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  1. i've entered too. my last decent seeding event was 99er 2020... and i've added a bit of lockdown weight
  2. points out the rules - "keyboard warrior"... er, okay. "photo on facebook doesn't look like it was taken in the dark" - ever heard of twilight? it's not personal Leo, like I said there's a pic with five marshals at twilight. (it's light, but the sun has not risen) if you're unsure about sunrise time, there's many websites that'll tell you when sunrise is - www.time.is, www.yr.no, www.timeanddate.com etc. the rules are clear, Sunrise to Sunset (i even bothered to put a screenshot and a link on a previous post) - not "Twilight to Twilight". I've p'd off a few friends by pointing that out to them too (with varying success) and I don't go ride before sunrise. there is an easy to see when riders are on the trail before sunrise. any how, you would think that if a website says something THREE times, it's pretty damn important: Instead of ruminating on the meaning of sunrise to sunset - let's stick to the rules and enjoy the trails, no matter who you are.
  3. it's not no "night riding"... it's pretty clear on the BHC page: https://bottelaryconservancy.co.za/about-mtb-trails/#tab-1606478349794-2-8 or screeenshot here: Nowhere does it say that Marshals are exempt. Other people see this behaviour and think it's okay to just ride at whatever time they want. the whole point of this rule is to not disturb the mostly nocturnal animals in the conservancy. Edit: LOL for the BHC photo on Facebook which shows FIVE marshals on the trails before sunrise. Clearly no one gives a fudge and we can just do what we want. Sunrise is 6:20:
  4. ha ha ha. that's a rubbish excuse to go chase KOM's at that time of the morning. NO ONE should be on the trail before sunrise. I did alert him to this fact BEFORE he became a marshal and he said that he checked up on the rules and he was in the wrong, so from now on he will abide by the rules. and abide by them he did, for a while. i wouldn't have noticed his several early starts had i not seen him on his way home when the sun just rose. so yes, i did speak to him before, but now he doesn't give a s... it is unacceptable and there is no excusing this.
  5. so there is this fella who is a Marshal for Bottelary Hills, but for a while now he has taken his green and yellow bike on the trails before sunrise. I have commented on his Strava before, but he doesn't seem to care. Aren't Marshals supposed to enforce the rules?
  6. depends on the specific trails. most trails will send out and email or do a facebook post on whether they're open or not.
  7. Whenever I enter a trail, it has signposting up to say that it's "Private Property" and "You require a permit to access these trails"... doesn't sound "Public" to me.
  8. https://businesstech.co.za/news/government/402737/read-the-full-lockdown-level-3-regulations-here/ you can download the document at the bottom of the article.
  9. i missed the guy in his mankini this year
  10. Urgent reminder to fill in medical questionnaire. LOL...
  11. done... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Md8oSWYP-pw9oekAKP_UJ3J1BpnY0astzyFXvKbR1lo/edit?usp=sharing
  12. I'm kinda late to the party... but from posts on page 51/52 i'll also be dropping down to 2A. just looking to have a lekker lap of the peninsula. will have to be there very early as it seems like it's going to be a large group full of hubbers.
  13. seeding's up. i missed out on moving up a group by 43 seconds i'm blaming the fella who caused the group to split up vissers
  14. my race report: started in D. my aim was to not lose too many riders over vissershok which was going well until my group came to a stop when the steeper section started. some dude dropped a chain and then everyone went into a panic and swerved this way and that way. did not help that we had vehicles coming down on the right hand side. so when descending vissers i saw that about half the group was down the road and i was somewhere in the middle of the faster/slower contingent. i slowed down as i knew i couldn't catch them on my own. got some great help from 2 powerhouses and we set about catching the front group. catch was finally made at the fruit sellers intersection. just before that there was a close call as two riders touched wheels and the one rider did his best at a Jacob Fugslang swerve and save. I actually think his save was better than the Dane's at Liege-Bastogne_Liege as he had smoke coming from his tyres and i thought "oh f... that's gonna hurt". To my surprise NO ONE went down. The riders around him also responded quickly and calmly. The R312 was filled with distressed riders - more dropped chains and punctures galore. From there it was just a matter of hanging onto the bunch. Nearly got caught out on Slent Road's crosswind, but I just barged onto the right hand side to find some shelter. Adderley was a literal drag as I started feeling fatigued but I looked down at the Garmin and it looked like a sub-3 was on the cards so I dug deep to hang on. By the time we hit Durbanvale's circles I saw the sub-3 slipping away. Oh well, just keep going. Crossed the line just over 3h03. Disappointed and delighted at the same time. I could finally let go of last year's dropped seatpost saga
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