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  1. I'm transitioning more and more into the trail / enduro (if you could call anything Enduro in GP) side of riding, and as a result I'm looking at getting some new kit to offer me a bit more protection from flora and my weekly meetings the ground (I love me a good front-wheel washout!). I'm currently using: Old bib shortFitted lycra road/XC type shirtNormal casual cargo short over bib While this doesn't work too bad, there are a few annoyances with this setup. The cargo short gets soaked with sweat pretty quickly that doesn't want to evaporate and rides down continuously as I transition between sitting and standing. Also, the toight XC shirt looks a bit dof with the baggy short and is pretty flimsy (easily gets caught on branches / shrubbery and offers no protection). Now, I've been scouring online shops and bike shops, but can't justify spending R1200+ on a short and shirt that I wear once / twice a week (****, I can't justify it even if I wore it every bloody day), that is most likely going to get damaged / dirt stained pretty quickly. Any suggestions on cheap alternatives to "proper" mtb kit? I've got a few pairs of bibs that I'm happy to wear with a second layer of clothing on top, so don't need to really worry about shorts being padded. Open to suggestions / opinions. TL:DR How do you look like this: With a budget of this:
  2. Looking for outsole lugs for a Specialized MTB shoe 2016 model as per pic attached. Size EUR 43. Freewheel cycology don't have my size because they apparently not making them anymore. Olympic cycles I suspect called them and simply cannot assist. It looks like I have to call on the hubbers for #assistance.
  3. Hi all we have just officially started our cycling club and need jerseys and bibs with print of our logo and colours. Any body have any advice on where and how to get this done. Club has 11 official members and growing weekly.
  4. Ahoy all. Since my new bike seems to have a bajillion levers and toggles (2x brakes, dropper remote, remote fork lockout, bacon dispenser) I'm looking at tidying things up a bit. In aid of this I want to get rid of my gear indicators. While I've seen videos online of older XT systems having a blanking plate pre-installed on the shifter housing, my SLX shifters (SL-M7000 2018) don't have this. I found that you can buy a blanking plate separately (https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/gear-spares/shimano-slx-slm7000-base-cap-fixing-screw-right-y06m98070/?geoc=US), but importing two tiny magoeftertjies from the UK seems ridiculous. Anybody have a spare set they'd be willing to part ways with, or know of a bike shop in the JHB area that may have some I can relieve them of? Next up is the possible removal of the Poploc remote lockout. I'm still uhming and ahing about this one as I like having a lockout option for the amount of road riding I do, but I don't need quick access or instantaneous switching between locked out and open, so the crown-mounted switch I had on my old bike was perfect. Anyone discover a smart way of bodging the Poploc system to work in the same manner?
  5. Howzit guys, Found some new Profile Design gear on Takelot.com today! Pretty rad that you can get Profile Design on Takealot.com now. Just wanted to share the good news :-) https://www.takealot.com/all?qsearch=Profile+Design&_sb=1&_dt=all&_r=1&_si=86490c4710aa94eb743f70557cf44b85
  6. Hi, I bought a road bike with Shimano 105 components and an 12-28 rear cassette. I have found that the 12 tooth does not give me a high enough speed and want to replace it with an 11 tooth gear. All the bike shops I have been to want to sell me a complete cassette with an 11 tooth gear but not just the 11 tooth gear itself. There is virtually no wear on the cassette and it makes no sense to replace the complete cassette. Is there anywhere I can get just the 11 tooth gear for the 10 speed Shimano 105? Or do I have to replace the complete cassette? All advice appreciated. Denis
  7. Hi there, I'm looking for some more options for a rear bike rack mount to put my gym bag on and secure it. The only one I can find is on Takealot. Any other options around Cape Twon I can explore? Any feedback/input will be appreciated. Cheers
  8. It's nearly Christmas and we know some of you have been putting off the dreaded mall visit, we don't blame you. So why not take a browse through our online Morvelo catalogue on the PureMotion Sports website to see if there is anything you like or care to buy for your cycling-obsessed loved ones. To help you make the right decision we've pulled out the very best items based on style, design, price and feedback from our ambassadors, showcasing it here for your convenience. Remember to get those orders in before 19 January!! Best Jersey Morvelo Bluegrass Jersey - R1350 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Jacket http://www.wigglestatic.com/product-media/6360116538/Morvelo-Women-s-Plan-B-Race-Cape-Cycling-Windproof-Jackets-Plan-B-AW16-WPLNB-XS.jpg?w=430&h=430&a=7 Morvelo Plan B Race Cape - R1500 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Bib Short Morvelo Unity Evo Bib Short - R1500 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Baselayer Morvelo Camo Baselayer - R850 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Socks Morvelo Socks Series Stripe Blue - R200 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Baggies Morvelo R.A.D. Baggy Shorts - R1300 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Gilet Morvelo Hurricane Gilet - R1400 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Cycling Cap Morvelo Camo Cap/Casquette - R300 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Hey Guys, I have some stuff I want to get rid of, to further embrace minimalism. Stuff: Bar Ends, SPD Pedals (Need service), Helmet. I could post an ad for these things but it's a lot of admin to share contact details with someone and all that, so what I'm after is a LBS in Pretoria, or some sort of project where you can donate unwanted and unused bike gear. There must be some sort of place that helps get people pedalling? Any recommendations?
  10. A WORLD OF CYCLING INFO, NOW AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! In a country where around 250 000 people actively participate in cycling, a single source of comprehensive local cycling information should be par for the course. Now it is, thanks to the launch of an indispensable app, Cycle360. Cycling Information Has Come Full Circle Cycle360 caters to the needs of all types of cyclists, from competitive road and MTB cyclists, through cycling families and adrenaline junkies. It offers everything from an up-to-date race calendar, details on where to ride across South Africa, upcoming events, and local cycling/accessory shops. That’s not where it ends: Cycle360 gives enthusiasts information regarding all forms of accommodation in an area; restaurants, things to do locally … you name it, Cycle360’s got it covered! Find out about cycling school leagues, nutritional supplements for young and old, and more! Providing A Service … And Paying It Forward Cross-country specialist and seasoned Olympic medallist, Christoph Sauser, is actively involved in non-profit organisation Songo. Songo has played a profound role in uplifting the local community around Kayamandi in the Western Cape, assisting with education programmes, as well as to establish a BMX club and mountain biking group. Sauser raises funding for Songo, helping to build the dreams of young wannabe cyclists; giving them the hope of a healthier future, and a better life story. Going forward, Cycle360 will assist Songo in reaching their goals. Cycle360 encourages all players in the cycling arena to sign up to have their products, venues and shops featured on the app. A percent of all revenue will be ploughed back to Songo. Cycle360 is available on both Android and Apple devices. For further information don’t hesitate to contact Michael@cycle360.co.za, or call 0824647983.
  11. Rapidé TR27-27 Trail Racer Wheelset 650b I was looking for a new wheelset for my bike and came across the Rapidé website, I saw the wheels posted a few times on Bikehub. I could not find out much about them other than what was on the website. So after a lot of questions to them on their web chat, I decided to go for it and buy a set. Firstly I need to make it clear that I am in no way receiving any benefits from Rapidé whatsoever and I bought the wheels at their marketed prices, nor do I have any vested interest with them. This review is completely independent. That out the way, Wayne advised me that the best set for my bike would be the 27mm internal rims as I also purchased the Maxis Minion DHF & DHR from them. Payment was made and within a short time I had the courier knocking on my door with my new wheels all neatly boxed up. First impressions Out the box they were solid and very well built, rim tape and valves included. The rims are solid and have a deep bead to grip the tyres. The hubs are their own branded version of the Novatec D791SB/D792SB hubs with their spec of bearings etc. Novatec hubs have been around for ages and are well known. Nice solid little workhorses. They also come in thru axle and QR so will fit any non boost bike. (Rapidé also have a boost hub available) Fitting So rim tape and valves already fitted, all that was needed was to fit the tyres and throw in some sealant. The tyres fit very snug and the beading grips them very well. They went on well with a quick blast on the compressor and a loud pop. No issues whatsoever. The free hub was a perfect fit for the Shimano SLX 11 sp cassette and for the SRAM people there is a compatible free hub for you too. These guys really have thought of everything. Wheels fitted (Pyga Pascoe 140 650b), I headed off to my favourite trails at Karkloof. It is important to note that I am a very average rider who tends to crash his way through things than float over the top. In other words, I’m hard on my wheels. Now for those of you who ride at Karkloof you will know the trails I’m mentioning are relatively technical and pretty tough on wheels and tyres alike. On the Trails The first trail was The Batchelor which was part of last year’s Enduro stage. With my crash through riding and poor line selection, a few drop offs and rock gardens and a jump line later, I survived and the wheels performed well. Nice and stiff and a feeling of control through my chaos. Next up was Sid Vicious, an appropriately named trail. This trail is just one long rock garden from top to bottom. It has challenging lines and a great place to rip a tyre and buckle a rim. Again the wheels just did their job without any hassles. This is a wheelset review, but oh my how well the Maxis Minions performed. Because of the deep bead on the rims, I was able to run the tyres at 1.5bar through this trail with no burps or issues. The last torture trail was the recently opened Puff Adder Pass. This is one tough trail with very little time to get any momentum, its pedal all the way up, down, up and through one rock garden after the next. Again a flawless performance from the wheels. I also spent my December leave riding most of the other trails at Karkloof the wheels held up well, rolled smoothly and always engaged when required. All in all I must say, for the price point vs quality and functionality, you won’t find too many better deals on the market. As you can see from the bike I ride weight is not an issue when you ride technical trails and have all your fun downhill. I would recommend these wheels if you are like me who does not have deep pockets but loves to ride. It would be good to see future reviews on these wheels from other riders who have them. To see the specs check out their website www.rapide.co.za. The fast and friendly service is an absolute pleasure work with.
  12. Hi everyone, I would like to recommend Rigardt's online store, Origin Cyclery. I've bought a few FUNN products through him over the past 4 months and have been so impressed by his customer service. He's quick to communicate and really goes out of his way to help get you what you need at the best price. If you're looking for some new sexy handlebars, stems, or flats etc, then please check out his site and/or drop him an email to find out what he has (or can get) in stock. Even if he doesn't have something right now, he'll keep you in mind and get hold of you as soon as new stock comes in. It's really easy to complain about rubbish service (and I do). But it's even more important to share your experiences when genuine people surpass your expectations and treat you with care and appreciation. I've added his contact details below. Cheers Rigardt Griessel Tel: 087 238 2144 Cel: 072 015 8146 Online: www.origincyclery.co.za
  13. I am looking for the best place in Gauteng to by Specialized gear and accessories. It seems to be super pricey, isn't there an outlet store somewhere or is that wishful thinking...
  14. Can anyone advise please? I'm struggling to replace the gear cable (for rear derailleur), but I cannot see how to thread the new cable in the handlebar grip. It's a combination brake and gear lever. According to salesperson in bike shop, the rubber boot over the back of the handgrip should expose the feeder hole which seats the lug on the cable. My brake/gear lever has a hard plastic cover under the rubber book which the gear cable runs beneath. This plastic cover seems to be riveted in place under the handlebar tube, and there is a spring behind the rivet. I can't think it is right that the rivet should be removed. I've taken off the small top dust cover, and locating nut - that didn't release anything or reveal a hidden attachment point - and it's now not secure, the 8mm nut won't engage the threaded stud anymore - I assume that cover was cosmetic and not important. All experienced advice much appreciated. If a photo will help, I can provide some.
  15. As always when I first hear of consumer wearable technology I automatically think "gimmick" but after reading the article and realising the calibre of the developers and company behind this product we actually might have a game changer in front of us. VIDEO: Everysight - a revolutionary new consumer wearable technology company – announces its official launch today (November 2015). Everysight is spun out of Elbit Systems – the largest defense technology company in Israel and market leader in advanced fighter jet and rotary wing helmet mounted display systems – and backed by external investors. The Everysight team brings decades of cutting edge experience in augmented reality and vision display systems to the consumer wearable market. Driven by a passion for cycling, the company chose to focus first on smartglasses for cyclists and, in 2016, will launch its first product: Raptor by Everysight. Raptor smartglasses pack uniquely unobtrusive display technology and powerful functions into a deceptively sleek design. The team spent several years working with professional cyclists to design and optimize Raptor, which looks and feels like traditional sports eyewear, but with hidden technology that helps athletes get the most out of their activity. Raptor will also be equipped with Everysight Beam technology, which sets it apart and makes it a superior and first-of-its-kind product. Similar to what pilots have been using for decades, Everysight Beam is a unique see-through display technology that crisply overlays information directly in the wearer's line of sight. With Everysight Beam, the lens itself serves as the augmented display, eliminating offset displays found on other smartglasses. Everysight Beam avoids peripheral distractions, reduces eyestrain and eliminates opaque display elements that can obscure the view. In addition to superior optics, smartglasses with Everysight Beam are stylish, lighter and more comfortable. “We have more than 30 years of experience and dominate the market in vision systems and augmented reality, integrating real-time data in pilots’ helmets to optimize performance and keep pilots safe and focused on what matters,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO of Everysight. “Now we’re bringing this experience to the consumer market with smartglasses that will revolutionize how athletes see and experience information. Raptor is the first step in our greater plan to create a full line of smartglasses.” Raptor by Everysight will launch in 2016, with an open program for the developer community and full product details announced at that time. In the meantime, to learn more about Everysight and be among the first to receive updates on product news and announcements, please sign up for more info at www.everysight.com. SOURCE: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20151117005584/en
  16. I've been looking to put together a weekly, "all things cycling" related newsletter for a while, with bits of news, maintenance tips, gear reviews etc from around the web that I have been reading online and also links friends send me. There is so much info online, that sometimes its nice to have it in a weekly digest of stuff that is interesting, fun and just plain cool. I know nobody signs up for nothing, so in the spirit of sharing, I will also donate R10 per new subscriber to the Bokamoso Education Trust charity out of my own pocket for the first month's worth of subscribers. So you we all get something out of this! I am also only doing this for fun, as part of my hobby. So this is in no way affiliated with any business or website. If anyone is interested you can view the first issue here and subscribe too: http://handlebar.news/issues/1 If anyone has any tips or suggestions for things they would like to see in the newsletter feel free to either email me at: michael@handlebar.news or just post it in this thread. Oh and if you like what you see, feel free to pass forward the links and newsletter on to your friends and cycling buddies.
  17. Ive been working on cycling events for quite a while and have noticed a common letdown for participants, the quality of race/event packs - the gear and gadgets that they receive. Multistage race events offer a larger more expensive selection of gear and gifts in general but is it what cyclists really want or need. What would you put in and be realistic Look forward to some ideas and hopefully the guys can look at this and keep up to date what we all really want.
  18. Hello, my inner padding is in pieces on my Rudy Project helmet and now it's a huge search in finding a cycling store that supplies these things. I've been quoted R300 for them now, which I think is ridiculous. I can go buy a new helmet for R 950 on special now. Does anyone know a cycle store who sells these things for a reasonable price in the Western Cape.
  19. We are pleased to announce that FLR Shoes are now available in South Africa. FLR is an Israeli brand and they have been very active in Europe for the last few years. FLR shoes are great value for money with entry level shoes in road and MTB selling from R1090.00 to R2490 and R2990 for a full carbon sole road and MTB shoes respectively. FLR shoes are a wider fit than most brands making them extremely comfortable and perfect for the South African market. We have already assigned a few stores but are still seeking a few more stores around the country. Please contact us should you be a store owner interested in stocking FLR. info@larcdistributors.co.za
  20. First Ascent are having their annual clearance sale at the end of the month. Date: 30th May 2015 Where: Willowbridge Centre, Tygervalley, CT Time: 07:30 - 13:00 Jackets, fleece, cycling gear and more! RSVP to sale here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1441238886187169/
  21. I am travelling to Europe in mid-May and was wondering if it would be worth it to buy kit, components etc there to save a bit. Winter is a thing of the past there so I assume winter clothing and warm stuff will be on sales. I am going to be in Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and quite a few cities in Germany. Do you perhaps know of cycling shops I could visit? Or perhaps order stuff online and get it delivered?Are there any pitfalls or issues bringing cycling stuff back?Any other useful tips you know about?Would be great to hear from the guys that bought stuff that way already. Goedgedacht
  22. Rudivh

    New Rider

    Good day I am proud to say that I got my bike yesterday(Second hand) and cant wait to start riding. It has always been a dream for me but i never had a bike so couldn't really get into the sport. Now that i have the bike, there are all the extras that I need to get, like helmet, gloves, clothes, repair kit and all that. Can you guys please help me in making a list of all the essentials that I will need, and maybe if you know where I can get some good deals? I know startup can be quite costly, but I really want to get into it asap. I am in the Germiston area, and also need to find a group to join. If anyone has a extra something I will be more than happy to take it off your hands!!! I also need a bike rack for a my car, but I don't have a tow-bar. There are so much to learn but I am looking forward to it. I am a male, 31 years old. Thank you all in advance!!! Rudi Whatsapp: 083 531 7210
  23. Hi Hubbers Im interested in getting myself a heart rate monitor or gps heart rate monitor. I want to get something that isn't over the top expensive but not too cheap. I'm trying to get back into mountain biking after being in a bad car accident and want to get my fitness back to where it was. Would i be able to record the below (1 & 2) info on just a normal HRM or would I need a GPS/HRM My price range is from R1500-R3000 1. Do HRM offer a function that sends out a signal for when one is pushing too hard? (Heart rate too high) 2. I would also like to get something that gives me the option to send the info to strava if possible? I'm interested in the Garmin 500 and the Polar Rcx3. Can anyone suggest a suitable HRM or GPS HRM? Many thanks
  24. Get all your cycling gear delivered straight to your door with FREE delivery for the month of June. Lots of great cycling gear to keep you warm while riding this Winter! Buy online today! visit www.firstascent.co,.za Free delivery promotion until 30th June 2014.
  25. Don't miss this. Massive deals!
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