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Found 7 results

  1. Lately I have seen a lot of "*Price Drop*" adds on the classifieds. I also buy and sell quite a lot and find it more difficult than a few years ago to get buyers. It really seems as if South Africans are in a bit of a squeeze (the classifieds is obviously not a very good representation of the average SA consumer). Would really like to see the results on a poll, so vote!
  2. Hi Hubbers! The Hub (and other dodgy scam-infested websites like GumLX and Otree) is a treasure chest of cycling classifieds (and more besides, like motorcycles ). Sometimes you can find real gems like bikes at a steal, solid wheels for a giveaway price and smaller components for next to nothing. What I was wondering this weekend was this: are Hubbers more likely to purchase new or used? Do they sell whatever they can just to acquire that one special component? I have come to the realization that I am the consumer that sells and buys again, not accumulating much stuff. For example: I sold a bike (at a steal) to purchase another bike (from a shop, new). Subsequently, I sold that bike and bought some new wheels and other things besides, leaving my N+1 result a very lowly figure. Effectively I am a wheeler dealer. What do you do?
  3. Hi there, I am looking to buy a second hand bike that can do the Argus and some casual trails? Not sure if this is the right place? I haven't been on a bike for more than 10 years and I want to get back into it now. Would you recommend getting something second hand or is it better to buy brand new? Budget = <10k Thanks!
  4. Hi All I'm new with regards to whats good/not-good about mountain bikes. My previous bike was from +/-2004 era (Giant Rincon), so I'm quite behind in the times. I am looking for a decent second hand bike, but need help with the selection. I'm looking for a mountain bike <R7k (prefer around the R5k mark). I plan on riding it up the mountains and on single track. I also need it for the 24 hour Oke Valley event coming up soon , and will also use this for the Argus (will fit it with slicks), but the road cycling will be very limited. I would like to enter into more mountain bike events. I am 1.79 cm tall, male, 70kg's, located around Cape Town. Please could you make suggestions of what bikes I should look at as well as what bikes/components I should stay clear of. Thanks
  5. I recently purchased a 2nd hand track frame online. I was told it is a Giant Omnium. But it has been completely sprayed a ridiculous shade of green. All the serial numbers are visable. After comparing the frame to a Giant I'm pretty certain that it isn't. I asked another friend and he said he was sure it is a Bianchi frame. I tried to search serial numbers online but had no luck other than that the frame hasn't been reported as stolen. Is there a way to determine the manufacturer by the serial number? Did I possibly get the bargain of the century? Thanks
  6. I have a Giant Revel 29er amd I am thinking of buying a second hand Giant Reign 3 26er. I am really getting into jumps and more technical stuff. Would you advice going for that or not? Keep in mind I am on a tight budget otherwise I would just go and buy a new 29er dual suspension.
  7. Fellow Hubbers I am the organiser for the Joburg Freedom Ride and we are working a new project in an attempt to promote cycling in Johannesburg and in creating jobs, and we need you help to make this possible. The project is the establishment of the first Bicycle Empowerment Centre (BEC) in Gauteng. The project was made possible through the donations made to the first two Freedom Rides. The BEC is a fully functional bicycle workshop with which offers sales of cheap second hand bicycles and spares, repairs, community training and training of the Schools Shova Kalula kids. The mechanics running the workshop were identified in the community as enthusiastic cyclists with basic mechanical skills. They were sent to Cape Town for professional training in Finances and in Bicycle Mechanics. They have now returned with two certificate qualifications and are excited to run their own business. We are looking for any kind donations of old second hand bicycles, parts, spares, tools (toolkits and bike stand) and anything else you may have lying around that could be useful. I have attached a document summarising the project and the progress we have made thus far. I look forward to hearing back from you. Bicycle Empowerment Network report.pdf
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