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Found 3 results

  1. Good morning all, I'll be looking for some or a lot of advice.... I've been cycling a Titan Expert 27.5 MTB since Jan, I've done 2 MTB races but really prefer road cycling, thus I entered the Cape Town Cycle Tour..... I would like some advice on what to look out for when purchasing a used road bike on a very limited budget...
  2. So wheelsizes.... Just kidding. I went and did my introduction and here I am already with the first questions. I'm apparently tall and a 29" will fit me better. I'm 1.83m - i'm not too hung up on wheel sizes, at the moment looking at either a 27.5 Giant Talon 4 or a Silverback Spectra Comp 29" What I really want to know is the following: Helmets and protection. I mean I see some of the speeds you guys do and why the hell is full face helmets not recommended? I ride Enduro motorcycles and some places I see cyclist ride faster on rockier terrain. Esp downhill. I see that on the RedBull downhill stuff guys wear full face helmets and so on. Normal trail riding I guess at speed can also cause some havoc with your face? just the other day I read of a woman breaking both fron teeth off and popping her shoulder and that was on a regular mom and pop trail. Coming from the motorcycle where I wear helmet boddy protection knee pads elbow pads and neck brace and still had concussion, broken collarbone and cracked wrist etc. this is a little weird. I see no chin, face protection on those bike helmets, i see no one ride with elbow or shoulder guards, I would MAYBE see someone with knee guards but more often nothing but the little "top of the head only" helmet. Can you guys recommend some basics? Do you where any under shirt protection? Padded or otherwise? is this really only for extreme downhill? Shorts hirts and shoes These long briefs/onesies type stuff. http://img.myshopping.com.au/rsz400/cache/704/44/15FFE7A5D73BBEEBFF7465EB068CFB11DD74D3.jpg?aHR_cDovL1d1dy22bWFyay3jb0_uYXUvaW-hZ0VzL_NZQ_xJTkcvYmliMDAxLmpwZwkvNzA_LzQ_LzE-RkZFN_E-RDczQkJFRUJGRjc_NjVFQjA0OENGQjExREQ1NEQzLmpwZwAA I'm not gonna wear them. For the guys who have some manhood left.. <---Just little joke. ...do you wear padded shorts underneath then something like this over? http://d2nsgnoj157yga.cloudfront.net/images/product/None_2013_55005_001_OneIndustries_Black_Reactor_MtbShort_0--5e5ea-XL.jpg Or only the shorts. keep in mind my bike will be a Hard Tail I'm just wondering generally for XC riding what is the common preferred getup cosidering Western Cape weather , before I go to a LBS and walk out there looking like I belong in Boswell Wilky Circus as a trapeze artist. Shirt? Any shirt I guess will do as long as it's ,moisture wiking? Shoes, I don't want to get clips and those things now so will any good Merrell's or something do? Tyres. Do I go tubeless right away? I really dont want to be fixing flats by tube extraction and insertion. Do you get slime for tubes, is it only for tubeless. What do you guys roll with? Other I guess on a ride I need either a pump or bombs and a multitool? Hydration I got sorted with a camelback. Anything else I'm missing?
  3. Rudivh

    New Rider

    Good day I am proud to say that I got my bike yesterday(Second hand) and cant wait to start riding. It has always been a dream for me but i never had a bike so couldn't really get into the sport. Now that i have the bike, there are all the extras that I need to get, like helmet, gloves, clothes, repair kit and all that. Can you guys please help me in making a list of all the essentials that I will need, and maybe if you know where I can get some good deals? I know startup can be quite costly, but I really want to get into it asap. I am in the Germiston area, and also need to find a group to join. If anyone has a extra something I will be more than happy to take it off your hands!!! I also need a bike rack for a my car, but I don't have a tow-bar. There are so much to learn but I am looking forward to it. I am a male, 31 years old. Thank you all in advance!!! Rudi Whatsapp: 083 531 7210
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