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Found 8 results

  1. Apologies if this thread exists elsewhere but I haven't found it. I recently got into cycling again and decided not to splurge on a new bike and picked up a decentish 2nd hand bike. I am loving the sport and am in a constant love hate relationship with my bike, possibly bike envy and the love for something new/ more upgraded. I have a 29er hard tail, I love the look of my bike all the angles are great and aggressive but it has a Shimano Altus 3 x 9 drive train which I am not so happy with. So my questions are: is it possible to convert it to a 1 x 10/11/12? Is this a conversion that I could do? Or would it be better / more cost effective to simply buy something newer?
  2. I know nothing about bikes. My tenant left his bike build plus all these extra components at my property. I am relocating and need to get rid of all of it. To go as a package not piecemeal. Aluminum mountain bike frame, 4 sets of pedals (new 105's)3 sets of wheels, deraleurs, chain,cogs etc... Had it valued at a bike shop. Happy to take R4000 for everything. Posting here because I do to post multiple ads breaking up all the components. Have more photos of all the parts.
  3. Greeting, I need knowledge in regards if the following components will be compatible with my Giant Stance 2 27.5 2015. https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/za/en/shimano-slx-m7000-1x11-drivetrain-groupset/rp-prod148625 The link above is the groupset I am looking at. My bike has an FSA bottom bracket bb-cfm92 24mm Alivio derailleur 3x9. So the question is will my current bottom bracket be compatible or do I need to get the following bottom bracket that the link states are compatible; BB-MT800/BB-MT800-PA? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hey guys, I'm wanting to purchase a set of MTB skewers that amounts to 71,89 € or R1060 (Attached: includes shipping but no VAT). I've done some reading and am still a really confused about how to calculate the final full amount due. Can anyone just give me a rough expectation or worst case scenario cost for a purchase like this? Thanks for any assistance!
  5. Hello everyone, I am 'new' to taking Mtb biking seriously and I just purchased a Lapierre XL 729 Frame. I wish to build it up to a sweet well specified bike starting With the Cannondale Lefty. All advice is highly welcome. Thanks for reading.
  6. So I've been toying with the idea os starting my own online parts shop for a while. I don't have much cycling experience, come from another sport. I do how ever have passion for cycling I also have 30 years of IT experience and had my first online shop in the 90's I have infrastructure to host site I have technical staff to build and maintain site. I have startup capital I need Either a partner/s or staff with cycling contacts Ideas of what everyone out there would like in a local online store Ideas on look and feel What would YOU like Dave
  7. Would you support locally manufactured bikes and components ? Frames , Pedals , crank sets, bottom brackets and brakes.
  8. Would you source from a registered trading company directly out of Taiwan for your components? Higher end stuff will of course be cheaper, and group buying on tires etc will save a lot of money. What would be your concerns as a customer? Thanks. Expat in Taiwan
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