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  1. Hi, I would like to ask for some advice please. I want to sell a Zini , Shimano Exage 500EX groupset , 51cm but I do not know what price to ask for it.Can anyone help please? (I am situated in Johannesburg SA) Much thanks!
  2. Hey Guys, Checking my garage, I found this beauty from the 90's (Wheeler E11 Titanium). The truth is, I have no intention of using it, that's why I did maintenance on it and I'm thinking of putting it on sale, but I don't have the slightest idea of ​​how much it can be worth. Can you suggest prices? Attached pictures Thanks
  3. I often get “I thought Eroica was only for vintage bicycles?” … well you’d be correct that Eroica has always been about celebrating vintage cycling culture and the ways things used to be. But Eroica also looks to the future, and just like those early racers took their road bikes to gravel when they had to, so we do it now on our modern gravel bikes so many years later. NOVA is Eroica’s answer to how modern cycling can be invited to the vintage fold. Come race your modern gravel bike at NOVA Eroica! Click here to view the article
  4. I often get “I thought Eroica was only for vintage bicycles?” … well you’d be correct that Eroica has always been about celebrating vintage cycling culture and the ways things used to be. But Eroica also looks to the future, and just like those early racers took their road bikes to gravel when they had to, so we do it now on our modern gravel bikes so many years later. NOVA is Eroica’s answer to how modern cycling can be invited to the vintage fold. Come race your modern gravel bike at NOVA Eroica! Callum cresting the infamous Ouberg Pass climb. A hard climb on any day. The NOVA in South Africa is on the same day as the Classic Eroica ride, and shares the same emphasis on good fresh local food stops and the social aspect of the ride. And this is where the nice part comes in - NOVA is a race, but there are only four clearly marked timed racing sections along the approximately 90km route. Each racer will have a detailed map marked with the route, the Strava segments, food pick-up stops, picnic spots, view points and a secret swim spot or two. This means that you can plan ahead to make your day as laid back, or challenging as possible. Go hard in the race sections, and spend the rest of the day hanging out, drinking beer, swimming, and enjoying the view, all along the magnificent route. The tar section down the Koo can be fast and sketchy. For 2021 the NOVA route will be a little shorter than before, but judging by how many riders the original 150km route destroyed in previous years, I’m sure some will welcome the new 90km distance. The old 150km goes up the infamous Ouberg Pass and then turns north towards Touwsrivier, then west towards the top of the Koo valley for a long fast drop down the tar back to Montagu - but not before a quick sojourn into the Baden area for a last race section. In previous years this route was hard on riders. The northern most sections are very remote, and extreme heat and wind can make a tough day into a serious challenge. The semi-desert of the Karoo. But for 2021 we’ve got our new 90km NOVA route - almost no tar, and with more technical sections. And, after some negotiations with local farmers, riders will have the opportunity to traverse some truly spectacular sections on private land. These are rich and storied roads, and even though you might only be about 15km as the crow flies from Montagu at times, it feels like time has stopped in some of these valleys. Occasionally a mechanical is a good excuse for a break. Each rider will be required to have Strava installed on their smartphones to enable us to compare their racing segment times at the end of the day. There are four clearly marked racing sections, each about 7km in distance, and the end of the last segment is a portage up the back of the dam wall of the Pietersfontein Dam for a compulsory NOVA-selfie, to be posted to your ride on Strava. Once you’re on top of the dam wall your race is over, and you can scramble down to the water for a well deserved swim, or head back to the Groenland rest stop for a couple of John’s famous gin-coolers. Never make the mistake of looking back if you haven't reached the top yet! With everything we’ve been through in the last year I’m sure you’re also looking forward to get back to some kind of normalcy. But we have also made sure that Eroica this year is planned with everyone's safety in mind. From the informal start - whenever you want from 07:00 to 10:00 - to the open spaces at our food and drink stops, we’re giving everyone the opportunity to make their Eroica 2021 their own event, and engage with others on a level they feel comfortable. Missing the days of social interactions like these. So come join us for NOVA Eroica 2021! Remember the NOVA will share the route with all the Classic riders too, so come check out some beautiful vintage bikes, and maybe even race someone on an old steel racing steed up a hill! It’s time to make some new memories, and to share adventure again … it’s been too long! Respite from the heat! Tech. Hey Joe provided the beer! Feel the heat. The Troyeville Flamingoes from JHB. Don’t be fooled - tough birds. Smiles and thumbs up! Until … Lynnae and her super-cool retro-modern gravel built. These views. Race face. It never looks very steep on camera. Looking done at the first rest stop! When you see Poppie leading you in you know there will be roosterbrood! Old meets new. Real food at Eroica! The 2018 NOVA winner, Jean Biermans, almost didn’t finish after his derailleur went into his wheel. But in true Eroica spirit he quickly converted to singlespeed. Back on the road - smooth single-speed sailing. Every Eroica rider and NOVA racer receives a route map that must be stamped at every checkpoint. The NOVA race segments are recorded on Strava - if you complete all four segments the fastest, you win. NOVA winner in 2018 - Jean Beirmans! Smile or grimace? Views and views. If you remember to look up. Long way to go. Philip feeling the heat. Finisher! To enter, or for more information, please visit https://eroica.cc/en/nova-south-africa
  5. Download attachment: _1 LEAD IMAGE_9220.jpg Eroica South Africa 2020 was the event that almost didn’t happen. However, we managed to just scrape through before Cyril announced our major national lockdown. But, we’re very happy to say, we are back for 2021! Despite all the challenges this past year has brought, we think it’s time that we get back on the bike again. Perhaps it was during lockdown that you finally decided to fix up that steel frame gathering dust in the back of the garage that you inherited from your grandfather. Or maybe you spent the months scouring the internet for your first vintage bike - bravo! Now is the time to ride. Click here to view the article
  6. What a rowdy bunch of vintage bike buffs. Riders first, collectors second. If you’re still unsure of what I am talking about, Eroica is an Italian event brought to South Africa to celebrate all that vintage cycling culture has to offer. Imagine the greats; Coppi, Bartali, Merckx and Moser riding their Bianchi, Colnago and namesake steeds along dirt roads in wool jerseys, grabbing torn pieces of baguette from roadside stalls and glugging down lunch with red wine; a 1960s Citroen broom wagon bringing up the rear, and you start to get the picture. Eroica is not a race though. It offers it’s riders a chance to spend time with their wonderful machines, on beautiful roads, in good company. The Baden and Pietersfontein areas are spectacularly beautiful, and so close to the little town of Montagu. We are lucky to have access to these wonderful locations for Eroica South Africa. Eroica South Africa 2020 was by far the biggest turnout we have had, with over 220 riders all coming together for the love of vintage cycling. The impressive turnout brought local enthusiasts from across the country together in the quaint Karoo town of Montagu. For 2021 we will again call Montagu home and, although things may be a little different this year we know that it will be a weekend where old friends can meet again and new friendships will be forged by steel, dust and a drink or two. This year we have adjusted the Eroica format slightly having to take into account the constantly changing rules and regulations for events. We want to make it a weekend that will give everyone the freedom to enjoy their vintage machines on the Karoo roads in true Eroica spirit, while also allowing for the distancing that only those very open roads can provide. For 2021, Classic and NOVA riders will leave from the historic Montagu Country Hotel with a casual start between 7am and 10am, and make their way towards the Baden, Pietersfontein and Krakadouw areas. For the Classic riders there will be a variety of ‘choose your own adventure’ routes to pick from. That means you can ride anything from 38km to 89km. A detailed map of the area will lay out all the possible routes you can take with clearly marked intersections, lunch stops, picnic spots and a swimming hole or two. The grassy hills of our main rest stop at Groenland will be the first welcome break. Those of you who joined us in 2020 will fondly remember John and Salma who know how to pour a mean pomegranate juice spiked with gin! From there, you and your compagni can choose to hustle up the steep climb towards Pietersfontein; push through for the longer and rougher remote loops; or ramble on towards our second stop at Two Dam for a cold beer and fresh trout sandwich. Our rest stops will provide packed breakfast, lunch and treats for you to pick up and enjoy wherever you choose - under a tree, on the grassy slopes under an umbrella, or on the road. The focus for this year will be on the pure enjoyment of spending a day out on your bike. Good fresh local food is the order of the day at Eroica South Africa. No energy gels in sight. We always work with locals to bring something special to the rest stops, like these delicious trout sandwiches prepared for us at Two Dam Sustainable trout farm. We all know just how challenging the last year has been on so many fronts. The importance of camaraderie and the freedom our steely companions can bring is something we might have taken for granted before. We hope that you can find that again in Eroica 2021. To enter, or for more information, please visit https://eroica.cc/en/south-africa Every year Eroica gets involved in sponsoring riders that may not have an opportunity to do a ride this. Our community is inclusive, and we want to introduce everyone to the most beautiful sport. A big part of the Eroica experience is finding your perfect vintage ride, and perfecting the mix of components and accessories to truly make it yours. When you think of vintage bikes you may think of stuffy old grandfathers, but Eroica South Africa prides itself in having a diverse group of bicycle enthusiast of all ages. Follow your map and get it stamped at every checkpoint. The routes are beautiful but challenging, especially on a 35-year-old steel road bike - stay on track! When it all comes together. Repairing a roadside puncture is part of the adventure. Vintage enthusiasts come to Montagu for Eroica from far and wide, like Elmo from Polokwane and Eric from Durban. For some of them it’s the only time during the year they see each other. Eroica is definitely about more than vintage bikes - your whole outfit has to be on point! Some local brands like Finni are even producing retro-style cycling kit for the growing community of vintage steel bike enthusiasts. Odon deep in concentration during the morning map briefing. Marco is a regular at Eroica and truly embodies the Eroica spirit - never give up! Every year we get a growing number of international riders too. Claus from Denmark comes to Eroica South Africa every year. Considering the current state of the world we hope he will be able to make it this year. Deale & Huth and DeSoto. This beautiful DeSoto belongs to the Montagu Country Hotel, and every year PJ leads out the Eroica start group in style to the edge of town. Here we go! Out of town and onto the gravel! Big smiles all ‘round. I can think of worse places to get a puncture. And Olivia seems to have it under control. Raoul brings a modern aspect to vintage gravel riding. Vistas for days. But the climbs are real. Arriving at Groenland Farm, a beautiful oasis run by John and Salma. They created the most incredible rest stop that it was hard to drag yourself away from. Swimming, great food and strong gin coolers kept everyone here for ages. Matt Ferguson and David Malan working those gravel inclines. What would an event like Eroica be without a beer sponsor - we love you Hey Joe! Coffee and fresh cold peaches - Eroica fuel. Eroica is not a race. The idea is to explore, take in the views, and make some memories. The pain is all part of the pleasure. And there is always a rest stop nearby filled with friendly faces willing to lend a hand. Or at least pass you a cold beer. This place will stay with you. To enter, or for more information, please visit https://eroica.cc/en/south-africa
  7. Hi All Please note we will be riding this weekend on Sunday from Ground. Meeting at 6:45 for 7:00 departure. Distance around 30km Spped from 20 to25 in various groups. Let me know if you would like more information
  8. I couldn't find a thread dedicated to these bikes, so here's one. I've just purchased a Hansom track bike and can't wait to get my hands on it and post a few pics - then decide what to do with it.
  9. So, got this beaut from my old man this past weekend. Been standing in a shed for the past 9 years! Old man did 14 Cape Argus's with this thing! Want to restore to its former glory as rust has taken over. Hubs, Drive train, Shifters need some tlc but it all still works! Starting a forum topic for this project as i'm sure I will have many questions for tech and opinions... Watch this space!
  10. Morning guys, I'm breathing some life into an old Lejuene and I need some help sourcing vintage brake hoods for it. It's running a full Shimano 6 speed setup and it was sporting white hoods which literally just fell apart when I started stripping the bike. Any pointers to where I can source locally (or internationally) would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. Looking for a vintage (late 60s to early 80s) DHC bicycle frame, any condition, size aprox. 58 to 60cm CTC. Needed for special build project to replace my fathers stolen bicycle that he owned for over 30 years!!! Any suggestions, advice, or assistance in getting this project off the ground will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. The first of many... This is my private collection. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment. Chris Willemse Snr
  13. I was 8 yrs old when my brother bought me my first bike,a cool blue mk2 Raleigh Chopper.He paid R40 fof it back then.My fondest childhood memories were made on that bike.Even the old ballies told me never to sell it because it was a collectors item.Sadly it was stolen.Since then i searched high and low to find another,and thanks to the internet and alot of wanted ads later i finally found one,tucked away safe and sound on top of a guys bar in Pretoria.At first he was willing to sell it to me,but his wife convinced him otherwise,to keep it for his grandkids to enjoy.Anyyways a few yrs later after trying to convince him otherwise,he finally budged,and after a fair trade i finally had my hands on a mk1 Raleigh Chopper.Ill let her speak for herself.
  14. Hi guys, I've got a Henry Dipierre sig professional with campagnolo parts all original parts, great condition 6 by 2 speed, for sale if anyone's interested give me a shout - ameerbrownbmx@outlook.com
  15. Around about June last year (2016) I was wondering around Cash Converters and came across this very sad looking ladies Peugeot. I thought it would make a great restoration project but they wanted waaaay too much for it. Then in November I was again wandering around the same Cash Converters and spotted her, now even sadder and hiding under some wet suits and dumbells. She was so tired of being neglected she had to seek the comfort of the neoprene and the security of the heavy weights. and someone had taken away her front wheel I needed to rescue this old lady and give her a well deserved and precious retirement. Pics from when I brought her home. Gave her a wheel from one of my other road bike so she can at least stand up straight. http://krunkrace.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/IMG_20170101_155240.jpg http://krunkrace.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/IMG_20170101_155305.jpg Was loving the details that were still alive from her younger days http://krunkrace.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/stickers.jpg Because these decals are so precious and fragile I decided to preserve them and the paint rather than repaint. So after much cleaning and careful sanding I covered her in 3 coats of clear gloss paint. This preserves the color and decals and keeps her looks. The front fork had Chrome calf height socks but the chrome was very pitted and couldn't be saved without rechroming. So I gave her thigh high white socks. http://krunkrace.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/forks.jpg Looking fantastic after the cleaning and gloss coats http://krunkrace.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/IMG_20170106_082117.jpg http://krunkrace.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/IMG_20170106_082318.jpg Next were the brakes. These are very special. They seem to be a hybrid between caliper and cantilever. They got stripped, cleaned and polished. Added some modern brake pads to help her stop better. http://krunkrace.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/IMG_20170106_233101.jpg http://krunkrace.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/IMG_20170106_233126.jpg The front derailleur was cracked and could not be saved. I cleaned and polished the chain rings and brought the inner one to the outside. http://krunkrace.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/crank.jpg to be continued....
  16. Hey guys, I was visiting my grandparents over the weekend and after chatting to my gran about my Mongoose MTB I was building, she decided it's time to hand her childhood bicycle down to me to give some much needed love to. It's a Raleigh bomber (not sure what year model it is yet), mostly surface rust and alot of dirt but the bike is solid! Back then there were no "Girl bikes" and my gran is a short lady, they decided to manually convert the bike to a ladies bike by cutting, inverting and re-welding the top tube back on. The original mount is still there with the marks the grinder left and the bar has it's (now upside down) "bomber" logo on it. The welds were left untreated and has some significant surface rust. Bike is mostly chrome, I suspect the handle bars aren't original as the interweb pics don't show a center stiffening bar like the bmx's have and mine does have. So I've opened up the crank, the front and rear hub, scrubber the bearings, re-greased and refitted the lot, she actually freewheels now and rides quite nice. So I'm wondering, full restore (including fitting the top tube back to it's original position) or partial restore which entails a wire brush, rust killer and maybe a clear coat to keep that patina old school look, this way the bike keeps it's story. The components I will strip down, refinish and replace where necessary but I'll keep the old look? So I need help (as usual): 1. Where do I get old school parts (brakes, handle bar, seats, rims, hubs etc) 2. What clear-coat can I get (rather cheaply) that will stick to the metal as is? 3. Where can I find old school (preferably slick white-walled tyres)? 4. Where can I get new (but old looking) decals? I'll pop some pics up for you guys.
  17. Hello all hubbers, Just hoping someone can give some more information regarding year and value. I know it is from the early to mid 1990's. Also if it is worth getting restored. And what value it might hold, not that I intend to sell but the frame is sadly a little big for me. Any information will be most appreciated. And I will try include a few more photos when behind a computer again. Thanks.
  18. This is the second in a series of competitions we’re running leading up to our inaugural Eroica South Africa event. This is your chance to win a very special limited edition L’Eroica Tuscany Team Professional saddle. Brooks, in collaboration with Eroica, only produced 1000 of these beautifully embossed saddles, and this one is number 337. Click here to view the article
  19. To win, send us an image of your Eroica South Africa racer, or build, and motivate why your bike would be the prefect candidate to be finished off with a L’Eroica Tuscany Team Professional saddle. To enter:Upload your photo as a comment below or in the discussion thread on Bike Hub Or upload it on Facebook including the hashtag #eroicabrooks337 The competition is only open to South Africans, and no cheating! We will select a winner, and announce it here. Entries close at 12pm, Thursday 17 March 2016. Thank you to Brooks for this wonderful gift, and of course for their commitment to vintage cycling - a Brooks saddle completes any vintage ride with style.
  20. This will be the first in a series of competitions we’re running leading up to our inaugural Eroica South Africa event. We know how sought after and hard-to-find these fantastic jerseys are, so we’re making a couple available as special prizes! Click here to view the article
  21. For this first competition, the rules are simple - the jersey is a Medium, so if that’s your size, you’re eligible. To win, you need to submit the coolest historic cycling photograph or yourself or a family member. It can be you when you got your first Western Flyer, your uncle when he raced in the 1976 Rapport Tour, or your mom in her 1980’s lycra at the start line of the Argus Cycle Tour. To enter:Upload your photo as a comment below or in the discussion thread on Bike Hub Or upload it on Facebook including the hashtag #eroicajersey The competition is only open to South Africans, and no cheating! We will choose the best photograph, and announce the winner here. Entries close at 12pm, Wednesday 2 March 2016. Thank you to Santini for this wonderful gift, and of course for still making such stylish cycling kit!Visit the Eroica South Africa website to find out more about the event.
  22. The unique nature of L’Eroica has made it an extremely successful event in the cyclist’s calendar, with first-timers frequently turning into fanatical evangelists, returning year-after-year to take part. It’s a unique mix of history, culture, travel, beauty and challenge. Participation in at least one event should be on every passionate rider’s bucket list. This Italian homage to vintage bicycle racing culture will be celebrated at our inaugural event in Montagu this year. Set in the Cape Winelands district, famous for its mountains and hot springs, it promises to bring an African twist to the spirit of L’Eroica. The highlight of the Eroica festival will undoubtably be the ride, with 3 distances to choose from. All 3 routes will be almost all gravel, with the longest 140km option taking riders into the beautiful but remote area above the Langeberg to the north, and back down through the spectacular Koo. This event is not a race, or just a ride, but rather a weekend-long celebration of the bygone days of cycling races of old, with good food, wine, music, and lots of riding. The weekend of 23 April is a must for cyclists who have a passion for old steel bicycles, and love riding them on dirt roads through beautiful landscapes. Distances: 140km, 90km, or 50km Rules: Vintage steel racing bicycles only (but please peruse the Rules on the website) Cost: R500 per rider (or R400 per rider for groups of 5 or more) Registration: Please visit the Registration page on the website to enter For more information, please visit the Eroica South Africa website, or our Facebook page. About L’Eroica: The original L’Eroica was imagined in 1997 by Giancarlo Brocci, who through his admiration of the values of the cycle races of old, wanted to reconnect others to the integrity, history and sense of familial celebration cycling used to offer. Today Giancarlo's tradition continues, and through the International Eroica events we're helping people rediscover the great history and the physical challenge of the sport that we so love. Giancarlo says it so beautifully, “We want people to rediscover the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of the conquest”.The core identity of a L’Eroica ride is the same regardless of the country in which it takes place; to strip away the trappings of modern cycling, revert to a time before carbon fibre and electric gear shifting, and embrace the pain and joy that comes from the pure experience. To find out more about the rides and their individual characters, sign up at eroica.cc.
  23. The hugely popular international L’Eroica cycling series is coming to South Africa. It is an Italian vintage bike event celebrating the beauty of cycling on vintage bikes, in vintage kit. Click here to view the article
  24. So a couple of months ago a friend of my wife dropps off bikes for our kids. Perfect timing as i just got my Mtb. Needless to say my son was not happy with the colour of his bike. So i promised him if he wants it a different colour, he needs to help me strip down the bike and HE needs to sand it down. Needless to say every weekend he went to the garage, got sandpaper and sanded a piece of the bike. (i know i could use paint stripper, but this was learning and bonding experience)This went on like this for 6 weeks and some evenings and then the long weekend came and he jumped at the chance of me spraying his precious. i got specific instructions and references nogal. "Daddy it must be Batman Black and you must design a batman and logo to, okay!!" and bring his hot wheels batman car for me to check the colour.Matt Black, with gloss accents of the Batlogo. And now the last decal is on and the BatBike lives. Its not a vintage, nor a dualie, but man he loves it and it has got me in the mood for more builds, so much so that i have 3 frames in the garage, ready to be stripped down and rebuilt. One for the daughter, one for the wife and one for the daddy who just loves bikes! so any "throw away donations" are gladly welcome!
  25. Event Name: Tour Of Ara 2015. When: 26 September 2015 - 1 October 2015 Where: Cederberg, Western Cape Category: Road www.tourofara.co.za The Tour of Ara, named for the Southern Hemisphere constellation of Ara, is a prestige race that is ridden on vintage South African-built steel bicycles in the proud tradition of the early Italian multi-day stage races. Open to only 35 racers, this second edition - 26 September to 1 October of 2015 - will take riders, predominantly over hard gravel roads, from the tiny village of Die-Dorp-Op-Die-Berg over the Cederberg mountains to the settlement of Algeria - the next morning will be spent with the local community before heading off to Clanwilliam. From Clanwillian the route climbs north to Calvinia, and then turns south to the little hamlet of Middelpos. Next is Sutherland, after which the last stage will be a race to the finish in the heart of the Karoo at the famous Lord Milner Hotel in Matjiesfontein. It's a race against the clock, and stages will be very difficult and challenging, predominately over varying quality dirt roads, with the longest day being about 150 km. Riders will encounter soft sand, corrugated roads, loose stones and sharp tyre-shredding rocks, and possibly even rain and snow. Tour of Ara is completely independent, and paid for by the entrants ; there are no sponsors or patrons, and no prize money - we aim to keep it that way. This race is ridden entirely at ones own risk. You cannot hold anybody but yourself responsible for what might transpire during the Tour of Ara. So don't come crying if you get a flat or lose a finger. Prepare, train, and know your abilities and limitations before entering.
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