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Found 15 results

  1. Good morning Hubbers, from a miserable GP. Anyone used these guys before? Seems they made give DÁrcs a run for their money. Been buying DArcs since forever and been pleased with their customer service and pricing. New glasses look and feel great too. https://www.30southeyewear.com/
  2. Not uncommon to trash a pair of lenses from your favourite pair of cycling or recreational sunglasses. Replacement lenses from the manufacturer are usually about the same price as a new pair of glasses so you end up either throwing them away or stashing them in a cupboard hoping that someday you might find someone that can repair them at a reasonable cost. Well today is your lucky day!. (Unless of course you threw yours away.....) I recently found out that a lady in our neighbourhood (They can courier anywhere so location isn't really an issue) was able to manufacture replacement lenses for sunglasses and they have recently added half frame lenses to their service which covers most of the Oakley sport range. These are high quality optics with various colours and coatings available and they are polarised. I replaced the lenses on a pair of Arnette Heist and a pair of Oakley Monster Pups and was very happy with the results! Just to add that I am in no way affiliated to this business, but when the service is this good and the quality of the product is top notch, it makes no sense not to share! ReVu Replacement Lenses
  3. Hello all! I am in the market for a new pair of sunglasses given my current pair leave my eyes gritty, super dry and very uncomfortable after longer rides, especially on windy days. I must thus assume my current pair are letting in too much wind and debris. Wind, dust and all sorts of eye torpedo's are a given on a mountain bike (or any bike in fairness) but I am certain better eye gear will prevent my eyes from feeling like someone sandpapered them after a ride. I would love some recommendations of glasses that might provide the following: More coverage from the lenses (my current pair of Oakleys have fantastic lenses but they are just to small)Sufficient ventilation to help with fogging (more coverage usually means more fogging )Better wrapping around my face to stop wind getting in the sidesOption to swop out lensesSize options or a make that caters to smaller / narrow faces (my biggest problem is getting a good fit, I must just have a tiny head ) I've seen a lot on the forums that give suggestions for sweat and fogging of glasses, but haven't yet found advice for glasses that might help block/reduce wind irritation, so I'd be so grateful for any suggestions, given a good pair of sunnies usually cost a fair penny.... Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, i'm looking into buying new sunglasses for cycling. I currently have salice. I'm looking at Oakley & Bolle. My choice in the oakley range would be the ev zero path in a polarised lens, I know people don't like the ev zero's but I do. The Jawbreakears are too bulky. The other glasses I saw was the bolle b rock. I like the design. Any advice where to find them? What do you guys use? I mainly ride road, any suggestions. Thank You
  5. I found a pair of sunglasses on the cork oak trail in Constantia this morning. PM me if you think they may be yours. Andrew
  6. Oakley is proud to introduce their lightest sport performance frame yet – the EVZero Path and Range. Click here to view the article
  7. Hi Hubbers. A friend left her Cebe wild blue sunglasses at the top of chappies today (9th August), mid morning/afternoon. She was told that the guy who collected them was going to post on bike hub, so I'm trying to get the feelers out. 0823045228 Thank you very much!
  8. Rudy Project's Traylx are the Italian company's newest addition, having first emerged late in 2015. These sports focussed sunglasses are designed for superior comfort, efficient heat dissipation, and maximum safety all with high quality optics. Click here to view the article
  9. I know this is a massive long shot but I lost my new Oakley Radarlock XL's with photochromic lenses on Suikerbossie on Saturday 11 July. I was wondering if anyone might have picked them up. Please call me on 0829057244 if you have them, I'm willing to pay a reward. Thanks, Stef
  10. Hi there Left my helmet & sunglasses at BP Broadacres this morning, about 9 a.m. (Monday 6 April). The helmet is a black Scott Wit, and the sunglasses are white Rudy Project with photochromic impact x lenses. Anyone possibly pick them up? Thanks, Pete
  11. So I want to get decent riding glasses that I can see out of, meaning I need a prescription. Unfortunately spending the money on getting prescription Oakley lenses is too costly for me (My medical aid won't help, I'm on a low level). So after looking into it I'm thinking of Rudy's with RX inserts. My question is where can I get the, and at what cost roughly (I understand it varies with strength). Also does anyone know where to get authentic Rudy lenses in KZN? The website gave me no luck on dealers.
  12. Hey Hub-folk, Anyone know who has stock of Tifosi sunglasses .... looking for models with interchangeable lenses - Tyrant Radius Veloce Would appreciate a heads-up if you have seen them available anywhere in SA. Thanks!
  13. Hi Fellow Enthusiasts, I am considering upgrading my eyewear form Oakley Fast Jackets to Oakley Radar lock XL's. Do any of you have some thoughts to share re Radar locks positive and or negative? Ill be using it while riding trails in the Western Cape area, based in Durbanville, so ride the trails at Meerendal and surrounds quite often. Reason for considering switching is for "more" eye protection, looks like more real estate around the eyes compared to the Fast Jackets, in an event of overhead branches etc as well as general dust and sand. Thanks for commenting. WB
  14. I have been a fan of Oakley for many years and currently I have 5 Pairs of Oakley product but Lately I have found that the Quality of their products have been deteriorating.. My Oakley Bat wolfs lenses have started to develop "bubbles" under their lenses. My Glasses frame that I have had for just over 2 year just snapped on the bridge of the Frame. My Half Jacket lenses (Transition Lenses) have stated to get, what I can only describe as cracks, in the lenses.. On the other hand. My Polarised Radars are brilliant. My racing jacket are so indestructible. The consistency of the products are just not the same as what they used to be
  15. Hi, Looking to buy a gift for someone who does mountain biking. I am confused if I should go Rudy Project, Adidas or Oakley??? I am swaying towards Rudy Project but now Rydon or Agon? I cant find the difference online? Are Photo-chromatic lenses a good idea? Would really appreciate any help
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