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  1. As with all sell the product wording on cramp preventing products: "Has been shown to reduce (muscle) cramping" The product is not scientifically proven.
  2. They are 7-10km from where I live, they are very very legit. The size alone for all the sports and everything is incredible
  3. Rigo is basically bigger than the president of Columbia and carries that much power / pull / swag in the country. It's pretty incredible when you see and hear the stuff he gets done with his speed dial. 1 of the best was when lockdown happened and the columbians needed to get to europe to race and there was no flights allowed from Columbia. Rigo hooked up the private presidential plane, loaded the riders and was flown over.
  4. deep heat in my eyes is more comfortable than listening to Ross's bable
  5. If he didnt I would give him a PK in that field.
  6. Great kid that and only landed in SA the day before for TT Nationals. more impressive
  7. There isnt much to tell here, I coaches him in 2023 and a great kid, super focused and asked me to move teams with him and stay as his coach. I declined for my own reasons. But then you get other factors influencing decisions and hell breaks loose with a example of how not to start your career. I can say the bs in media were fabrications.
  8. On a MTB? right now? sagan won’t learn anything cause you need to keep up with the person you trying to learn from no?
  9. Patxi is back this year with Bora as a sports director the last few years of Peter’s career at Bora he was coached by Sylvester Schmidt
  10. He only flys tomorrow as he went to the airport today and they said he needed a visa for South Africa. He is not in South Africa yet. he is also not there for a epic training camp, he isn’t doing epic, he is essentially going to SA to get space and some less pressure with all going on to train before hitting the world cups and his eventual goal at Olympics
  11. Im a avocado specialist.
  12. If you dont like it dont use it, to draw up some long winded attention seeking letter saying why you dont is just attention seeking. I dont make long posted letters cause I dont like avacado. Simply dont eat it.
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