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  1. My father-in-law has recently purchased a holiday house in Pringle Bay, I can see myself spending a good few weekends there, any trails worth checking out in the area?
  2. So i discovered an issue with my thule euroway bikerack yesterday. My flippen stupid long cotic rocket (-1350mm wheelbase) is impossible to mount to it securely. It fits on the rack at the wheels when it’s stretched to its max, but the design flaw in the rack is the fixed points for the wheel straps, so where they end up and where they need to be to fix the wheels in place are worlds apart. A strap about 2x the length of the stock one should solve the issue i guess. The only way i could get it mounted was to invert the fork at the front to effectively shorten the wheelbase by enough to get the straps to reach…but even then I can only manage to get them to go one notch/click in by compressing the tyres. Has anyone else with longer geo trail/mtbs figured out how to mcgyver this? Its such a dumb issue, how they could not foresee this issue in the age of longer slacker bikes is beyond me. edit: i guess this is the solution: https://www.thule.com/en-za/bike-rack/towbar-bike-rack-accessories/thule-xxl-fatbike-wheel-straps-_-985000
  3. I'm looking for recommendations for a pair of super grippy and good quality shoes to be used for trail/enduro mountain biking in conjunction with flat pedals! Five Ten seem to be the gold standard, but sadly are no longer available in SA it seems. My budget is ideally R1500+-
  4. A couple of weeks ago I bought a pristine condition used large Silverback Slade Trail, but it really is miles too big for me. I've been looking for a used small trail hardtail build for a while now but haven't had much luck, and used small frames seem even more difficult to come by. The Slade I bought came with really nice components (for a new rider anyway) so I'm considering keeping the components and looking at just replacing the frame. I've looked at the following: Commencal Meta HT (a bit too pricey and no small size available on their site) Trek Roscoe (may consider this depending on how much I can get for my Slade frame) Momsen STR/STF (doesn't support the 140mm fork I have already) Rapide Tigre (no small size) Any suggestions as to what else I could look at in that category? I'm 1.66m and would like a bike I can throw around quite easily so I'd prefer not to upsize if I can avoid it. Many thanks!
  5. I heard that the bridge to enter hennops is flooded, can you still ride there?
  6. I'm transitioning more and more into the trail / enduro (if you could call anything Enduro in GP) side of riding, and as a result I'm looking at getting some new kit to offer me a bit more protection from flora and my weekly meetings the ground (I love me a good front-wheel washout!). I'm currently using: Old bib shortFitted lycra road/XC type shirtNormal casual cargo short over bib While this doesn't work too bad, there are a few annoyances with this setup. The cargo short gets soaked with sweat pretty quickly that doesn't want to evaporate and rides down continuously as I transition between sitting and standing. Also, the toight XC shirt looks a bit dof with the baggy short and is pretty flimsy (easily gets caught on branches / shrubbery and offers no protection). Now, I've been scouring online shops and bike shops, but can't justify spending R1200+ on a short and shirt that I wear once / twice a week (****, I can't justify it even if I wore it every bloody day), that is most likely going to get damaged / dirt stained pretty quickly. Any suggestions on cheap alternatives to "proper" mtb kit? I've got a few pairs of bibs that I'm happy to wear with a second layer of clothing on top, so don't need to really worry about shorts being padded. Open to suggestions / opinions. TL:DR How do you look like this: With a budget of this:
  7. Hey guys im racing an enduro race this weekend at Grootfontein bike park and im doing it on a Silverback stratos al 3 so basically 120mm front suspension and 115mm rear. I have jumped the bike over the famous road gap (9m gap) and its my first enduro race. Any tips to make my bike feel better racing it downhill? The max tires I can fit is a 2.2 if I remember correctly
  8. So I've been wondering if you could buy your dream SA built bike, but being realistic in terms of price.... Titan Racing Pyga Signal Momsen Silverback - Thanks for the suggestions Mecer - Thanks for the suggestions What would it be? Mine would be the PYGA Stage Max GX set. Which has a great all round setup, great 130mm for a good pop, it allows for relative "easy" climbs, great session down the trails and can also be used in some marathon events even. Would be really interested to hear what other hubbers think or WISH. Cheers
  9. The guys at Drecaso Guest Chalets are making a real effort to establish Bonnievale as a destination for mountain biking. We stayed there over the weekend and rode some amazing trails they have built. Here is a link to a Google Map of the Drecaso MTB Trail Network. The farm is described as follows, "Drecaso self-catering chalets and conference venue is the ideal destination for your family weekend getaway or business brainstorming. The farm began as a break-away for four Cape Town families, offering their children and businesses a taste of country living, close enough to be used on a regular basis. The abundance of fynbos and renosterveld, as well as the natural beauty of the farm, were deciding factors in choosing the location of Drecaso. You will experience unsurpassed views of the valley’s vineyards and orchards, with the Langeberg mountains on the horizon. The proximity to world class wine estates is, of course, an added bonus!" ...and now they have more than 30kms of mountain bike trails!
  10. Seeing as there are no Maxxis DHR II or Agressor tyres in 29er 2.3" in the country I'm looking for feedback on the following two tyres as a rear tyre on an enduro/trail bike! I'm also open to other recommendations! Most of my riding is done on dry hard pack, rock gardens, loose rocks and roots. Predominantly in Tokai as well as Hoogekraal, Contermanskloof, Jonkershoek etc. Grip is important but I still want the tyre to roll fast! I'm currently running a DHF upfront! I was looking at the Specialized Eliminator 29x2.3" with a grid trail casing and T7 rubber compound as well as the Schwalbe Hanz Dampf 29x2.35" in a super trail/super gravity casing and the addix soft rubber compound! Would love to hear your experiences and feedback with these tyres?
  11. I'm looking for either a Maxxis Minion DHR II or Aggressor for a 29" rim, it must be the 2.3" wide tyre in a Double Down (DD) casing, I have tried most of the shops I could think of in the Southern Suburbs/CBD in Cape Town. Please let me know of stores elsewhere which have a wide range of Maxxis trail/enduro tyres!
  12. Join The Practice Coaches for their next MTB Skills course on the 14th November. More info at: https://www.koedoeslaagte.com/ Looking forward to seeing you there
  13. I'm looking at getting a pair of the Crankbrothers Stamp 2 metal flat pedals for MTB. I'd love to get some feedback on them or recommendations of other brands in the R1000 region that are better suited/comparable!
  14. What are the opinions of using a Rook One or Scout on trails? https://rookcycles.com/
  15. We have worked really hard to raise funding and in turn to build a mountain bike trail in Hout Bay. The trail is just over the hill from Constantia Nek and is ideally placed for riders doing the green belts to get some technical riding in. We want people to try the trail out. If you like what you see and would like to see the trail develop, then you can buy a permit valid for 1 year from purchase at R60. The pin point is the entry to the trail. Please visit the Vlakkenberg MTB Trail for more information about access and permits. "Bicyclegear.co.za is proud to announce the establishment of the Vlakkenberg MTB Trail. The trail has been built on private land above the Constantia Nek Estate in Hout Bay. It features a 900m cross country loop that will eventually become a 2.5km course, that will run all the way down Constantia Nek. Please be aware that the trail is being developed all the time. We are open to feedback that we might add, change or correct to the trail. The Vlakkenberg mountain bike trail is named after the mountain on which it is built. Positioned on a beautiful piece of land, the trail has amazing views into Orangekloof. The lay of the land means the trail is technical and challenging through all its A-lines. For the less experienced we have created a B-lines, which means the trail can be enjoyed by all. The area is safe and far from the traffic which means families can park at Constantia Nek and ride to the trail, off-road. Powered by Private Client Holdings, Pedal Power Association and Bicyclegear.co.za, the vision of the trail is to increase riding skills through a maintained and safe cross country mountain bike trail. It is open and accessible to all riders, the only requirement is that you register and pay R60 to use the trail and ride with a trail number plate when using it. The permit is valid for one year from the date of purchase."
  16. This is a call from those of us that share trails. Whether they’re the ones we’ve both paid for in entrance fees, or just on our local off-road paths, both are applicable. My plea is for the re-introduction of calls from cyclists. Just a simple call of ‘behind’, ‘pass left’ or ‘pass right’ or whatever works in the moment. 9 out of 10 times we will hear brakes, gravel moving, or talking coming up from behind, but those of you that have run before will know that our minds are probably in a dark place, or far far away, or perhaps even enjoying it, but the point is if runners do not hear you coming, it just makes for all parties to get frustrated and inconvenienced. I have no problem steeping aside from a piece of single track if I know you’re coming steaming up behind me. I’m sure (I hope) no trail runners expect you to head off through the bushes and thorns to go around a runner occupying the path. If it’s a double-lane track then perhaps just a confirmation on which side you are just so that everyone is on the same page and the runner doesn’t catch a surprise and dart in front of the bike. Perhaps this is just an illustration of the rise in noobs in mtb riding (which is not a bad thing), in which case we really could do with the old guard dispensing with some education. With love – your friendly trail runner
  17. I've got an older TREK Fuel EX trail-ish bike which I absolutely love, but I cannot find any decent 26" tires for it anywhere. Does anyone know where in the Gauteng region I can find decent 26" tires (don't say crossmark plz). Specifically looking for front tires currently. Used to run Specialized Eskars (26 x 2.3) but I've torn a few of them to shreds now. Tubeless obviously. Any help much appreciated, thanks
  18. Hi all Just heard over the weekend and confirmed it this morning at the gate that the Jonkershoek permits are doubling up in price as of the 1st September 2015. One time entry: R50 Single annual: R500 Family annual: R700
  19. One. Yes, I only know if the one national park ... oh, hang on. Two. Yes, I only know of two national parks ... oh, hang on, is Table Mountain a national park? ... where I can ride my MTB without upsetting too many people. Just hours ago I made an innocent mistake of looking at US park MTB trails. Then I thought of my backyard trail: the service roads in the West Coast National Park. It doesn't quite compare, but it's better than nothing. So now, steaming mug of coffee in hand, I am left wondering where else I can go, ditch the hiking boots and where cleats instead. There must be other national parks with MTB-specific trails? I know Groot Winterhoek used to allow 4x4s (still?), but I cannot find any shed of evidence we can cycle there (now there's a great pity). Where else in (mostly) Cape-based national parks and Cape Nature facilities?
  20. Hey guys, On my new Hardtail Trail Bike I'm looking at which tyres to fit front and rear. I want a combo for most terrain, don;t have the luxury of changing tyres weekly. I will be riding trails with some hard pack, and also soft / wet dirt. I'm looking at: Front - Maxxis Minion DHF Rear - Maxxis Ardent/Forecaster/Minion DHF I'm reading that a lot of racers who use Minions, use them both front and rear, but I'm wondering if the Minion wouldn't be too harsh as a rear tyre? I don't really know, I have never had Minions. Any thoughts?
  21. Hi We would like to do a multi-day mountain bike ride in the Western Cape, but non-circular. So start point A and end up point B. Had a look at the capecycleroutes.co.za but does not really look like proper mountain bike riding (ideally would like some single track, jeep track, technical downhills etc). Any recommendations would be really appreciated? Thanks Jaco
  22. Hi All I am looking for some riding buddies. Getting tired of riding on my own now as the wife stopped riding a while back in favour of trail running. There is safety in numbers, not only from bergies but from a crash standpoint. Some Criteria: Fun (pfft what is fun! must be stravasshole, KOMs matter, everything is a race I got to win it ) Will suffer the ride uphill to get to the fun stuff, i.e. I don't race up the hill but still, enjoy the climb and may or may not scream while riding downhill Beer and or Coffee I mostly ride Conties and Hoogekraal. Used to ride Tokai when I still lived close by and before the farking fire... But keen to head back out there and to start exploring stellenbosh, paarl, etc area (weekends) I hit the trails on a Tuesday(afternoon), Thursday(afternoon), Saturday(mornings) and sometimes on a Sunday So if you are interested post here and I'll PM my number. Regards George
  23. Hi Guys, is it true the Cornubia has a bike trail? as anyone tried it?
  24. TokaiMTB Volunteer Build Day 3rd June 2017, 9am - 3pm Join us for the next Volunteer Build Day of 2017! This build day takes place on Saturday the 3rd June at 9am. We'll be working on DH3 again! Thanks to the last build day, as well as the efforts of the Trail Tarts, the 2nd Bergvliet & 1st Steenberg Scout groups and a couple other intrepid volunteers, we should be able to open the lower extension of DH3 after this build day! After this, there will need to be a bit more material put into the trail in order to secure long-term sustainability (clay, clay, clay) and to get final shaping done, but with the basic trail being open, this could be done bit by bit and we can get back to enjoying DH3 in all its (NEW! IMPROVED!) glory. Vasbyt is now open again, and seems to be getting rave reviews from those who have ridden it. There are still a few areas which need additional material (clay and stone to replace sand) but that can be dealt with in good time. If anyone has a spare wheelbarrow, please bring it along to the build day, we'll be moving some material! Bring your hats, a spade or metal rake, sunscreen and plenty of water. A snack/lunch may also be useful! So - as normal, there are limited slots available. Please RSVP as soon as possible by filling in the form at the link below. See you on Saturday! As usual, please try to be there a little before 9am so that we leave nobody behind. Register here: http://eepurl.com/cQyhy5 Regards The TokaiMTB team.
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