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  1. Prince

    947 Ride Joburg

    Got mine. F group at 6.45 I see the field is significantly smaller at 11624
  2. I am 179 cm and used to ride a 54 cm CAAD 7 so that frame is going to stretch you.
  3. Cases looking reasonable at the moment so should go ahead. Lets hope it stays that way
  4. Prince

    947 Ride Joburg

    "Finish Time and Australian partners Race Tec also recently developed a revolutionary and affordable admin and timing system for event organisers which can run off smartphones and mobile devices". From the Finish Time website. All chummy chummy seems like.
  5. Prince

    947 Ride Joburg

    Aha now it worked.
  6. Prince

    947 Ride Joburg

    Is it just me or is their entry system really not user friendly?
  7. Had the same problem. No solution in 4 shops i went to.
  8. So what's the forecast looking like? Start of the fourth wave and cancelled or risky at best?
  9. So....highlights it is then
  10. So any idea if/when the RR is on DSTV?
  11. 989 Joined September 2006
  12. I tried MYBB for the Covid topic. Gotta have serious thick skin on that forum.
  13. So my bike was insured at R140k replacement value now Cycle Sure sent me this new break down and the premium remained the same. Am i worse off now or in the same position? They said the new split was due to the age of the bike 2009. Component Sum insured PINARELLO PRINCE AND FORK R 56 000.00 GROUPSET R 28 000.00 WHEELSET R 28 000.00 SADDLE, PEDALS, STEM, HANDLEBARS R 28 000.00 Total: R 140 000.00
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