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  1. took a couple of days - first day only had 3 cigarettes, following day 2 and then 1. thereafter 1/2 a cigarette, 1/4 and then one last drag for ever! think doing it this way helped a bit with the addiction. was hard for a couple of days, but just kept on telling myself that I will have to give up sooner or later, so rather do it now and save myself the hassle later on. probably most important thing is to NEVER HAVE ANOTHER DRAG EVER AGAIN! it is actaully easier than you think. i also went to so a hypnotherapist about a year before the actual giving up & he said that I will eventually give up when I am ready for it - this of course also helped a lot.
  2. dont know about PE -- send Bruce or Bikemax a PM -- they will have you suffering in no-time!
  3. you did not do it hard enough! HR and Watts should match up where? in www.2peak.com???? do your 20min all out on the IDT. take 95% of that -- this would be your FTP. do 2x20min @ 95% of your FTP (or 4x15 @ 95% of FTP) -- this is to raise your threshold power. do 5x5min @ 115% to 118% of FTP -- this is for VO2max intervals. HR and Watts do not 'match up' -- the only reason I wear the HR strap is to show my mind that my body is lying when it is saying that I am having a heart attack! go to the wattage forum on google groups -- plenty to read there.
  4. you mean 65kg's -- i dont think that there is more than 5 guys in the TDF weighing more than 70kg's
  5. ave of 3.6w/kg for 180km+ is rather hard in my books... his IF is 0.72 for the effort of 231W ave, so that puts his FTP @ 5W/kg??? my math must be flawed because some vets i know has a higher FTP than 5W/kg (Willehond -- you stole my quote!!!!!!! - i TM'd it years ago but just never had the armbands made...)
  6. ah! the penny just dropped. thanks for reminding me! now I cant even go home and listed to my Radio K.A.O.S cd because someone took it!!!!!!!
  7. somehow I think it would have been more dangerous to have eaten a KFC burger in Umtata than your actual experience of the bike recovery was...
  8. litespeed ghisallo sram red easton vista zipp 202 front / 303 rear
  9. There will be from March Apparently all content will be as per the international edition' date=' only advertising will be local, at R300 for a year, it makes a lot more cents than R100 per issue at CNA[/quote'] nooooooooooooo i renewed my international sub not more than 3 weeks ago! (at far more than R300!) this is going to give bicycling mag a good run for their money...
  10. sometimes it is better not to look - makes it easier to forget... just thinking of that place makes me want to throw up! (the good old days of endless holiday on someone else's account!)
  11. me too' date=' and le club around the corner. there was a crowd of us from school who used to make the trek through from the east rand. if you were lucky, you could score a shag on the way home on the train. [/quote'] ah - my ill-spent varsity days! spent EVERY tuesday, friday and saturday evening at The Doors / Alcatraz (that later became Alice-D) dont think we ever had to pay to get in as there was always comps lying around. was in res at RAU and as first years we had to study every evening up to 22:00 with the seniors constantly checking up on you. the trick was to fill an empty coke can with wine so you can get a bit of a buzz going while studying, drive to marshaltown as soon as study time is over, down another bottle of wine with a Degoran flu tablet or two (that you got at the cafeteria on our varisty card that your parants are paying for) and you are ready to go! must say that docs and long hair with earrings did not go down too well in an afrikaans res where rugby is more important than anything else...
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