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Found 17 results

  1. Edit: taking a leaf out of Peter Sagan’s book of 100 riders each having their own story. 100 riders, 100 different stories. Here's my story of "lockdown", with some data leading into it. Having come off a club Tour to Durban, a few half marathons and the 947 Ride Joburg, I took a break that had some riding, but not much. I got back into it in mid January with the hope of planning for the Maluti D90 in April 2020. Some green spikey thing had other ideas plunging us into a lockdown never before seen in our lifetime. Rouvy and Zwift kept me busy when work (essential services) allowed me a break here or there. Then we had something called the 5Km radius and a curfew of 6-9), later extended to some hours I cant remember. Then the radius of "you shalt not go out of" was dropped and we returned to some normality, as a cyclist. In the meanwhile golfers were fuming that they couldn't play a round at their locale. Events popped up, and I did one for the entire 365 days of lockdown... the Winter Fast One. Really enjoyable, even though I was "spinning out" on some descents. Plans to return to racing came, and were gone (with the wind). By year end, I was about 600Km short of hitting what I thought was an impossible target when we went into lockdown. Thanks goodness for some Challenge called the Rapha 500, as it forced me to put in 3 big rides (140Km each) in 4 days (with Christmas day giving me a 30Km IDT ride). As I was travelling to the land of the Disa on the 28th, I had 60Km to do in 4 days, of which 2 would be spent driving from the highveld to the Overberg. 8pm on the night we slept over in Beaufort West, el Presidente told us all beaches were no-go areas... what did he think us Vaalies would react? Luckily I had the dikwiel, some awesome trails around Kleinmond and two weeks of sublime weather. 2021 carried on where 2020 left off, and was again disappointed when the 2021 Maluti D90 was also called off. Oh well, riding has been a joy over the last 365 days. My 2021 goal has been stepped up a touch... 220Km (minimum) every week, to the end of the year. So, what's your story... let's keep it going and have something to look back on in 1, 2, 5, 10 years from now.
  2. I remain surprised at the low frequency of events listed on Bikehub and believe more shouldbe done to attract event organizers to get involved. Looking at some other event pages the listings here seems too low. For such a popular website amongst us bikers this surely should receive more focus?
  3. a group of mates decided to have fun and cycle a 55km route from Richards bay to Umfolozi Bird Park on Friday night 6 Jan 2017. This is a motivation for you to dust off your mtb, stop waiting for stage races and get on, and go!!! hope you like it.
  4. You are invited to join the second Devil's Peak Ma55ive social ride with the Devil's Peak Ma55ive and thereafter a braai at Ian's house at 9 Forest Hills. We'll meet there at 6pm and go for an hour ride on Table Mountain and then have a quick braai and leave around 9pm. Bring own drinks and something to braai, some wood and cutlery. Looking forward to see you. Remember to invite a friend and also add them to this group! RSVP here https://www.facebook.com/groups/551147405094537/
  5. Hi dudes and dudettes! I thought it might be an interesting exercise to do a little hub study related to heart rates. It probably won’t be very scientific, but perhaps we can learn something about us hubbers, statistics and analysis (and yes, I know it’s Friday!) It would be great to get as many people’s data as possible to push up that sample size and make it better (or in special lingo - more statistically significant). All that is required is that you have a relatively good handle on your maximum heart rate (and please, don’t use any formula, because we’ll actually test at the end if a formula makes sense!) We need the following data and you have the following options to reply: reply to this thread, send me a dm, or complete this google sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G6picoJYkyTEgZkH72viLEx74aCuuYq5B6PBx_nH8Lc/edit?usp=sharing 1. name (hub name, real name, anonymous; it’s not important) 2. resting heart rate 3. maximum heart rate 4. age 5. star sign (fun factor to test whether there’s any correlation between star signs and max. hr) 6. sex (you have winky = male; you have a margaret = female; please no others 7. hub posts (another fun factor – we can test hypothesis whether higher posts equal higher max. hr Thanks everyone! I’ll bump from time to time to get more samples. And in the end we’ll try to answer Austin in terms of what it all means!
  6. ‪#‎Need‬ to test your ‪#‎strength‬??? Why no come and ‪#‎join‬ us on Mondays Public Holiday for a fun fill ‪#‎cycle‬ http://ssccapetown.co.za/event/kurts-extreme-training-ride/
  7. Hi All SSC will be having x2 group rides this Saturday. All welcome to join. Please visit our website for details: http://ssccapetown.co.za/events/
  8. Hi All. We starting from Virgin Active Constantia @ 6am. Please dont forget your lights!!! Please refer to our website for more details: http://ssccapetown.co.za/event/hill-climb/
  9. Hi All SSC will be training during winter as well. We doing a ride this weekend. Anyone is welcome to join. Please visit our website for details: http://ssccapetown.co.za/event/ssc-training-ride/
  10. hey ladies and gents If you are coming to St Ives this weekend have a look at the flyers and the mailshot for all your info!!! NB NB NB - DOWNHILLERS ... TAKE NOTE .... There will be NO late entries on SUNDAY! .... You either need to pre-enter online on roag.co.za before Wednesday, or you can late enter on SATURDAY at St Ives. This is so that the timing guys can do a proper seeding for the race. See you all there - its going to be an amazing event. KZN MTB St Ives Mailshot.pdf
  11. Hey guys, I know there aren't too many places left to do this, but where can one ride alone SAFE in and around Cape Town area?
  12. I am looking for some one to ride with. I live in the Durbanville area and ride at Contermanskloof and Hoogekraal. I ride for fun (not the climbs so much, more the downs). I often ride at Jonkershoek and other local trails (love trying new places). I mainly only ride over the weekends. I would say that I do more gravity/endure type riding, so lets see if we can get some people together, share what we ride, where ride and maybe meet up for a session or two. I should add that I am not the fastest out there, but I do like having fun no matter the pace and chasing some one faster is the best way to learn.
  13. Looking for partners to ride the 2014 94.7 on any Single Speed with me. Although it might seem crazy - I know that it can be done. I have set it as a personal challenge, though if the opportunity presents itself, it can be turned into a charity event. Anybody interested? I am aiming to ride my daily commuter road SS.
  14. Good day all, We run a charity group called Cancer Clowns. We ride for the sole purpose of showing people that odds can be beaten, and the cancer can also be beaten with the same attitude. Money that is collected go directly towards Cancer SA. We do not ask anything to ride for our group. we only ask that you ride in our shirt which is R364.80 incl vat. Please help us in getting more riders to join our group. Contact me if you want to join. thanks
  15. Previously know as the Namaqua MTB challenge - only better!!! Get ready to race and have some fun.Come see the Namakwaland flowers in full bloom. More details to follow.
  16. Hi All! I'm a fine art student at the University of Pretoria and also a cyclist! We are currently doing a project on silkscreen printmaking. I have chosen to use textiles as a medium. It is quite a lengthy and sometimes complicated process, but in the end the prints always look fabulous!I've done some designs on my computer that I can then print on any size white t-shirt or tank top and would like to know if people will be interested in buying silkscreen t-shirts. I thought this might be a nice way to make a few bucks to pay off my new bike .The nice thing about these shirts will be that there will only be a few made and the inks that are used are of very high quality. I have printed some t-shirts for myself and my boyfriend already which have came out great.Please have a look at the designs at let me know if you think that this is something you will be interested in buying or if this is a horrible failed attempt . Also if you like them, which designs do you prefer? I will be asking around R120 for ladies shirts and R150 for mens, which includes postage in South-Africa. I'm only doing black and white prints as color inks tend to get really expensive.
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