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  1. Love reading this - welcome to a rad sport.
  2. If they want a female, im all for it, then use Sam Sanders who will add insight, ask valued questions and not asking "was that fun today" to the rider in Yellow who blew 15km before and has no recollection other than knowing what Matt's rear derailuer looks like
  3. Listening to kids scream and cry during a plane flight is better than listening to her this epic.
  4. Think it’s pretty good personally
  5. When I’m at the Tour I also believe I can finish with the front group on mountain stages.
  6. when you go the start line and there 859 other people there.
  7. 3years ago it spread through the village like wildfire. there were alot of people with severe diarrhoea.
  8. No all good; I remember having To test her in the lab the year she was meant to do epic for Absa. Rocked up with more makeup on than a episode of RP Drag Queen race. when she was done with her half attempted effort she looked like Alice Cooper about to walk onto stage for a concert. She bailed from epic and didn’t do it
  9. I would personally rather buy Matts epic bike than stuff advertised here. When your bike is basically brand new every time you ride it, it’s a deal
  10. Believe it or not; that 1w over 4hrs is a fairly big loss of time when calculated and power. 1 of the reasons we had Tadej run a junior cassette at the Tour TT last year to eliminate any cross chaining
  11. I can fully get behind this post
  12. I don’t know to much on the algorythims for those platforms but the average power that strava shows is higher than I have on TP - it’s a double digit. As anyone knows pushing power, this is a big value to push over any duration.
  13. This is very well said and correct.
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