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  1. Looking to buy indoor trainer. Have been using magnetic speed bike which has PLENTY resistance but this us now broken. Would like to duplicate this as far as possible with a proper indoor trainer that I can put my road bike on. Have been recommended Cycleops Super Magneto Pro or Tacx Booster. What can anyone suggest. Do not want to just sit and spin. Need trainer to be able to build up to good resistance at low speed - not have to cycle faster and faster to get resistance up. Thanks
  2. Please could someone recommend an excellent sports massage therapist in the Gauteng Northern Suburbs. Thx
  3. Please could someone recommend an excellent sports massage therapist in the Gauteng Northern Suburbs. Thx
  4. I know this topic has probably been done to death, but can anyone recommend a good type of indoor trainer. I ride a spin bike at home for indoor training but the magnetic resistance is too tight and the manufacturer cannot adjust it. Is giving me sore knees. What are my options from fluid to magnetic resistance trainers. I don't require anything fancy. Does not need to have the most modern computers or virtual trainers. I want something that can give a good resistance,not to noisy and doesn't mess my carbon frame up. Thanks
  5. I have a chance to replace my 105 with an Ultegra groupset. 105 have been comfort and shift well. Is Ultegra that much better?
  6. What an emotional topic!! People sure get hot under the collar for a few bucks. The best for me was the play on the "Turtlek" name - will never be able to think of it without laughing. Vet ladies - just admit it, you will never be able to produce as exciting racing as the men. We are just not strong or fast enough and therefore don't count in the sponsors eyes. Learn to handle it gracefully - like old age!
  7. For myself, I would recommend Cape Storm (Stormrider) cycle shorts. Have a very flattering panel design and comfortable shammy. Have tried bib, but is real hassle when having to make a "visit". Remember - comfort above all else! Good luck - hope she has many hours of fun riding.
  8. Porky, that's exactly what I thought. I am certainly not going to worry anyone in the bunch - I usually tt on my own anyway, so I won't be contesting any prize money, but when I asked the official lady at registration whether I could start early with the fun-riders, she was absolutely horrified and said "definitely not with that number"! I wanted to start early because I know that I will probably be one of the last licensed riders to finish and I am a bit worried that the marshalls and traffice guys will pack up shop before I have done my 7 laps. Not too keen to battle irate traffice on my own!
  9. Now what? Mampara says definitely NO and Jules says he can't see why not. I can understand that I wouldn't be allowed to start with the licenced guys if I was a cyclosport licence holder, but why can't I do it the other way round. Isn't it supposed to be a fun-ride?
  10. I am a licenced rider and want to ride Sunday's Outsurance race in the fun-rider start group because it is much earlier start. The licenced riders are only starting at 11h00. Am I allowed to start in the B or C group. I wouldn't be in contention for any prizes in any of the groups - just want and early start and an early finish. Will I be allowed to do this?
  11. Suggest that you create a new subject in the forum called "Injuries". Seems there are so many people out injured at the moment, would be easier to trace them and post best wishes. Good luck and a speedy recovery to all concerned.
  12. Please, please, please while we are on the topic of light frames - can someone tell me: I ride a Trek WSD Aluminium frame. I weigh 53kg and go better up the hills than down, understandably. How much difference would it make to my cycling if I got hold of a Solis carbon frame considering my weight. Could I really be blown over by JHB wind? Currently my Treki with all the components weighs about 10kg or more.
  13. Jedi

    My study

    Should be called a "Hub" of bikes".
  14. www.femmesportif.co.za in Cape Town
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