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Found 8 results

  1. Is there a bike shop in South Africa that stocks the full suspension Polygon bikes?
  2. Lately I have seen a lot of "*Price Drop*" adds on the classifieds. I also buy and sell quite a lot and find it more difficult than a few years ago to get buyers. It really seems as if South Africans are in a bit of a squeeze (the classifieds is obviously not a very good representation of the average SA consumer). Would really like to see the results on a poll, so vote!
  3. Hi Guys, It's time to upgrade my MTB. Looking at getting a Full Sus 29'er and have a budget of around 30k. I mostly do XC and Marathon style riding. Hoping to do some stage races like Wines2Whales and Sani. Was keen on the Specialized Epic Comp (Aluminium Frame) which was on special for R30k but unfortunately they all sold out before I could get my hands on one... So need some advice relating to other brands and options. What advice do you guys have in terms of 1. Going second hand? Heard some scary stories about expensive repairs to the shocks... 2. Specialized. Would love to get an Epic. But not sure about the Brain and the 150hr services I'll need to send it away for. Any experience with this? ....Kinda wanna just get one anyway 3. Momsen? I've seen some pretty good deals on their bikes. But their frame guarantee is only for 3 years? Anyone have any experience with their VIPA RACE ONE? Seriously considering getting this one since I'm not so sure an Epic at around 30k is realistic. Thanks in advance guys. Will appreciate any insight or experience!
  4. How awkward is it to buy a bike online and go service it at your local bike shop. Usually the bike shop owner is a super cool dude and someone you will find on the trails or road. However, the future seems online? More brands, cost and convenience. Is there a future for traditional bike shops? Should everything move Online? Bad service? Cost? What about after sales support? How do we cover the gap between online and personal service? Give some feedback on the below to improve and move the industry forward. https://bicyclegarage.co.za/ https://bike-addict.co.za/ https://www.cwcycles.co.za/ https://www.buycycle.co.za
  5. With a budget of R30 000 and 'hopefully' a good seeding for CTCT, any recommendations of what road bike I should buy? New or Used? Been riding a Raleigh RC-1800 for past 8yrs. Bike Fit assessment says frame size 56/58. Is there like a Toyota Fortuner of road cycling that everyone buys … reliable, plenty of spare parts and very sharp. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Not just brands but specific type of bikes I should look out for.
  6. Hi bike hubbers, I urgently need some advice on buying a new bike. As I am a lady of small frame (63kg and 155cm) I want to know your opinion Budget maximum R23 000 I have narrowed down my choice of bikes to: Merida Big Seven XT edition 27.5 small frame (Unsure about the Manitou shox and also there is only the red color available which I don't like that much) Trek x caliber 9 29'er small frame (Unsure about the brand, because Trek is not a very known name)Hi bike hubbers, If there is any other suggestions please will you be ao kind to inform me. Thank you, will appreciate it very much
  7. Do you guys think a TT bike and accessories are worth it compared to only a road bike with perhaps some extra accessories, e.g. TT bars, shoe covers and skin suit? I have a Giant TCR road bike and race on it, but I think it would be nice to also train TT style and also to do the TT races, even though they are not common. Don't want to break the bank, therefore is it even worth it considering the costs and potential time savings? And I have no problem swopping out wheels and pedals (important for one day when I get a power meter) and whatever between bikes if I only get a TT frame and if they are compatible. In essence, could be more like 1.5 bikes than a proper road and proper TT bike. Found these two nice videos which show some aero savings and relevant costs: and E.g. in the second picture you can see an aero frame is very expensive relative to the little aero saving you get while a special skin suit is worth much more in drag and time saving at a relative low cost. Thanks
  8. GUd day Hubbers! Those that follow us on social media may have noticed that we have launched our own dedicated online store for GU locally, GetGU.co.za. We offer our whole current range here, so if you have perhaps been struggling to get a certain product in your area you should be able to find it here. We also offer FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! As well as on overnight option at extra cost for smaller orders. We've currently got specials running on our GU Brew tubs (get a free tube of Electrolyte Tabs with it) as well as our Roctane gels. Then we've launched the new Roctane Electrolyte Capsules exclusively on our site, they're great for preventing upset stomachs and assisting with hydration. They'll only be in retail late in the year and are also on a launch special! At the moment we provide product in bulk so you can buy a whole box of gels or sachets for example. We may look into providing single units in future if the site takes off. If there's demand we'll see if we can organise a little "Hubber Exclusive" deal or discount code for you, let us know what you're after. So why not get your buddies to all chip in and get a box or two of your favourite GU!? Enjoy your shopping! The GU Crew.
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