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  1. Hi all, I have always wondered if a large frame 27.5 would be similar to a medium frame 29er. basically, I fit a 29er medium frame perfectly but am looking to ungrade. All i can find are large frame 27.5s. Would this serve me the same or close to? (I am 173cm) Many Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm looking for YT Jeffsy owners, at the moment, I have one on loan for a test ride. I am in the market for a trail bike specifically, so this is kinda "the" bike for that style of riding it seems. However, sizing of these things is a pain in the ass. I've noticed (and maybe it's just in the western cape), that arranging demo bikes is not as easy as one would of hope, so it seems bike shops expect you to be happy with a guess based on a chart. According to YT, at 1.89m I could go L or XL. The demo bike I have is a L and it feels pretty good so far (which is 10 minutes!), but I can't really compare it to an XL at this point. What I'd like to know from the Jeffsy owners is: 1. How tall are you in metres & which size did you buy? 2. How has the bike been for you since you've had it? It would be great to hear from the AL owners here, most reviews nowadays always seem to deal with the higher end carbon frames & that's great & gives an indication, but some of us poor folk would love to have some proper reviews around the things the average joe can buy. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all. I’m looking for some advice on buying a 29 dual suspension XC/marathon bike. I currently have a Scott scale 960 (2017) and want to upgrade. I plan on doing some stage races like sani2c. Mostly want to compete for the enjoyment and experience but tend to get quite competitive. Looking to spend around 40k and happy to go second hand. Any advice would be helpful and please can you be specific in terms of year and components etc. thanks so much!
  4. Hi all. Hoping to get some feedback on the Airsun Mount Cook tyre (or any Airsun tyre for that matter). Buycycle has a special running today for 2x 29er 2.25 120TPI Mount Cooks for R399, which is a pretty sweet deal. My riding is all in Gauteng, 50% road, 30% gravel / simple singletrack, 20% "park" (jumps etc.). Currently have a 2.1in Michelin Wild Grip'R on the front, 2.2in Chaoyang Hornet 60TPI at the back, both of which are in need of replacement relatively soon. I would have wanted to get a 2.4in front tyre for a bit more comfort, but the 2.25 Airsun is a good enough improvement over my current 2.1. Any feedback, inputs or experience with these tyres? Doing Transbaviaans in a month, would ideally like to get a fresh set of rubber on before then.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm a 23 year old University graduate looking to purchase a new bike. I rode quite a lot a while ago, but University got in the way (and my bike was stolen..) I would like to ride on trails, so I think dual suspension is important. I have done some research on bikes, and have compiled a spreadsheet of options here. If you could please take a look and offer some advice that would be greatly appreciated! I have added a column for comments to be made if that's easier for you.
  6. Hello hubbers, My bike, Scott Genius 750 (2018), has the ability to switch between 27"+ and 29", and now I'm interested to do exactly that. The reason is mainly because my bike has quite a low BB, and I believe 29er will be able to just add a few needed centimeters. I just want to know if it's possible to trade my current 27"+ wheelsets for 29ers? I have the following: Rims: Syncros X-30s, 32 hole, 30mm Hubs: Front - Shimano HB-M6010-B CL, 15x110mm Rear - Shimano FH-M6010 CL, 12x148mm Tires: Maxxis Recon 2.8" I also have a Shimano CS-HG50-10 speed cassette, which I believe is not compatible with Sram XD hubs, but in the future I'd probably want to upgrade to Sram SX/NX and I don't know if XD hubs and Shimano cassetes are compatible for the time being? What can I expect to get for my wheelset aswell? Thanks in advance!
  7. We are keen to hear what you guys think of Titanium frames and this option through the various disciplines in the SA cycling. We will soon offer Titanium frames and complete bikes from Skyde, a French manufacturer http://www.skydecomp.fr. Your input will help us determine our approach to this market. For your most valued input , we will choose one lucky poster for a prize/product of their choice valued at R500 from www.performancebikes.co.za Winner will be decided at our discretion on 1 March 2015. The prize is not cash redeemable. Below are pictures of a couple of Skyde bikes as well as an interesting chart on the different frame materials and their properties. Please feel free to also post pictures of your own Titanium bikes and the reason Titanium is your choice of frame material. Cheers from the Performance Bikes team!
  8. I recently brought the Scott Genius 750 2018 with 27.5 plus tyres. I've been thinking of getting a 29er wheel-set for the bike( even though it fly down the trails with the plus tyres) I was just wondering if someone has tested both wheel-sets on the bike and what the difference feels like. Also if its worth buying a new complete wheelset for the bike? Thanks
  9. Hey I'm looking to buy a 29er dual suspension mountain bike for under 25k? Any suggestions? Currently looking at: (1) Silverback Sido 3 (2017) = R23k with tubeless conversion. (2) Fuji Outland 1.0 Satin Black Red 2016 = R20k (3) Fuji Outland 1.1 29" Mountain Bike (2017) = R20k (4) Cannondale Rush 2 29" Mountain Bike = R23k (5) Merida Ninety SIX 9.600 Black/Blue (2017) = R24k (6) Scott Spark 960 29'' Mountain Bike 2017 = R25k
  10. Howzit guys, I am seeking advice in regards to a new wheelset. Quick background on my scenario: "So I have a 2014 Scott Scale 940 running the factory Syncros XC39 wheels. A few months ago I noticed play on my cassette. Ignored and continued to ride. Late September I took my bike in to check out the rear hub. The bearings got replaced and the hub is a bit smoother, but there is still play on the cassette and a roughness which can be felt on the chainstay when freeing. Was told to replace the hub with a new one and to rebuild the wheel." My options which I have in mind: 1.) Replace only the rear wheel (because there is nothing wrong with the front wheel - still running perfectly) 2.) Replace the whole wheelset 3.) Replace the hub (Shimano Deore FH-M615) and rebuild the wheel My problem is with the above options is will it be even worth it to invest in a good quality wheelset or rear wheel? Because if I upgrade later on, the next bike will most probably have a TA (through axle) system. While my Scale 940 is only QR front and rear. Yeah, I know I can buy a conversion kit, but still. Would it be worth it to rebuild a new hub on a three-year-old wheelset? The last option would be the most cost-effective option compared to the other two. I am not a serious racer, but I would categorize myself as a serious amateur and I love climbing. I ride about 150km plus each week with 2000 to 3000m of climbing. Now a lighter rear wheel/wheelset would be greatly appreciated. But then again, 90% lies in the legs. I am a student, so I would like to make a wise decision before spending any money because I would not be able to replenish it quickly. My budget is R4000. Thanks. André
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a large steel frame, 29er mountain bike...
  12. Two weeks ago, one of our own did the unconscionable. After much teasing of bits and pieces on social media, the greatest mountain biker South Africa has – and likely ever will – produce did what many considered impossible. He introduced 29-inch wheels to the discipline most resistant to it. That category of our cycle sport where you need a full-face helmet. Downhill racing remains the truest test of material quality and design survivability in all of cycling. If it works on the impossibly steep, near-apocalyptically technical courses of UCI Downhill World Cup racing, there can be no argument of a trend being mere ‘fashion’. Downhill has remained the last vestige of smaller diameter wheels and an environment forbidden to the 29er. Until now. Of all downhill racing teams who could, it was always most obvious who would. Santa Cruz’s Syndicate has captured the imagination of mountain biking over the last decade and if fans were going to gift anyone the generosity of judgement to debut a 29er downhill rig, it was them. The Bus that Greg built Campaigning the winningest bike in downhill racing history (the ever-evolving V10), the 2017 World Cup opening round in Lourdes, France, saw Greg Minnaar and his teammates on a 29ers. Neutral observers noted it as an inevitability of evolution. A triumph of scientific method and mechanical engineering principles: bigger wheels roll faster, calming trail chaos – and in the category of mountain biking where winning requires wheels to calm outrageously technical trails, 29 downhill bikes were predictable.Component scarcity and frame packaging were the historical issues preventing 29ers on the chairlift. Fox’s appropriately sized dual-crown 29er fork and committed component reengineering from suppliers enabled Greg’s titanic V10. A massive downhill sled with no less than 1300mm between the axles. For Minnaar, the V10 29er is a unicorn of his youth turned to reality. Greg’s career is a staggering palmarès of achievement, but for the first time, after nearly two decades of downhill racing, 2017 is the year he’s riding a bike which finally fits him properly. An unusually tall rider (1.9m), Minnaar has quested after longer, larger bikes for years, forcing Santa Cruz to engineer custom frames to his requirements. Finally, he can now bolt-through wheels which are proportional to his skill and size. Tall downhill riders have yearned for 29er frames, but none had the power of persuasion to influence an industry into supplying the required components and framesets. Minnaar’s power of persuasion is simple: he wins. When he requires something, it’s not for fashion, it’s for function. There is a tremendous clarity of purpose about his limousine wheelbase V10. After the first downhill World Cup of 2017, we do know that these 29er downhill bikes from Santa Cruz are plenty fast. And they’re not only fast when being piloted by someone of Minnaar’s size and leverage strength. His two young teammates, Loris Vergier and Luca Shaw, resemble the physiology of Tour de France climbing specialists, yet they were even quicker than Greg during qualifying. Vergier first, Shaw third and the great man timed through in sixth. Of course, we all know the inclement weather in Lourdes ruined any closure concerning the actual race pace of these 29er downhill bikes, but there were no rim failures in qualifying. Or the race. The worst fail being a flat for Greg during qualifying. What 29 downhill bikes mean for the rest of us? The market for 29er downhill bikes will remain very small. A true example of that marketing phrase we often use without consideration: niche.What these 29-inch downhill bikes will mean for the greater mountain bike community, is quite a bit more significant. Nothing validates product strength and design integrity quite like downhill. If Greg can’t break it, you surely won’t even trouble the warranty department - ever. And whilst Fox 40 forks are hardly going on your next 29er trail bike, the real benefit for tall (and heavy) stage racers and Enduro riders alike, will be immensely improved wheels and tyres. Larger diameter wheels flex more. They have greater susceptibility to buckling. In World Cup downhill racing those characteristics are intolerable. Rim suppliers, and the tyre brands who collaborate with them, are now poised to produce products capable of withstanding a calibre of rider abuse you could never replicate – in the diameter you ride. For those larger riders who compete at South African stage races, courageously training with great intensity but destined to remain 100kg+ riders no matter how diligently they Bant, the promise of 29er rims capable of withstanding Greg at full gas will be tremendously heartening. What Minnaar subjects a wheel to during a weekend of downhill racing, is certainly equal to years of regular use. If you are a former competitive rugby player, with the knee problems to prove it, and have discovered the allure of mountain biking, 29er DH bikes are going to make your trail riding and stage racing experience greatly more enjoyable. How? By providing wheels and tyres which won’t prejudice their performance or longevity due to your size or weight. It’s all courtesy of that great man we never quite sufficiently credit for being so effortlessly calculated, technically astute and ridiculously fast. The greatest of all time. Greg. The boy who was born to race 29ers. And has had to wait a very long time to.
  13. Hello Good People, I am a complete newbie looking at buying my first bike. All the advice I've received thus far has led me to believe that buying a MTB is best to start with. I have searched for Second hand bikes but realise that the Titan bike range is in the same price category for a new bike. I am currently trying to decide on whether to but a Titan Ryde or a Titan Trail... Would it be worth my while to spend the extra R3000 on the Trail or not? If so, why should I? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Firstly I am an absolute newb or noob, so your advice is greatly appreciated. Currently ride Giant Reign adv, looking for a fun second hardtail bike under 20k. Love fatter tyres of all sizes, but we do a lot of climbing. Will consider full fat if anyone has survived a steep climb on one. Like the idea of frames that allow different sized wheels, but 29+ will do. Medium frame will work. A lot of the stuff I've seen under 20k don't have great forks, but I can replace this at a later stage if necessary. Thanks for this forum and this site, helps nooooobs like me be better. Peace
  15. Planned as a 2016 Model, the VIPA Trail has been in development for several months and a couple of running prototypes have started to hit our trails for feedback and further design improvements. Click here to view the article
  16. Following on the success of the full carbon VIPA and the recent Team Issue with dedicated 1x chainstays, this new frame is set to be an exciting addition to Momsen Bike's ever expanding range for the 2016 season. Final specification and geometry are still being confirmed ahead of the 2016 Dealer presentations, but what we do know for now is the following: Increased rear wheel travel to better cope with bigger hits Plusher suspension tune for increased traction and small bump efficiency Lower BB to better carve single track and rail berms Production frames won't have Momsen Bike's integrated top tube bag Slacker head angle to make the bike big-mountain friendly Longer top tube for better reach when running a shorter stem Increased tire clearance to be able to run wider tires with bigger knobblies (Note: prototypes use existing moulds from the Team Issue, but production will see an entire new rear end) Internal routing for dropper seat posts Optimized for 120mm - 140mm forks First RideI've spend some time on a large running prototype on Cape Town trails and can only say that Momsen Bikes have a potential winner on their hands. It manages a fine balance between a trail ripper and all day, all mountain bike through it's lower bottom bracket, longer top tube and reach, and bang up to date angles. Handling is sharp with a lively ride, coupled with great traction. The lower BB allows it to rip around berms without causing pedal strikes on every bend. The longer top tube means that I could comfortably run a shorter stem with wider bars and not feel cramped or run out of breathing space on longer rides. Once at the top the lively ride and sharp handling makes for a super fun and rewarding ride. It doesn't take long to realise that the VIPA Trail can be enjoyed with a slammed dropper post. I've run a 120mm Revelation and 140mm Pike on the bike and it is comfortable with both. The extra burl and confidence the Pike brings is not let down by the bike's rear suspension. I am sure the versatility of the frame will suit many local trail riders to the T and with a well thought-out component choice this bike could be many things to many riders. 2016 already looks promising. Please note that the complete bicycle as pictured features a custom build and does not represent final specification or OE parts. Decals on the bicycle is unique to this prototype and does not represent what the production model will look like. The Momsen logo on the top tube features a "camouflage" design idea borrowed from the car industry to keep prying eyes guessing.
  17. Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade to a new MTB, think it's about time to say goodbye to my old faithful 26er. I just need advice on the sizing of a 29er. I'm 1,89m, I currently ride a 21' XL frame. Somehow it feels like I can't get any good XL MTB deals within my budget, so I want to know if I find a good deal on a large MTB, should I take it, or rather stick to a XL frame. Thanks
  18. Hi guys This is a bit of a silly but I am tempted to just go ahead with the experiment anyway. Has anyone here ever fitter for example a 26inch wheel to a 29er fork? Curious to know what the outcome is and if it makes such a huge difference. Regards
  19. Hi all I am thinking of putting a dropper seatpost on my 29er Alu hardtail. So I have been eyeing the Lynne 31.6mm 120mm dropper, and the Giant 125mm dropper for which I'll need a 30.9mm-31.6mm shim which seems hard to find. They are similarly priced at around 2.2k. There is also the Forca SPS-400 on special for around 2k but it seems to have a rougher spring mechanism. Does anyone know if this is a good idea? and if so which of these is a better move?
  20. Hi guys. I need some advice. I use to ride Giant Trance 26er. Changed to Specialised hardtail 29er. Want to go back to dual suspension and im torn between the Giant and the Epic, both allu not carbon. Had the Epic for the weekend to demo. Amazing ride and handling. Quite fast. Only been able to demo ride the Giant in the car park so not a great comparison. Is the giant quite stiff on med or full on the back shock? For nice steady climbing, seated on standing? Any advice? The giant is available on a good deal for R30k. The Epic is about R7k more. Thanks Nicol
  21. Hi all, I'm currently looking at buying a new entry level dual suspension MTB and would appreciate some advice on which would be best, or if there are any other suggestions that you would recommend. The bikes I'm considering buying are: 1. 2016 Giant Anthem X 29er at R30k (https://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bikes/model/anthem.x.29er/22201/84034/#specifications) 2. 2017 Merida One Twenty XT at R33k (http://www.merida-bikes.com/en_int/bikes/full-suspension/trail/2017/one-twenty-xt-edition-6381.html) Edit: Another option is a 2016 Cannondale Rush 1 at R25k (http://www.treadmtb.co.za/bikes-cannondale-rush-29-1/) Thanks!
  22. What are your thoughts on the 2017 Camber Comp? I'm trying to decide between the Camber and the Stumpjumper FSR Comp (R9000 more). Any other bike (Trail 29er) recommendations in this price range? Camber Comp: R40k Stumpy: R49k
  23. Hi there, I'm currently in the market for a new wheelset, obvious choice would be a carbon set, but that is way to expensive. My options are: * Roval Alloy * American Classic Wide Lighting * ZTR Crest / Archex / Flowex American Classic Race Hope you guys can help.
  24. We would appreciate and hope you can help us with some advice and feedback on our plans to buy mountain bikes: My brother and I live in Centurion and are seriously considering taking the plunge and getting a couple of mountain bikes, both for fitness and for fun. We are quite similar in that we are both about 40, overweight (about 100kg when we should be about 75kg), about 1,77m tall with an inside seam of about 76cm, so we are probably looking at medium (about 19'') frames, from what we have been able to gather by reading articles. At the beginning we will be mostly on roads, with some pavement and dirt, in order to get fit. Later, when we are more comfortable and confident, we hope to do more and more trails. From some personal narratives we have read, it seems as if the larger wheels (29ers) will therefore suit our purposes more (although we will welcome any expert opinions). We figure we have a total budget of about R10,000 – R12,000 (though we might be able to push it a little bit). Quite a few people have mentioned Silverbacks, specifically recommending the Solas as great beginner bikes, although the cheapest Solas we saw (Sola 4, 2015 model, new) are in the R10,000 - R11,500 range, which is about double our budget. Some of the online shops advertising Solas were Singletrack Cycles, VBike, Redhub Cycling and Cycle Factory. Although we are scared to buy secondhand since we don't know enough about MTBs to make sure we don't get ripped off, there are a couple of Silverback Solas available secondhand: - A Sola 4 advertised secondhand for R7,000 in Kempton Park (frame size unknown, wheel size unknown) https://www.olx.co.za/ad/silverback-sola-4-ID15Qanc.html#3c5be512b9 - And a Sola 3 (medium, 29er) for R8,500 in Nelspruit https://www.olx.co.za/ad/silverback-sola-3-ID15OgSm.html#3c5be512b9 The entry level Silverback 29ers seem much cheaper. A Spectra Sport (2015) is advertised for R4,999.98 at Cycle Lab, R5,500 at Kyalami Cycles and R5,999.99 at VBike (all online prices). Bearing in mind the cost of accessories like helmets (definitely) and probably gloves, eventually shoes, shorts, etc. will all add up, we figure the advantage of buying new is getting a warrantyso won't have to worry too much about things breaking and paying for repairs and replacements, plus building a relationship with a shop that can help with advice, skills and equipment, but buying secondhand we can save a few bucks plus there is always a chance for a few accessories thrown in to sweeten the deal (although maybe a store would be willing to do the same, since we are buying two bicycles, which seems a pretty good deal for the shop). We would appreciate any advice and recommendations you might have. We are not set on anything as we are complete novices when it comes to MTBs, and plan to go to a few shops in Centurion and maybe Pretoria this Saturday in person to look at bikes and talk to the experts. We understand that the risks are that we buy beginner level bikes and then get hooked and want to upgrade, but our budgets simply won’t stretch that far yet, so we hope to buy decent bikes now that will allow us to upgrade later, as it will be a long, long time before we even consider competitive riding, if ever. So any thoughts on specific bikes, shops, prices, new or secondhand, equipment, accessories or anything else we are not considering or you think we are wrong about – please help and drop a comment!
  25. Hi everyone Does anyone own the above mentioned wheelset build by EvoBikes? I am in the market for some wheels and heard allot of good things about the Novatec hubs, but don't know how this wheel performs. I buy most of my gear from EvoBikes so recommend most of their products, but don't have any knowledge about these wheels. Any info regarding them would really be appreciated. They also on special at the moment for a really good price so was just wondering. Thanks!
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