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  1. When is South Africa going to stop going to World events to learn?
  2. Road, not TT. Doesn't mean she earned her spot in TT event
  3. My view also. Dolphins on a belly button are so over done.
  4. Do what makes you happy, even if that means you have a Shimano tattoo and ride sram.
  5. When people jump to different brands all the time to me, shows someoneโ€™s loyalty. Tattoos and artwork for me is a personal thing and not a way for a free head unit.
  6. Average at best and looks like there is zero thought into all the work done
  7. Yes really original after Cipo and Froome had done it prior. Massively creative and out the box as he calls himself. Isnt his Sako7 kit made by Ciovita now?
  8. Clown more like it. his one "campaign" was self diagnosing himself with depression and went on a crusade to try get followers from that side or have people feel sorry for him. Or both. I know him from way back unfortunately and called him out on it and said this is low as one can go, he blocked me from all his 90490321 accounts he has for each personality.
  9. I dont think you should have to justify it. If you want to go do it, have the option, facilities and so forth and want to, go do it. If you need to try justify it, dont. Do what makes you happy and feel good. My 2c
  10. Going to races with the protocols is safer than being in daily life with regards to Covid. But yes, it can be career ending depending on infection and also that the athlete may never return to previous condition due to damage. this actually goes for anyone contracting Covid and exercises.
  11. Latest UCI standing as of 31/08/2021
  12. We finding some are not actually getting over it from a performance stand point when a athlete has had COVID.
  13. Appologies it was Swiss. Which makes Ineos season run from Giro that more impressive.
  14. Carapaz won romandie also Bernal got Covid - hasn't been the same since
  15. They Elite bottles. Yes carbohydrates and def not Vietnamese food!!
  16. No I did not think that accusation at all. Yes, McNulty, maybe Bjerg, Hirschi and sprints with Gaviria haha. Kinda like lets go race bikes.
  17. I didnโ€™t see the stage as I left Vuelta and came here to Belgium for Benelux Tour so all I can add is that when I was at Vuelta it had days of 43/44โ€™c it was insane and riders where consuming many bidons and also to keep cool by pouring on themselves as well as ice in stockings example when Caruso broke away with 62km to go and won on Velofique, I was at 7km to go parked next to their soigneur. He handed him 3 bottles alone then. 2 to drink the remainder as coolant. look how many bottles Landa used when he did the infamous breakaway. Majka is a monster on a bike; he came to win a stage and not hunt GC so being spot on on that day makes sense. Not defending as I was not there or saw the overall stage but wanting to add insight possibly as it was different grabbing bottles than watching 3 BH Burgos riders come around the corner holding their team carโ€ฆ..
  18. Yes and no, most of or basically all of the products are what you can buy in the shops if that brand is available where you are. In some cases a small change may be made to increase something or add something in that isnt in. The nutrition is periodised to each rider and then additionally at each extra feed there is specific bottles, gels etc handed out based on expenditure. Some riders are only able to consume 90g/cho per hour and some up to 120 so you not giving rider X 120g is he cant handle it. Toilet paper is expensive.... Based of expenditure that day their post race recovery, dinner etc will be provided off that info and then breakfast will be the same and what the following stage entails. Its not just eat pasta as much as you can and go ride your bike.
  19. Thank you and yes great ride. Haha no he is fine. Different bidons have different inside so anything from water to iso to 60 or 80g of cho etc and with the high carb volume they are gut trained to handle high volume per hour.
  20. Garmin is not accurate INSCYD... (there is a validation study coming out on it)
  21. This climb is Spainโ€™s version of Ventoux - there is nothing growing on it and it was insanely hot.
  22. Didnt mean to touch a nerve mate. Its only Thursday.
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