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  1. Same with the Merc... First few minutes was spent looking for the ignition... Bearing in mind that I drive a 23 year old Isuzu...
  2. I offered to move someone's GLA Mercedes the other day. Sat in it for about 15 minutes and couldn't get it started. Then I put my foot on the brake...
  3. I just hope he has mates who would wipe his browser history if something should happen to him.......
  4. I was quoted R1200 for wiper blades (Just the inserts) and R4800 for rear pads fitted.... I managed to find aftermarket Bosch blades for around R150 and pads for R380 which I ended up fitting myself. They tried to get me to change plugs at the 105k service (actual mileage was 78k) @ R1250 per plug because it was part of the scheduled maintenance. I declined and they are still firing at 175k...
  5. I own a Honda (car) and to date it has been the most expensive vehicle that I have owned in terms of maintenance costs when it had to go to the dealer out of service plan but still under warranty. Their customer care is lacking and sales service leaves a lot to be desired. The vehicles are great, it's just the people that work for the brand in KZN need a wakkerklap. As an aside, we had an Audi before the Honda and service costs outside of Freeway Plan were half that of the Honda.
  6. Yes based on the day's riding we did and the fact thay I'm used to a 28lt tank that delivers 450km+... I definitely took it outside it's comfort zone. For a person under 75kg doing a tar and gravel tour you can't really do much better than the Honda. At the end of the day every bike is an adventure bike.
  7. Just on the Honda CRF250L, I did two overnight adventure rides on a mate's wife's one. I don't get much change from 100kg and for the most part we didn't stick to the beaten track. A full days riding from tar to goat paths with some rock gardens thrown in for fun and the two fiddy held its own. The only thing that let it down was the suspension, power and smallish tank. Suspension was not progressive enough and a I had a few bottom outs. No adjustment except if you change springs as far as I know. Little bit under powered (a hill climb caught me out. Usually hit it in 2nd on the bigger bike. 1st on the Honda would have worked better...) To be fair, I was asking a lot though. For easy cruising and a bit of fun off road tech it is more than capable. Not as hard as a KTM but the people that buy them probably have no Dakar aspirations and don't like the taste of Koolaid... Quite a few people on the Choob that use them for adventure type trips. Cheapish, light and Honda reliable and it will do 155 with a tailwind and enough negative gradient [emoji41]
  8. End of a chapter. My 640 was sold last weekend. Sold it back to the previous owner.
  9. I do the same thing. My wife calls it analysis paralysis.
  10. They are probably already all closed but it might work out cheaper and easier to take a sketch to a laser cutting place and get them to cut and bend it for you. Doubt you'll even make the minimum charge with something that small.
  11. I service my own bike. It was cheaper to buy the filters from KTM than Startline. I use aftermarket pads, chain and sprockets. Tyres you shop around for.The stuff that breaks comes from KTM and it's not that much more than other brands. If you buy everything from them then yeah I suppose it would be but the same could be said for other brands as well. Anyway, my bike puts a big smile on my face and it's hard to put a price on that...
  12. Stop mucking about and just get a KTM. People will think you are crazy, stupid, cool, mad, broke (KTM spares are not that much different in price to any other bike and when you need them they are available or here within a week), loaded and a lot of other descriptive terms but I have never heard anyone call a KTM owner an asshole or a dick...
  13. The ratio of available talent vs displacement in that formulae would not equate to a happy ending....
  14. If I was to buy a Harley, it would be an XB9
  15. Why not make them as a two piece unit then the fitment would be perpendicular to each wall. Accuracy in aligning your fixings would get the tops flush.
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