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Found 16 results

  1. Repect to all the LBS mechanics. You have skills. Shout out to you guys. Unsung heroes. Now to the topic: 1. Sram 12sp Power links do not work with KMC 12sp chains. The fit is too tight causing the chain to jump. One hell of a bugger to remove said powerlink. Just get a chain breaker and destroy powerlink and hope it did not crush the roller to bad. Might get you out of a pinch if you are out on a trail, but else use the correct connector. Why are KMC 12sp missing links so damn hard to find?!?! (please DM me if you know who has stock) 2. Always keep the cut off chain when you cut your chain to size. Incase you, 1 either loose a roller when the chain is removed and cleaned or, 2 in case of the above where you crushed the roller. 3. Reuse old chains to replace the chain on the chain whip. I have found that the default chains that come on whips do not work well on 12sp cassettes. Have acutally found them bending the teeth.
  2. Hey Everyone, I recently bought a brand new Santa Cruz Blur C. After every ride I clean the bike thoroughly, but it seems like water is getting into the frame. More recently, I went riding in the rain and noticed that there was quite a bit of water in the frame. To drain the water, I need to remove the bottom screw fastening the bash plate to the bottom bracket, otherwise the water won't drain. Is this a known issue with the Blur?
  3. So this weekend I made a noob mistake. Took my chain off for a deep clean, let it soak in paraffin (old schools cool man), scrubbed it, dried it off, etc. But when I wanted to put the chain back on the roller and bushing from the links where the masterlink connects to was missing in action (both ends). By my own powers of deduction, I realised they are swimming in the bottom of a 5l old motor oil can somewhere in the local Midas's used oil container. Seeing as I just poured the used paraffin in there after the clean. #facepalm #lotsofswearing #poephol So I suppose my question is can I just replace the bushing and roller with one from a salvage chain at my local Bike shop? The chain has lots of life left (only 1500km on it [GX eagle] and not close to replacement time) and I just don't want to chuck it away for no reason. I assume the risk here is that the replacement roller and bushing could be worn more than my current chain. Are there other caveats? *edit: spelling*
  4. Good Friday afternoon to all Hubbers. I recently bought a chain I've been looking for for ages, but I'm wrestling with the thought of putting it on. As my thread title suggests, I know it's standard practice to replace the chain and cassette simultaneously. I just got a new chain/cassette combo in November. I'm willing to keep the chain as a spare, but new Ultegra cassettes aren't exactly small change, but I'd prefer to spend that money somewhere else (thank heavens I don't have DA). Mileage on the chain/cassette combo is approx. 3500km. So, recommendations?
  5. BikeHub we need your help! My friend and I are opening a bike workshop, to cater to people who need maintenance, replacing, upgrades etc etc done on their bikes but without the full bike shop attached. The aim is to cater to post purchase customers. We are in a town that has a bike shop but it has a reputation with a lot of the local cycling fraternity as not being all that great. The next option is a 30min+ drive to a decent bike shop. We already have some ideas of what we want to offer to customers starting from basic maintenance servicing, individual jobs (bleeds, gear indexing, wash and lube etc.) and full major services. We are also considering a call, collect and drop off service after hours (for the people with a little less time). We do not want to get involved with dealers at this point and for major parts we would order online with no mark up or the option to bring your own parts and only pay for labour. What we would like to find out from you is: -What jobs/ service packages suit us cyclists? -Would a labour only shop apeal to you? -Would you trust a workshop not associated with a cycling brand?
  6. I am looking for a local bike shop that is able to change the battery of a Powertap G3 power meter hub with the proper hub cap wrench in and around Cape Town please?
  7. The topic title pretty much says it all... I have two sets of XT M8000 brakes and, naturally, I'm a little confused (and concerned/irritated) by all the comments regarding modulation and other issues. And equally so by all the praise showered on the M7000 set, since I spent more on mine. I haven't had any issues since fitting either set around 6 months ago. And whenever I speak to guys at Revolution cycles and This Way Out, everyone prefers the M8000 over the M7000 and doesn't know of any issues either. On the Hub, however, there are a lot of people who talk about the M8000 set as if it were a bad flu going around that they're pretty chuffed to have dodged. So what gives? Surely any real issues would have been corrected relatively quickly?
  8. The next course is Saturday at 9am at the PwC Bike Park. Places are limited but I have spaces left. For more info visit http://www.buildabikesa.com/product/basic-bicycle-repair/
  9. Hi All Okay, I'm aware that Scotts are notorious for creaking like an old wooden boat. That aside, my Spark 920 wasn't all that bad until fairly recently. I decided to pull the pivots apart, check the bearings and re-grease them. Upon doing this I discovered that there are two aluminium spacers on either side of the pivot right behind the rear shock (i.e. the pivot at the top of the seatstay). I know which way round they were in there, but I'm in doubt on whether the bike shop that last serviced the pivots put these spacers in the right way round. If you've done this service yourself before you will know that each side has two spacers, one larger (red) than the other (gold), but both have a thicker inside edge on one side (i.e. only one side of the spacer is flat). I have two questions. 1) Which way round should the spacers go in (must the large spacer go on the outside of the frame and the small one on the inside)? And 2) Which direction should the thicker inside edge of the spacers point (should it point towards the bearing or away)? Any advice on the matter would be much appreciated, I would take the bike back to the bike shop that did the last service, but to be honest I would not trust their opinion (lets not delve into that topic now though). Cheers
  10. Does anyone know if there is someone offering hands on bike service and repair classes? Something handson?
  11. Hi fellow hubbers.. Am looking for some advice on purchasing maintenance tools. I can do some basic repairs on my bikes, but recently decided to learn how to do more repairs & servicing on my own bikes. I purchased a bike maintenance work stand last week, so now looking at some essential tools that I would need to get started. I have some basic tools, but thought I'd build up kit, but without breaking the bank :-) I've been looking at this option for a starter kit below. https://www.buycycle.co.za/workshop/tools/super-b-professional-27-piece-bicycle-tool-set/ Would you guys go for this one, & if so, what other essential tools would I need. I would think a torque wrench kit, but not 100% sure on what to go for as they are rather costly, & also not sure what NM I would need to go for, the Ryder torque wrench are R220 for a 5nm or 6nm. (so was thinking of getting both) Do most bikes use 5nm or 6nm...what would be the highest nm one would need in a torque wrench. I was looking at this torque wrench as well @ R899 up to 22nm, but not sure if I would need it. https://www.easybike.co.za/mighty-torque-wrench-set-2-24-nm.html Please let me know what you guys think, would appreciate your advice to get my little home workshop started. Also any other tips or tools I would need as essentials. Thanks in advance,
  12. I am hosting the first Basic Bike Repair course on 18 June at the PwC Bike Park. For the price of a service at a bike shop, your bike gets a service and you learn how to do it yourself. For more info and to book click http://www.buildabikesa.com/product/basic-repair-18-june/ The cost is R450 Learn how to service, repair and regularly maintain and care for your bikeLearn ride-saving skills so that you’re less likely to have to miss a ride, or worse, become stranded whilst out riding your bikeSave money on bike services and repairsWhen: 18 June 2016 / 9:00 – 13:00 Where: PwC Bike Park @ the white Build a Bike container What’s included?Full morning of instructionConsumables – gear cablesRefreshments What do you need to bring?Your bike – any road or mountain bikeBasic tools – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm allen keys, flat and star screwdrivers, chain toolOptional tools – cassette lockring tool, chain whip, quick link pliers, spoke wrenchesHand wipe ragAny new parts or spares that you’d like to installTools are available for purchase before commencement of the course – please contact me to enquire. What will you learn? Wheels and tyres:Removing and installing a wheel into your fork/frame – method depends on axle configurationRepairing a puncture & changing a tube and tyreTubeless tyres and checking/adding sealantBasic rim truing for buckled wheelsCO2 cartridge use Drivetrain:Chain cleaning, lube, replacement and maintenanceChecking for chain wearUsing a chain tool and quick linksCassette removal and replacementCrank and chainring components and replacementDiscussion: bottom bracketsReplacing pedalsDiscussion: how to get the most life from your drivetrain componentsBring a replacement chain and cassette if you wish to replace yours during the workshop Gears:Replacing a gear/shift cable (supplied)Setting the gears – limit screws and cable tensionCorrect chain lengthDiscussion: derailleur hanger alignment Brakes:Discussion: types of brakesReplacing brake padsBrake adjustmentBrake disc alignment Other:Headset bearing preloadSeatpost maintenanceSuspension adjustmentQuestions
  13. Hi, I've just bought myself a Cannondale Rush 2 and I need to start maintaining it. Where can I get a good quality solid repair stand? I saw one one CWC (http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/cwc-bicycle-repair-stand) but its so much cheaper than the other ones I've seen online I have to wonder why - is it a build quality thing, ie. is this perhaps a flimsy stand? Obviously one would want something solid. I'd definitely go for a second hand one too, does this forum double as the classifieds for this kind of thing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Lars PS. Just attached a pic of my baby cos she's hot.
  14. Hi All Just want to commend Torque Zone on their great service!! Just took my mtb in for something they could have gotten wrong at the previous service...and without quibble they fixed it and set everything straight without charging me. Well done and great service. Still taking my mtb to them for the next service. Cheers,
  15. I have an icetoolz floor pump. The return valve recently stopped working due to minor influences (kids thought it would be fun to block the outlet and see how much pressure they could build up). I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with one of these? I've managed to open the top seal, but can hear air escaping from the valve between the pressure gauge and hose, and I'm wondering if this is something repairable. I can't open up the bottom section though, it looks like there's some sort of clamp across the bottom section and not sure how to release it. I'm unable to pump shrader valves at all, but can pump up a presta without an accurate gauge reading - I'm guessing that presta's are locking on the valve side when pumping. This is the product: http://icetoolzusa.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=84_102&product_id=166 Gooi weg, or worth a repair attempt?
  16. I've been riding for going on 8 yrs right now. I've serviced my bike at many different shops, but most recently I've been using Linden Cycles. Their services have always been great and I can't really complain. Normally when I query things, they are happy to fix it without question and the quality of their workmanship has been fine. They are however a bit out of the way for me AND with them being SO popular, you sometimes need to book like 14 days in advance. This is a bit of a problem if you just quickly want some running repairs done. I then decided to try a shop up the road from me - CycloWorx (Petervale Shopping centre). I was pretty surprised with their approach and it goes a little something like this (sounds I need a soundtrack here): - They don't have a flat rate for a service, they simply charge you PER ITEM that they do. - They also don't carry out ANY WORK until you've given them the go ahead on each item. - They FIRST quote and await your approval. This approach is pretty cool as I have in the past been in a situation where a 500 service turns into a 2000 service, granted we do discuss it, but I don't get a line by line quote before work is completed. I get a brief phone call where I need to make a call there and then without being able to digest it. In any event, I'm picking up the bike today and doing a training ride this arvy. Will reply to this post with how the bike is going (hope it doesn't fall apart, rofl).
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