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  1. I have a Scott spark 960 XL frame (front and rear triangle) I used the bike as a donor of components. how much would be a fair amount to sell it for? Keep the below in mind: the rear is QR but a boost spacing(so no thru-axle, has PF bottom bracket (with ID for Dub crankset) has all grommets and bearings has headset cups but no bearings I also have the wheelset that came with the bike which is as mentioned boost but rear is QR and front is thru-axle boost.
  2. Hi All So i have a new bike arriving this friday and its cost me a few ronds. I would like to put some frame protection on it before it sees its first bit of dirt. I have been looking around and can find a couple of "kits" available which are ridiculously priced. Ive been seeing many articles and videos about using 3M protective tape (Polyurethane/Helitape) however trying to find this stuff is proving harder than winning the lotto. Does anyone know where i could buy such tape here in Cape Town? (Walk in and purchase, no 5-7 days delivery) Or if anyone has other recommendations on what to use and where to get it. I see alot of people saying Gorilla tape works well and then i also see an equal amount of peeps saying stay away from it? Any advise would be super appreciated
  3. I know nothing about bikes. My tenant left his bike build plus all these extra components at my property. I am relocating and need to get rid of all of it. To go as a package not piecemeal. Aluminum mountain bike frame, 4 sets of pedals (new 105's)3 sets of wheels, deraleurs, chain,cogs etc... Had it valued at a bike shop. Happy to take R4000 for everything. Posting here because I do to post multiple ads breaking up all the components. Have more photos of all the parts.
  4. Hi All Im looking for a JHB based company who can assist with Frame protection i see cycle lab sell frame protection kits etc, but i would like this applied by a proffesional any advice ? similar to this .. https://armour-ride.com/
  5. Hi all, I have always wondered if a large frame 27.5 would be similar to a medium frame 29er. basically, I fit a 29er medium frame perfectly but am looking to ungrade. All i can find are large frame 27.5s. Would this serve me the same or close to? (I am 173cm) Many Thanks
  6. Hey guys I am possibly in the market for a new STEEL MTB FRAME that is likely to built up as a single speed (but possibly geared) I am looking for suggestions of bikes that are available in SA (or easily shipped to SA) Must be 29er Let me know your thoughts
  7. Hey Everyone, I recently bought a brand new Santa Cruz Blur C. After every ride I clean the bike thoroughly, but it seems like water is getting into the frame. More recently, I went riding in the rain and noticed that there was quite a bit of water in the frame. To drain the water, I need to remove the bottom screw fastening the bash plate to the bottom bracket, otherwise the water won't drain. Is this a known issue with the Blur?
  8. Good day, When I first started road cycling a while back I got a second hand bike from a mate's dad. Now that I am all consumed and obsessed (as I usually get) I want to know every single thing I can about my bike in order to also improve on it's foundations. I have quite a lot of information about every part except the frame (Or some of the frame) and the handlebar. If anyone can help or even better provide documents with details that I can use. Also just to point out I am building an excel sheet for the details to help me in my build restomod process. Attached is the bike, a Raleigh 7000 (RC?) from between 2006-2007 I think. Thank you!
  9. Hi I need some help / pointers on how to go about buying a frame set. (This is not a thread about buy vs build) I have been eyeing a Canyon Endurace CF SL frame set. But for 2019, they now only have the CF SLX available as a frame set, and that is significantly more expensive. Looking at some of the brands locally, those of them that offer frame set only options only offer them in their top carbon spec (S-Works, BMC 01, etc.) Is it at all possible, and how, to buy second tier frame sets? Thanks
  10. Hi All, This is my first post on BikeHub I've recently started doing stage races and rode the Sani2c, Berg & Bush 3 Day and just did a 4 day trip through Lesotho on some rough terrain. The time has come to upgrade my bike. I've been super happy with my Scott XL frame (Scott Scale 960 - 2014 - 120mm Default Stem) (height: 186cm, weight: 86 - 90 kg). I am in the range overlap between L & XL on the size charts of most manufacturers. I'm really happy with the Scott geometry but also open to some other options (only brands where spares and service are easily available in SA) I've been eyeing out the Scott Spark 940 2018 (XL) for a while now. I was hoping to get a deal on one at the changeover to 2019 models, but there were only really a lot of offers on mediums/smalls. I've also been looking at the Scott Spark 930 2018 (XL) https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-930-2018https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-940-2018https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-930-2018 (with GX 1x12 / NX 1 x 12)https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-940-2019 I've also had a look at the 2019 models, but R50k+ is quite steep Alternatively, I'm looking for the following: - Similar geometry to Scott Spark- At least 120mm Fork Travel- Good Rear Suspension (I like the Scott 3 way control as a bonus)- GX 1x12- Dropper Post- Decent wheels- New or Second Hand (2nd hand must be newer than 2 years old)- Great handling on trail, but also capable of long days out on the bike. What do you think of these bike options? Are their any others you'd recommend? If you own a Scott Spark and you are fairly tall, 185+ are you happy on a Large frame? My problem is that if I go XL I will likely not be able to take advantage of any price deals I am based in Cape Town (city bowl), are there any shops you'd recommend? (I service at Freewheel Cycology and I love them for that, bike is never been smoother, but a Spez is like 60k+ for same/similar componentry)
  11. Looking for a vintage (late 60s to early 80s) DHC bicycle frame, any condition, size aprox. 58 to 60cm CTC. Needed for special build project to replace my fathers stolen bicycle that he owned for over 30 years!!! Any suggestions, advice, or assistance in getting this project off the ground will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, So I am not new to the Hub however this is my first forum post. So basically I cracked my S works Epic 2015 frame that i bought brand new in 2016. The crack is situated on the seat post collar and i first noticed it when i hear a strange noise going of a couple roots. On the 20th of December (a day after noticing the crack) i took the frame to my local spez store where i purchased the bike from. They were incredibly helpful in suggesting the steps to go about a warranty claim. Needless to say they sent my frame over to Capetown for specialized head office to take a look. I waited an entire month (after being told it will take 14 days) just for the frame to be assessed and confirmed for a crack. I received a run down of the crack and how it has happened on many other frames as a result of over tightening the seatpost clamp and that warranty would not be granted. This struck me because my bike was literally just back from a fitment (with spez store) where they obviously do everything with torque wrenches. So obviously i had something to say and my bike shop backed me up and sent a follow on email stating they handled the bike etc. Another month later I receive an email just stating that my frame is back and a warranty has not been granted? Im not sure if this is a common issue that anyone else has experienced but it has really left me stranded for options. Im not exactly where to go from here? I know carbon repairing is an option but this obviously brings with it lower value of bike etc. Do i have a reason to be upset by these decisions or is this common practice? Any suggestions on how to go about this would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Mitch P.S I will try attach the spez review when i learn how.
  13. I am currently aquiring parts and components to build myself a Touring bike. Today a very good friend from my LBS donated a fairly bent fork to me as I requested believing someone should be able to mend it for me. (see photo) From what I can see, it seems only the one end of the steerer seemes to have bent. Any frame builder or some skilfull fellow in or arround the East Rand area of Gauteng that can get this fork sorted for me? Please kindly advice. ....Or am I on a lost course with this pugsley fork? I hope am not All advice will be seriously appreciated.
  14. Morning all, So I bought a bike from the the classifieds in Dec 2015, and the bike means more to me than my car. I read a thread recently about the weight issues on bikes and how to make it lighter, if possible. I am still new to all of this, and for me to go and change whatever, might cause more problems. Yesterday I decided to put the bike on a digital scale, and I almost fainted. I know that I am a rookie, or even less, but the bike weight should surely have something to do with your ride. The weight on the scale was showing as 17.5kg Below is what I bought the bike with. Please suggest what I can possibly change to, in order for me to shed some kg's. Thanks
  15. Howzit all, Can anyone point me in the direction of a thread regarding Chinese carbon road frames? Anyone had good/bad results with them? Looking to import into SA, currently have an office in China so we can easily source samples if anyone knows of a good factory. Many thanks all!! May your pedal strokes provide high wattage.....
  16. For those that missed it : http://www.thehubsa....rame-and-again/ I have had not one, not two but three frame failures on GT 29er bicycles in the last 18 months. After the last one Omnico is refusing to provide me with a replacement frame or refund me the R4000 I paid a year ago to upgrade from a cracked Karakoram to a Zaskar frame. Is there anything I can do other than make sure as many people possible know about this ? -------------------------------- EDIT : This story has a good end : https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/140906-omnico-and-my-3rd-gt-frame/page__st__48#entry2350479 Thank you Omnico
  17. Hi Hubbers! I know this might be a k@k question or there has already been a thread like this but...... Can you spray or powdercoat a carbon mtb frame?
  18. All PYGA OneTen29 owners, please help. I am inbetween a L and XL frame. It might help me with my choice if you can indicate your length, inseam, saddle height (anything) versus your frame size and how you find it. I am busy sourcing a frame as I want to build my own bike. A dream that most MTB'kers should have. If you have any component suggestions that you found as a must have on this bike, please share. Please also share anything that you found to be a total "no-no" on the bike.
  19. Hi there everyone! I'm looking for the Epic Elite 2014 Matt Black & White Frame (Large)..... Any idea where I can get one? I currently have the Epic Elite 2015 bike, even willing to swop for my frame....don't know if it is possible to get someone who will be willing to do this? Please help Attached picture I got from a different thread just to show the frame I'm looking for!!!
  20. I'm looking for someone who can do aluminium frame repair in Johannesburg - preferably around Northcliff. I had some bad luck and reversed into something with my bike on the back. The results are not nice to look at - see below pictures. The frame is bent as is the back wheel and disc brake. Bike is a large 2014 Scott Scale 960. Any recommended repairers? Thanks in advance
  21. Hi guys, So my frame recently got damaged and I'm hoping to get insurance to replace the frame. I am currently riding a Momsen SL729, which they don't make anymore. I therefore can basically choose any hardtail frame to replace it with...I would like your suggestions on some great frames? P.S. saw this, what you think? http://www.evobikes.co.za/framesets/flu-x-29er.html Thanks Quintin
  22. So I've been doing some digging on my own but figured I'd ask here too. Anybody have any experience with a chinese titanium frame? Read a bit on some other forums and seems to be a similar deal to the carbon stuff, but you can customise as you please... Prices seem to be in the region of $700 but that seems to be for a custom one- looking into a standard one- trying to get a price on the same geo as an on-one. So far I've found Waltly to be friendly and eager to help. Anyway, thoughts, suggestions and experiences welcome.
  23. I'm looking at replacing my 2014 Axis A80 frame with a new(boxed) 2004 KHS (soft tail) frame...YES or NO?
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