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Found 15 results

  1. Lately I have seen a lot of "*Price Drop*" adds on the classifieds. I also buy and sell quite a lot and find it more difficult than a few years ago to get buyers. It really seems as if South Africans are in a bit of a squeeze (the classifieds is obviously not a very good representation of the average SA consumer). Would really like to see the results on a poll, so vote!
  2. Hi Hubbers, We're considering some changes to the Classifieds category layout to offer better flexibility in accommodating new & evolving disciplines and generally streamlining the experience. Currently the categories are siloed by the major disciplines, Road and Mountain Bike, and all related components and bits for each live in relevant categories below. e.g. MTB - Bikes -- Hard tail bikes -- Dual suspension bikes -- Gravel bikes - Frames - Suspension - Wheels - Groupsets - Components Road - Bikes -- Time trial bikes -- Road bikes -- Gravel bikes - Frames & Forks - Wheels - Groupsets - Components While this works for the most part, it doesn't support the evolving disciplines and increasingly blurred lines of component categorisation. E.g. Stems, Saddles, Gravel bikes & components And often a part, frame, wheelset could suit either category but the current system only allows strictly classifying under Road or MTB. We're proposing a change to the structure along these lines: Bikes - Mountain bike -- Hardtail -- Dual suspension - Road - Gravel / adventure - Time trial - Kids bikes Frames & forks Components Wheels & tyres Each would be split out into subcategories with further discipline specific subcategories or filters where relevant. E.g. Components - Handlebars -- Road handlebars -- MTB handlebars We've already had a number of requests to better accomodate gravel bikes and components, ebikes, track bikes, etc. We feel that this approach would give far more flexibility into the future, but before we make any sweeping changes we're keen to hear feedback from the regular Bike Hub Classifieds users on what you'd like to see. Thanks, Matt
  3. Hi Hubbers, We're considering integrating Shepherd as a secure payment option for Classifieds deals and are keen to hear your thoughts. If you're not familiar with Shepherd check out their website or the video below. Would you use Shepherd? Vote in the poll and please give your feedback below. Thanks!
  4. Hi All! What is a reasonable time to wait for the first who called "DIBS" to finalize sale before moving on? I feel it is not my responsibility to remind you to complete the sale. Especially once banking details have been provided. I am not going to nag you to complete the sale. I have been waiting for 48hours + now... So how long till I get to move on to the other interested parties?
  5. I'm relatively new to this website but I'm finding it more and more frustrating when searching the "complete bikes" category under MTB. Advertised bikes seem to sort of spew randomly across the first 5 or 6 pages, making it very difficult to just see anything new that's come in (and not been gratuitously bumped up above other, often more reasonable items). I get that money has to come from somewhere but sheez, trying to work through classifieds often amounts to simply refreshing the page to see the same ads over and over again. What can I do to make my browsing more enjoyable, or does anyone feel the same way?
  6. I have an Axis A60 27.5" 27 speed Hardtail Mountain Bike that rides really swell, though it has a puncture right now. I love the bike but I love road cycling even more and want to trade it for a decent road bike of the same value, but I'm completely new to the world of cycling and don't want to be done in by any scams or anything so would like to reach out to the experienced traders here on Bikehub to help me, where possible, with this. Is it best to sell it and buy a new road bike or will I be lucky enough to find someone in my area — Pretoria East — who'd be willing to undergo a deal with me? I sincerely don't want to appear as lazy or anything of that nature, and don't want this to look like someone is doing my job for me, but I don't know where to begin. So even any tips would be duly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi Guys, not sure if anyone has started a topic like this? It seems guys are overpricing their secondhand bikes on thehub.. if you see the amount of bikes that sit on the hub and don’t sell, I think some guys are pricing their bikes incorrectly.. (especially MTBs) The equation I have always worked on and been advised to work on is the following. After the first year 50% of the value is dropped, then 10% each year after that.. it may seem harsh, but as with cars, as you drive it out the door, the value instantly drops... Any thoughts on this?
  8. Just looking through the classifieds section, trawling for a 28 h rim set; but then I see these adds Price: To be arranged. Whats up with this? Surely if you are keen to sell something you dont need to make it a potential buyers responsibility to milk the price out of you.
  9. When I open the classifieds it does not show the titles but only the price. It never use to be like this. Is there a setting that I need to change? See photo attached.
  10. So I thought Id start a thread to help other hubbers especially the newbies looking for their first bike, browsing through the classifieds only to be dooped by a scammer! I remember hunting for my first bike, not knowing what the hell I was looking at, fortunately the seller that I eventually bought the bike from was a genuine guy and very informative. So the idea here is, if you spot a scam, post it here, put a link on the add to this thread so in would be buyer can be deterred, hopefully this will help chase these scammers away from our hub.
  11. Hi guys do you think that the HUB can create a function to save your favorite sellers, so one can go back to them easily?
  12. Hey guys! Just found this fun little game on Gumtree! You can see how much stuff you can sell in 30 seconds and how much money you can earn. Check it out. http://www.gumtree.co.za/pages/gumtreeit/
  13. Hi Hubbers, We've been taking in feedback and have been working away on various Classifieds improvements over the last while. And we are just about ready to release a test version. This post is a quick preview of some of the updates. Required Fields Browsing adverts can be frustrating when you come across incomplete or just plain lazy listings with little useful info. We'll be introducing required fields to adverts to improve advert quality and create consistency in terms of the type of information provided. Fields are category specific so based on the category the advert is placed in you'd be presented with different additional fields to complete (e.g. a complete bike would have fields for the components with key component fields being required) Dynamic filters Some required fields are also used to filter ads. E.g. Wheel size, frame size, etc. We've had tons of feedback and requests for a frame size separation of sorts. This will provide the ability to filter the ads based on various attributes and will greatly improve the searching experience. Advert page The advert page itself has received a significant overhaul. Images are now front and center and easier to quickly browse in a larger view with fullscreen available. The page also now accommodates a table type layout for the required fields. Fields layout Advert listings The advert listing pages have also had a more subtle revamp. Larger thumbnail images give a better idea of the item before opening the advert. Trader Feedback The whole trader feedback section and rating display have been improved. Among other general improvements you can now easily search for a specific members profile to view feedback and ratings. The display of ratings in adverts has also been improved. Instead of displaying a count of positive ratings the in-advert rating now indicates how many ratings the user has and the percentage of those which are positive. This gives a more meaningful view of the specific user's feedback profile and credibility. We're excited to get these updates out. First for some testing and then live on the site. In the next week we should have a test site up and will invite regular Classifieds users to give it a test run before we roll it out live. Watch this space for updates. *Note the elements shown in the screenshots may still receive some design tweaks before final rollout
  14. Hi Hubbers, Buyer / seller ratings has been a topic of a fair bit of discussion over the past few weeks. Along with a number of general updates to the Classifieds system we've recently been working through updates to the Trader ratings system. Currently it is quite an obscure feature that's not as well used as it could and should be. The issues (based on feedback and observation): - Ratings are not well presented on advert pages (many don't even know they are there) - Ratings are hidden away on member profiles and easily confused with likes - There is no requirement or prompt to complete ratings following a deal - The current rating score is ambiguous - Members with negative ratings simply create new profiles and start over ... and please add to this list Here is what has been addressed in pending update so far: - Change to the display and calculation of summarized rating score Currently the overall rating score is shown as either positive (green thumbs up), neutral (blue dot) or negative (red thumbs down). Along with the icon indicator a numerical rating score is displayed which is the net balance of your positive and negative ratings. E.g. If you have 10 positive and 2 negative the score of 8 is displayed (10 - 2 = 8). Likewise if you had 1 positive and 5 negative a rating of -4 is displayed ( 1 - 5 = -4) This has been changed to match the proven system used by eBay and many others. Now the summary will display the percentage of positive feedback along with total number of ratings received which provides a better gauge of how meaningful the rating is. Using the same examples as before this would work as follows: - 10 positive, 2 negative: 12 ratings, 83.3% positive - 1 positive, 5 negative: 6 ratings, 16.7% positive The above gives more meaning and insight than the current "net" score. E.g. currently someone with 12 positive and 10 negative ratings would still have a positive (+2) rating (green thumb up) which does not give the full picture. The net score may be positive, but only 54.5% of a total of 22 ratings were positive. - More emphasis on Trader Ratings on the advert page Instead of the current icon indicator which appears below the advertisers username there will now be a clearly marked "Trader Rating" area on the advert pages providing enough detail at a glance with a quick link to their full trader profile with all feedback. - Improvements to the Trader Ratings section: General cleanup of the layout to improve navigation and usability. More information on how the ratings work and why it's important (to encourage newbies to use the feature). New feature to search for a rating profile for any member. Quick links to add feedback - Include trader rating on members main profile page (not hidden on the Classifieds tab) What else is in the pipeline? - Automatic prompts to add feedback following a deal - Ability to request feedback from a member you've transacted with providing a quick link for them to easily add feedback for you - Active checks on new / duplicate profiles to restrict negatively rated traders from creating new profiles Any feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome. Please note: the Trader ratings updates form part of a broader set of classified updates which will be discussed separately later this month. Thanks, Matt
  15. Hi Hubbers, Over the last few years, there has been a surge in the sale of fake cycling products online. It's something we've quietly been stamping out as fake items in the Classifieds are spotted or reported. In light of recent discussion on the issue and a noted increase in the presence of fakes we're taking a harder line on the issue in an effort to discourage the advertisement of fake items on our platform and to raise awareness among would-be buyers. We recently instituted a zero-tolerance policy against anyone advertising counterfeit items. Regardless of whether this is disclosed in the advert or not. Bottom line: If it's a fake it's not welcome on Bike Hub Classifieds. Anyone posting a fake item whether this is disclosed or not will have their account permanently suspended and their details will be handed over to the relevant local agencies. What is regarded as a fake? A fake or counterfeit product is any product which illegally bears a brand name / registered trademark. In other words, if the product bears a registered trademark and was not produced by- or on behalf of the original manufacturer it is counterfeit. In cycling terms, common fakes can include but are not limited to bicycle frames, wheels, components, clothing, eyewear. What about replicas? Please note the distinction between a "fake" and a "replica" product: - A replica is a licensed, legal product and most often produced by the same manufacturer or a licenced manufacturer. Typically you'll find team edition bikes and team clothing is referred to as a "replica". - A fake is an unlicensed copy and is ILLEGAL The term "replica" is often incorrectly used to describe clothing which is actually counterfeit. Price is usually a good indicator. If it's well below standard retail prices of the real thing it's likely a fake. What about blank/custom branded carbon frames, wheels and components? There are many unbranded and custom branded products available, many of which are perfectly legal so-called "open mold" frames. As a broad guideline, if it does not illegally bear a registered trademark or mimic a particular frame design it is unlikely to be regarded as a fake. I.e. If it is trying to be something it is not then your alarm bells should go off. We've got some pretty eagle-eyed members who spot fakes a mile off and usually the price is a dead give away. If you spot or suspect a fake please hit the report button so that we can investigate and take action if need be. If you have any questions comments or suggestions on the issue please feel free to get in touch with me: matt at bikehub.co.za Thanks, Matt Eagar Founder - Bike Hub
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