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  1. Darkhorse are no strangers to the South African market having made a name for themselves offering well priced, good quality carbon wheels. Recently the brand made the leap to bikes with the Eclipse range of electric bikes. View full article
  2. We tested the Darkhorse Eclipse AL-D1 model. It is a drop bar configuration fitted with SRAM's Apex1 1x11 HRD groupset, Darkhorse alloy wheels, Kenda Flintridge 700x40c tyres and an Easton/RaceFace bar and stem combination. The alloy frame is available in two sizes Small/Medium and Large/Extra-Large. The frame features sliding rear dropouts making it single-speed and belt-drive ready while cabling is internally routed. And yes, it’s an e-bike. Darkhorse opted for the popular Mahle ebikemotion X35 system. The system uses a 250W rear hub motor and 248Wh battery which is tucked neatly away in the down tube. If (like me) you turned your nose up at the idea of a rear hub drive, the X35 system is far more refined than anything you might have encountered on early ebikes. A quick look across the catalogues of the most major brands and you’ll notice the X35 on just about every road and gravel electric bike. To power on the bike there is a single LED lined button on the top tube which also functions as the mode selector and battery level indicator. The X35 has three modes: green, orange, and red; from least to most motor assistance. While riding, the LED remains illuminated, signalling battery levels and giving a subtle clue to others that you might be packing some assisted power. At the base of the seat tube, you’ll find the charge port for the battery when you need to top up or to attach a range extender. Battery level indicator: White means 75% or more remaining, green 50-75%, orange 25-50%, red 15-25%, slow red flash 10 -15% and fast red flash is 10% or less remaining. All in the motor, battery and other ebike bits add about 3.5 kilograms to the bike. On the bike Out on the road, the Eclipse feels largely like an ordinary bike with the motor off. You quickly forget about the extra few kilograms until the climbs in the road remind you, but there is no noticeable drag from the motor. Powering up into the lowest assistance level, the extra push is subtle but enough to begin pulling away from your analogue riding mates. Moving up into the mid or high modes the assistance is obvious and the slight whine from the motor more audible. The ebikemotion app lets you connect to the bike via Bluetooth to check battery levels, record rides or even customise the level of assistance in each mode. You can also connect up to your Garmin or other devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. The motor provides assistance up to 32 km/h after which it is all up to you. On a group road ride, this can be a little limiting for fast flat sections, if you had been relying on the extra watts to keep up. On inclines, the Eclipse really comes into its own. Like any pedal-assist ebike you still need to put in effort but the 250W motor does well to take the edge off. Keeping up with my quicker mates was a lot less of an effort but still a workout. The impact of the assistance is quite nicely illustrated by a very unscientific look at my average heart rate on a regular route. At roughly the same average speed my average heart rate was 20-24 beats per minute lower than on an analogue bike. Taking things off-road the Eclipse soaks up the rolling gravel stretches with ease. The geometry is comfortable and there is room for up to 45 mm tyres. The motor's power delivery is steady and aside from the wind rushing by a little faster, you don’t really know that it is on. Heading up longer, steeper climbs, I found the 250W motor began to strain and battery levels depleted faster. Below 10% gradient was no problem but in the 12-15% range both my power and the motors power were a little lacking. Range When it comes to range, Darkhorse say you can expect up to 75 km depending on road conditions and rider behaviour. There are so many factors that will influence this but on a moderately hilly road ride, I found that the claim was easily achievable. Extended use of the highest assistance mode on longer climbs will cut that down significantly though. You can purchase a ebikemotion range extender to add an extra 250Wh but it does come at a price (R 7,950) and occupies a bottle cage spot. Conclusion The Darkhorse Eclipse AL-D1 is a well equipped, versatile electric road and gravel bike. It feels at home on tar and gravel with some welcome assistance on any surface. Priced at R55,000 the Eclipse sits below the ebike entry point of many other brands while still offering a quality build.
  3. Download attachment: Darkhorse Bikes Eclipse Side On Hero.jpg Having been in the cycling industry for over 10 years and being obsessed with everything on two wheels, the team behind Darkhorse Wheels saw a gap in the market for a lightweight ebike that is comfortable both on and off road. After over two years in development the team are very pleased to present a range of bikes that represents everything we love about cycling. Click here to view the article
  4. Designed to feel equally at home in the city as it is on gravel roads winding through the mountains. A blend of low weight, comfort and style with an added boost when needed. The Eclipse is the perfect tool for doing whatever you like – whether it’s commuting from work or heading off for an epic adventure. A companion for every part of your life. Designed To Enhance Your Ride, Not Eliminate The Sweat Paired with our carefully designed frame is the trusted Mahle Ebikemotion X35+ motor and battery system resulting in a bike that is lightweight, sleek and understated. Every pedal stroke is enhanced, allowing you to ride harder, faster and longer than ever before.The 36V/250W hub-drive motor system provides 3 smooth levels of power assistance up to a maximum of 32kmh, with near-zero drag in off-mode. Ensuring your ride feels as natural as a regular bike. The optional range extender fits into a water bottle type holder on the seat tube and gives you the ability to almost double your range. Choose Your Configuration We are launching with the Eclipse range which will be available in the 3 configurations; a drop bar, MTB flat bar; and a belt drive. The Eclipse AL-D1 and Eclipse AL-F1 will come paired with the trusted and hugely versatile SRAM Apex1 1x11 HRD groupset while the Eclipse AL-B1 makes use of the world-renowned Gates Carbon Belt drive. All options come standard with a Fabric saddle, tubeless 700x40c tyres with a max clearance for a 45c, and a 3 year warranty. Eclipse AL-D1 - Drop handlebars, SRAM Apex1 1x11 HRD Eclipse AL-F1 - Flat handlebars, SRAM Apex1 1x11 HRD Eclipse AL-B1 - Flat handlebars, Single Speed Gates Belt drive Connect Our bikes feature the latest ANT+ and Bluetooth® technologies to connect your bike to your phone, smart watch or Garmin device. View and control the functions of your bike through the dedicated Ebikemotion Android or IOS app for phone, and smart watches. Once connected login to the web portal to further analyse your rides, log any system faults and much more. FAQ Do I need to pedal to ride this e-bike? Yes, our e-bikes are pedal activated models which require rider input at all times. The motor supplements your pedal strokes, rather than replacing them.How will I know how much battery I have left? The button on the top-tube indicates the remaining battery life using an easy to follow colour-code. White = 75% capacity or more remaining, Green = 50-75%, Orange = 25-50%, Red = 15-25%, Slow Red Flash = 10 -15% and Rapid Red Flash = 10% or less remaining. You can also keep track of the remaining battery life using the Ebikemotion companion app. How do I select the power assist level? The same button on the top tube that indicates battery life is also used to set the level of assistance that you require. Press once for each level you would like to move up. When turned on it will be set to the level with the least assistance (green), one push takes you to level 2 (orange) and a third push of the button will take you to level 3, with the most assistance (red). The colour level will flash once when pushed and then revert back to the colour indicating the current battery level. I’m concerned that I won’t have full control over the bike? As a pedal assisted bike, as opposed to an independent motor bike, the motor simply provides a little extra boost whilst you pedal and does not take over. You can slow the bike at any time by either peddling less or applying the brakes just as you would on a non-assisted bike. How do I charge the battery? To charge the battery you simply plug the bike into a household socket using the supplied charger and cable. (The optional range extender can also charge the main battery whilst you are on the move). Can I ride in wet conditions? The electric components used on our e-bikes are IP54 rated. They can be used in inclement weather conditions and are protected against splashing, but not against full immersion or when subjected to pressurised water from a hose pipe or jet wash. When transporting the bike on the outside of a vehicle a waterproof cover should be utilised to ensure the protection of the electronic components from water damage during such transportation. As with any bike, we recommend thoroughly cleaning and drying the bike after any wet weather ride to ensure the peak performance of your bike. How fast can I go? The Ebikemotion X35 power assist system offers assistance up to just over 32kms per hour, at which point the assistance cuts out. This does not mean that the bike is prevented from going faster than 32kms per hour, just simply that this is the point at which the motor will stop assisting you. If you drop back below 32kms per hour then the system will automatically re-engage unless you have switched the system off. What size tyres can be fitted? There is clearance to fit up to a 45mm in width tyre. What if I get a puncture? Simply disconnect the cable to the rear wheel motor by unclipping the connector on the chainstay. Then, using an 8mm allen key loosen the nuts on the rear axle. Is the bike supplied with pedals? No, we do not supply pedals with this bike, a selection of pedals are available to order with the bike. How heavy is the bike? With SRAM Apex 1x11 and in a size Medium it weighs in at approx 14kgs making it one of the lightest ebike ranges on the market. What range can I expect from the battery? The battery range depends on a number of factors including rider weight, route profile, temperature and level of assistance used. A rider of 90kg, on a varied route including climbs, descents and flats with mixed gravel and road surfaces can expect an approximate range of up to 75kms. An optional range extender is also available for all of our e-bikes, which effectively doubles the bikes available range. Can the battery be removed? Yes, the battery can be accessed through the headtube but should only be done so by an authorised Darkhorse Bikes Dealer. What is the life expectancy of the battery? The battery can reach up to 500 charging cycles while still retaining up to 90% of its capacity as long as its care and maintenance are adequate. For maximum efficiency, it is important to maintain a battery charge of between 20-80% of its total capacity. Charging the battery to 100% capacity from fully depleted is one complete charging cycle. Similarly, topping up the battery from 80-100% five times amounts to one complete charging cycle. If you are not going to be using your bike for a period of time you should always ensure that it is stored in a dry environment (out of direct sunlight) with a charge level of between 40-50%. A full charge should also be carried out every 2 months. Take care not to leave the charger connected to the bike continuously, doing so could accelerate the degradation of battery life. Ideally, the charger should not be connected for more than 5 hours at a time. Use only the original Ebikemotion charger supplied with your bike. What’s the warranty of the bike? The frame has a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects. All other parts are covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty or for 6 months, whichever is the longer. The Ebikemotion system is covered against manufacturing defects for a period of 2-years. Retail Prices Eclipse AL-D1 - R55 000Eclipse AL-F1 - R52 000 Eclipse AL-B1 - R52 000 For further information visit www.darkhorsebikes.com.
  5. Darkhorse Wheels have been supplying a range of good quality, well priced carbon wheels to the road cycling market for a few years now. When the opportunity arose to test out their newer DH29 carbon mountain bike wheels I was dead keen to see what all the fuss was about. Specifications RimHigh modulus full carbon hookless rim, tubeless profile.Dimension24mm deep x 27mm wide (Internal width: 22mm)SpokesSapim CX Ray 32 front 32 RearNippleSapim SILS Secure lock nippleHubsFront - Bitex MTF15 QR/15/20mm axle Rear - Bitex RAR12 135xQR / 142x12Weight1460 grams (per wheelset)Max Tyre pressure45 PsiMax rider weight100 kgPriceR13,195.00 (On special at the time of this review for R10,995.00) Aesthetics My first impression of these wheels was that they look great! The decal design is subtle, but striking. Rocking up in the start pen for my maiden ride saw many heads were turning. Of course the fact that my bike is already black red and white doesn’t hurt. The decals themselves are covered by a light, matte finish which gives a great-looking, quality feel to rim surface. The Ride Besides the cool factor, switching to carbon rims is said to bring some changes to the feel and quality of your ride. A carbon rim wheel is typically stiffer than aluminium meaning less lateral flex. This results in better acceleration thanks to the improved power transfer and a more responsive, precise feel.On the downside the added stiffness can result in a harsher ride (something I was concerned about when facing longer stage races or marathon events). Against all common wisdom when it comes to trying new things my first ride on the DH29’s was the Die Burger 65km race in Stellenbosch. My secret hope was that the carbon factor would offset my fitness deficit. Aside from feeling a bit cooler, the lateral stiffness of the wheels was immediately apparent. There was a definite rigidity in the general ride quality and a hint of harshness on some bumps. Lowering the tire pressure just slightly smoothed off those harsh edges though. Although I can’t say that I’ve found fault in my usual aluminum wheel set, the feel of these in sharp and hard turns was another noticeable difference. Initially I was caught a bit off guard by their responsiveness and precision, but soon it became the new normal and when back on my Crests the control just felt a bit vague. In terms of compatibility and maintenance the DH29’s are pretty hassle free. Interchangeable end caps on the Bitex hubs mean they should fit most common axle standards. We tested these with Vitorria (GEAX) Saguro 2.25 and Onza Canis 2.25 and both were easy to fit and inflate with a standard foot pump. Removing tyres was a bit more tricky though and did require a bit more effort, but did leave us reassured that once seated there was little danger of burping or movement on the hookless rim. Verdict As far as carbon mountain bike wheels go the DH29 from Darkhorse Wheels are more budget friendly than most without sacrificing on quality. They proved to hold up admirably in some pretty testing conditions. After more than 6 weeks of solid riding on all sorts of terrain they are still running true. Darkhorse Wheels are available via their website: www.darkhorsewheels.com
  6. If you’re anything like me the idea of riding carbon mountain bike wheels is an unsettled one. Carbon is, well, carbon. It just seems cooler, faster and better. It’s alluring. On the other hand the I worry that it won't be as sturdy or reliable. Not to mention the cost of a decent set of carbon wheels is usually pretty prohibitive to begin with. Click here to view the article
  7. In our original Darkhorse SLF 36c review, we were unable to answer questions on long-term durability due to the shorter review time. Darkhorse was keen to have these questions answered, so they gave us a wheelset to test for the year. We ended up riding the wheels for a little longer than that and have added our long-term insights in the review below. Darkhorse delivered a set of SLF 36c wheels decorated with their standard white decal package. They also offer a stealth decal pack, if you'd like to keep an element of surprise in your back pocket come race day. SLF range improvements Much of the development to the SLF range has been in improving the construction of the rims. A few of the main features include the use of an EPS moulding system which achieves a greater pressure in the moulding process. The result is a better bond between the layers of carbon and less chance of air gaps. Another key improvement has been the development of a proprietary high-temperature resin which allows the rims to be cured at 220°C. This process improves the brake surface's heat resistance and braking performance. The construction of the tyre bead has also been adapted using a machine to wrap the carbon which is then CNC cut to create a more uniform and balanced rim. The SLF series rims have been made a little wider measuring 24mm to better accommodate larger volume tyres. Darkhorse Wheels has kept a U-shaped profile for aerodynamic efficiency, especially in crosswinds. As mentioned above, the set we tested is the 36c model with a 36mm rim depth. Darkhorse also offer a 60mm/88mm front and rear combination as well as a 50mm option and a full disc rear wheel as part of their SLF range. UCI Approved All Darkhorse wheelsets go through the necessary rigorous impact, braking, tyre pressure, and spoke tension testing to be approved by the UCI. The improvements to the construction of their wheels have also allowed them to bump up the rider weight limit to 110kg, as well as giving them the confidence to offer a 2-year warranty. The Darkhorse wheels undergoing testing. Hubs As with all Darkhorse wheelsets, the hubs are the tried and tested Bitex hubs which make use of a patented 6-pawl freebody. Bitex has made further improvements with a new anti-bite system which integrates stainless steel splines on the body for better resistance to wear from the cassette. During the long-term test period, the hubs were reliable with no unreasonable sign of bearing wear. After around eight months of use, some play developed but this quickly remedied by tightening the axle bolt. The anti-bite system was not flawless with evident damage made to the aluminium freehub body by the cassette on some of the unprotected splines. The anti-bite feature did, however, prevent the cassette from embedding itself into the hub body allowing for quick and painless removable and re-application of the cassette even with the existing damage. The anti-bite splines did not offer complete protection to the soft aluminium freehub body but it could have been far worse without them. Full Specification Rim: High modulus full carbon clincher Rim dimension: 36mm high 24mm OD wide. Weight: 1380 grams Hubs: Bitex RAR9 , RAF10 Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray 24 rear, 20 front Nipples: Sapim secure lock nipples Max Tyre pressure: 120 psi Rider weight limit: 110kg Pricing: R13,995.00 (currently on sale). More information here. On the Road Over the test year, the Darkhorse SLF 36c wheelset was ridden in a number of configurations. They graced five bikes: a Scott Addict, Swift Attack, Cannondale SuperSix EVO, Specialized Tarmac, and an aluminium Silverback Salice. Tyre choices included Specialized Turbo Cotton (24c), Maxxis Dolomites (25c), Vittoria Rubino Pro (25c), and Specialized Turbo (28c). The SLF 36c wheelset served its last stint with us on this Cannondale SuperSix EVO. Weighing in under 1,400 grams, the Darkhorse wheels are competitively light. Replacing the largely mid-range aluminium stock wheels on the test bikes made them noticeably lighter. The result was an instant and fast acceleration from standstill and out of corners. The hubs also played their part with quick engagement and no lag in the pick-up. For the majority of test riders, the wheels proved themselves to be stiff without being overly harsh, even under the hardest of acceleration and all-out efforts. Only our most powerful rider experienced the tiniest of flexing during hard climbing efforts. It was not picked up by feedback through the bike to the rider, but through the sound of rubbing brake blocks (which were very closely aligned). Stopping performance has historically been the Achilles heel of the carbon wheel. From our experience, it seems Darkhorse has taken the lessons learned across the industry and applied them to the SLF range. The Darkhorse wheels offered comparably good stopping power with a positive feel through the lever. There were no signs of heat build-up and the resultant brake fade on downhill blasts. Braking on carbon rims in the wet is never an ideal situation and the Darkhorses suffer from unpredictable grabbing power in the wet where, more (admittedly) expensive wheels, may fair better. Across the spectrum of test bikes, the Darkhorse wheels proved to be a worthy upgrade reducing weight and feeling faster. Most interesting was applying the wheels to the entry-level Silverback Salice with an aluminium frame. Once the (frankly) terrible stock wheels had been replaced the bike was transformed. Weight, stiffness, and aerodynamic gains all worked together to make the bike noticeably faster in a straight line and in the turns. How well did they last? As mentioned above, the wheels were handed around the office for over a year. They were fitted to a variety of bikes with a number of tyre changes. Unfortunately, we lost track of how many kilometres the wheels travelled but at all times they were fitted to an actively ridden road bike (even through winter).Before returning the wheels to Darkhorse, we put them on a truing stand to check how well they had fared. As it turned out, they did very well with hardly any deviation from their original state. The only maintenance needed was a tightening on the rear hub after noticing free-body play. This was a quick fix and the problem did not appear again. Inspecting the spokes there was no sign of damage or corrosion on the nipples. A rim brake hoop can be considered a consumable as the braking surface will eventually wear through. Some of us might never reach this stage but more active (and hard braking) riders will be able to attest to this. After the year-long test period, the Darkhorse rims show only a slight sign of wear and tear on the braking surface, and are fit for many more miles of smooth braking. Verdict If you are looking to upgrade your current wheels, you have every reason to look at the offerings from Darkhorse Wheels as they tick all the boxes at a reasonable price point with all the features you can expect from a high-end carbon wheel. Over the year of testing, durability is good and the requirement for maintenance has been low. ProsLightweight 36mm depth is great for all-round use Value for money Decent stopping power in the dry Proved to be durable over a year's testing ConsSlippery braking in the wet
  8. Hi Hubbers! Anyone that can give me feedback or their thoughts on these wheelsets for MTB? Cheers
  9. Hey guys I would appreciate some advice on my bike and what gear you guys would invest in order to improve it abit. So I started cycling in 2014 and got the Giant Propel Advanced with the basic 105 Groupset. Now 2 years and one sub 3 at the Argus later, I am looking to upgrade it!!! I just took advantage of the Darkhorse Carbon clinchers 38mm from onedayonly and am planning to change my groupset next. However I know that I am in for about 25k if I want the Ultegra Di2 (heard the Dura ace Di2 is not that much better than it justifies the big increase in price, but please correct me if I am mistaken). My LBS told me when I bought the bike in August 2014 that the frame is good and can easily be kept still. My questions are now: 1. What groupset would you recommend?(I know that at that price tag all higher end groupsets are decent and its more about personal preference) 2. Would you even invest that much in a groupset or maybe sell the bike instead and put that with the 20-25k together to get an upgraded bike? And if so, what bike? If you have any other advice, I would appreciate that too. Thanks alot!!
  10. The Darkhorse Wheels DH50TL are 50 mm tubular rims weighing in at 1,195 grams. The Darkhorse wheelset includes titanium skewers and carbon specific brake pads. These wheels are valued at R14,995. How to Enter To enter into the draw to win the Darkhorse Wheels wheelset, we're asking you to give your tired old wheels a break and violate Rule #49.Take a photograph of your bike upside down; Post your photograph on Facebook or Twitter; Tag @DarkHorseWheels and @Bike Hub (Facebook) or @BikeHubber (Twitter) in your post or photo; and And let us know why you need the Darkhorse Wheels. Submissions in the forum topic will also be accepted. Entries will close after Friday 24 June 2016. The winner will be announced on Monday 27 June 2016 at 1pm. The winner The winner of the Darkhorse Wheels is Andreas de Lange. For more information on Darkhorse Wheels, visit their website here.
  11. Darkhorse Wheels are giving away a set of light-weight DH50TL carbon road bike wheels valued at R14,995. Click here to view the article
  12. Hi All Anyone had any experience using these wheels? Specifically, for long distance ironman? Looking into the 60mm Front, 88mm Rear Carbon clincher. They are priced very well compared to Zipps or alike. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. First Look Friday is an introduction to the products that we are currently testing for review. This week we're featuring the Niner R.I.P. 9 RDO, Darkhorse DH29 MTB wheelset, and FUNN Mamba pedals. Click here to view the article
  14. Niner R.I.P. 9 RDO The R.I.P 9 is Niner's do-everything trail bike with 125-millimeters of rear-wheel travel. The RDO (Race Day Optimised) is the full carbon model that sits at the top of the range. It features a carbon swingarm and rocker links with oversized aluminium axles. The suspension design is Niner's own patented CVA (Constantly Varying Arc) dual-link rear suspension. There is also a carbon front triangle / alloy rear triangle "RIP 9 Carbon" available to help keep the retail price in check, although it doesn't skimp on any features. While I get the (cool) RDO branding, calling the Carbon / Alloy model "Carbon" is a little confusing. The bike we have on test comes dressed in the best of the best gear - all of it working together to make this bike go fast. Specification: FrameRIP 9 RDO – MATTE WHITE/NINER GREEN or LICORICE BLACKForkRockShox PIKE RCT3 Solo Air 140mm, 15MMShockFox Float CTD with Kashima coatWheelsNOTUBES 3.30/ZTR FLOW EX, 15MM FRONT, 142 X 12MM REARTiresSCHWALBE NOBBY NIC SNAKESKIN TL, 2.35Brakes and RotorsShimano XT M785 ICE Tech Pads with 180/160MM RotorsBrake LeversShimano XT M785ShifterSRAM XO1 11spRear DerailleurSRAM XO1 11spShiftersShimano XT M8000 I-Spec 2 for 11 SpeedCassetteSRAM XG 1195 11sp 10-42TChainSRAM PC 1170CranksetSRAM X1 GXP 32TBottom BracketSRAM GXPSaddleNiner Custom with Cr-Mo Rails, Niner GraphicSeat postRockShox ReverbHandlebarNINER Flat Top RDO, 780MM, Red Niner GraphicStem NINER Trail Stem, Red Niner GraphicGripsNINER GrrripsRRPR93,399.00 Darkhorse Wheels DH29 MTB wheels Despite being a well-known brand on the road, Darkhorse Wheels products are still rare on the dirt. We got our hands on a set of DH29 wheels to see if Darkhorse can translate their solid road offering to mountain biking. The DH29 carbon wheelset weighs in at 1460 grams. Sapim CX Ray spokes hold everything in place. The hubs are Bitex and feature easily changeable caps for different axle sizes. The DH29 wheelset retails for R13,195. Features:Rim: High modulus full carbon rim. Hookless design. Tubeless ready. Weight: 1460 grams per set Hubs: Bitex MTF15 front ; MTR12 rear Spokes: Sapim CX Ray 32 front and rear spokes, 3 cross pattern. Nipples: Sapim SILS secure lock nipples Max Tyre: pressure 45psi Rider weight limit: 100kg Bearings: 4 sealed cartridge enduro bearings front and rear O.L.D: 100/110mm front ; 135/142mm rear Axle: QR/15/20mm front ; QR/12mm rear Rim dimension: 23mm deep x 27mm wide Freebody: XX1/ 10spd/ 11spd FUNN Mamba Pedals Funn's Mamba SPD-style clipless pedal is aimed towards DH, AM and Enduro riders looking for a pedal with a wider platform. A DU bushing, needle bearing, and a sealed cartridge bearing are found inside the pedal's 6061 aluminium body. All of which can be easily greased through FUNN's unique and patented Grease Renew System allows you to inject new grease, and the old will be squeezed out. No more dirty hands and the ease of operation should mean longer lasting bearings thanks to regular maintenance. Up to 4 traction pins can be screwed into each side of the pedal to add grip. The Mamba's claimed weight is 590 grams per pair for the double sided version, and 530 grams per pair for the single sided version and are available in black, grey, red, blue, orange. RRP R1,950 for the two-sided and R1,250 for the one-sided.
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