fear for the weight.
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