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Found 17 results

  1. what hubs comes on the titan racing rogue sport 2023 ? freewheel or free hub? how many Pawls does it have?
  2. Hello fellow Hubbers, This thread serves as the official DT Swiss forum/tech Q&A for the African cycling community. As the official importer and distributor of DT Swiss in Africa, we at Get Stoked Distribution do our best to try keep track of any queries related to DT products on Bike Hub and answer them as swiftly and comprehensively as possible. This being said, we feel it's much easier for many of you that there is a dedicated space where you can directly ask your questions or offer your thoughts. You can find all our DT Swiss aftermarket products and many service products available to end consumers on our online portal: Get Stoked Online We kindly ask you to respect the views of other hubbers and to try to keep your questions on topic - we are a community sharing the love of cycling after all... Thanks, and looking forward to being of service to the DT Swiss community! The Get Stoked team
  3. Good day all, I have a Chris King ISO rear hub, but it seems like the freehub’s splines have been damaged by the previous owner (the last cog does not seat and just continuously spins). So please, if anyone has a freehub body or know where I can get one, just let me know. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!
  4. So I bought a new bike and the specs of the bike online said the front hub is a sealed Giant unit. In the bike shop I checked all specs except the hubs for some reason (trusted the web specs). Then I see the front hub is not a sealed unit and not a Giant hub either. (The rear hub is also not a Giant hub, different to the web specs) Dragons sports are the guys to contact and Gavin Salt tells me they made a running change and on dragon's website it is stated that the front hub is a non sealed unit and not a Giant hub. I didn't even think to check dragon's site beforehand to check for specs. Kinda disappointing. Gavin basically said it makes no difference and if I want a sealed hub I must wait until next year and then there may be rotor compatibility issues. Any thoughts on this from anyone who knows more than I do? And how much better is a sealed hub?
  5. Hi Everyone I am thinking of building another wheel with a single speed free hub, any suggestions? Kind Regards Pieter
  6. I’ve got a set of American Classic MTB Carbonators wheels where I would like to covert the rear wheel to boost. It is at the moment QR. Is it still possible to get the kit, or what can I do to make the wheels work with a Momsen Trail 2018 frameset.
  7. Hi Hubbers, I have just bought a wheelset with DT Swiss 350 boost hubs. The previous owner shaved down the end caps to try and fit the wheels into a non-boost frame and fork. I have since bought the wheelset and wish to replace the shaved end caps with the original ones to fit my boost frame and fork. I have been trying to source them online and find information but haven't really gotten anywhere. My Q: Are these 'boost' end caps the same as the end caps for the normal 15x100 350 hubs? Thanks for the help!
  8. hi guys. i seek some info and help from all you hardcore pros out there. im currently running an old 3x9 XT group set......i know i know. it does the job 100% for me but it needs replacing so obviously parts will be a problem so i would have to upgrade to a 1x10 or 1x11 system. for my hub can i just put in a 11 speed free body or must i replace my hub. What are my options to upgrade my group set? buy the parts individually and then put it all together? thanks
  9. Hi Hubbers I've been reading topics for a while and have yet to post something but I think I've come across something that needs your help. I am looking at new hubs for a 2015 Giant Trance 27.5 2. I bought a set of WTB KOM i23 rims and am looking to build a nice trail wheelset. Some info that I think is relevant: Weight: 78kg Riding style: Trail, aggressive XC and marathon I noticed that The Rapidé Ultralight Hubs are incredibly competitively priced and I am quite interested in a set. Obviously Hope/Chris King are tried and trusted but I am quite keen on supporting lical particularly if it is a bargain and good quality. Does anyone have any experience with Rapidé hubs?
  10. Hi guys Is it possible to upgrade from QR system to straight through ? I've got the normal quick release and was wondering if its A worth it to upgrade and B with my current hubs possible? I have a 2009 GT Marathon with normal Shimano disc hubs
  11. Fast climbs and fast descents— from sunup till sundown. Truly made for the modern mountain biker, ROAM wheels use a special balance of low-inertia design, weight and strength to excel on a wide variety of terrain. They’re durable enough for hours in the saddle, yet light enough for race day. Click here to view the article
  12. The new SRAM X0 DH hubs are built around strength and durability. Our 52 point ratchet design gives you quick and reliable engagement. The X0 hubs are built with precision machined bearings giving you lower resistance, faster revolutions and no wasted time on drag. The hubs are also convertible to different axle types with removable end caps. From pawl tooth to spoke flanges, we took the extra time on the X0 DH hub so you won’t have to. Click here to view the article
  13. I have an old set of 26" Giant wheels that came with my Anthem (maybe from the USA). They run on no-name 24 hole hubs. Front wheel is still perfect, but on the rear the freebody is shot; it slips. My LBS (small town) told me it's unrepairable because spares are not available. Is this really the case? I'd love to use that rear wheel on my indoor trainer. Thanks guys!
  14. Does anyone know if there are any hubs on the market with rollerbearings today?
  15. Heyall I'm hoping the hubbers have a local, or international lead on spares for the hubs of the Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels. Googling turned into a major run around with nothing specific. The fulcrum website is as helpful a SANRAL toll.
  16. Would you source from a registered trading company directly out of Taiwan for your components? Higher end stuff will of course be cheaper, and group buying on tires etc will save a lot of money. What would be your concerns as a customer? Thanks. Expat in Taiwan
  17. Hi hubbers Semi-rooki mtber here, I'd just like to know if anyone can tell me if the Giant P-XC2 29er wheelset comes with Sealed bearing hubs? Are sealed hubs the way forward or is it a personal preference type of decision as I am needing to replace my wheelset and I know little about what I am needing to look for? Thanks for the help
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