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  1. Haven’t seen a thread for the event, but this press release doesn’t bode well for an event struggling to recover from the effects of covid. The area is riddled with potholes, and some of the route is on provisional roads, so minimal chances of them being fixed by the cANCer-ridden Provincial Government.
  2. So with more and more of us moving to structured training plans either with power meters on the bike or on the IDT, or even just using HRM. I thought it might be good idea and of assistance to find out how many free training plans there are out there to use with Trainingpeaks (TP). I have have been using TP for the last year and find the integration of automatic upload/sync with the likes of garmin and as such the ease of following workouts and checking performance and PMC numbers etc to be pretty beneficial in my training and fitness. Yes there are many plans you can buy via the trainingpeaks website, but if you look hard enough you can find free ones Especially as I see more and more hubbers saying I have X number of weeks before an event, what plan can I do to get fit... or a semblance of fitness for that event. Perhaps a structured training plan will help better. It is said that your are 2X more likely to succeed if you follow a structured training plan and as hubbers prefer to spend more on their bikes than on the fitness/training side... perhaps some free plans might be of assistance with the basic Athlete training account on TP. (which is also free) So to get the proverbial training going, here some links to free training plans: Cycling http://home.trainingpeaks.com/products/trainingplans/affiliates/british-cycling/british-cycling-training-plans https://www.trainingpeaks.com/training-plans/cycling/tp-74350/road-stages-power-primer-new-power-meter-user-7-12-hours-per-week https://www.trainingpeaks.com/training-plans/cycling/tp-74712/tt-tri-stages-power-pacing-new-power-meter-user-4-9-hours-per-week https://www.trainingpeaks.com/affiliates/quarq-training-plans/?utm_source=FB_Post&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=FB_TrainingPeaks_Quarq_training_plan&utm_content=Quarq%20training%20plans%20in%20TrainingPeaks https://www.trainingpeaks.com/my-training-plans/rgtcycling Ebook needed for the stages plans https://support.stagescycling.com/en/support/solutions/articles/1000122756-ebook-trainingpeak-s-how-to-start-training-with-power- Triathlon http://home.trainingpeaks.com/products/trainingplans/affiliates/british-triathlon/british-triathlon-training-plans http://home.trainingpeaks.com/products/trainingplans/affiliates/usa-triathlon/usa-triathlon-training-plans https://home.trainingpeaks.com/products/trainingplans/plans/15-week-pool-sprint-triathlon-plan-for-1st-timers?DCI=22&DSC=42 Use Code to get for free https://home.trainingpeaks.com/purchase/TP-111567 Running https://www.trainingpeaks.com/training-plans/running/10km/tp-109701/beginner-10k-plan-with-structured-workouts Sufferfest (a whole host of various plans) https://thesufferfest.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/333757054935-The-Sufferfest-APEX-Training-Plans-Now-Available-on-TrainingPeaks https://www.trainingpeaks.com/the-sufferfest.HTML Swimming https://www.trainingpeaks.com/affiliates/2017-triathlon-week-swim-training-plans/ Anyone found any other free TP plans whether cycling, triathlon, running, crossfit etc?? 20% Discount code for TP, 20BritishTri2020 (Just change the year accordingly) https://thesufferfest.com/pages/training-plans
  3. Sharing is caring, please share youtube cycling related video links. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xci1GIwLNoo
  4. Hi Hubbers If you commute too and from work in the Stellenbosch or Somerset West areas and are interested in testing a new cycling sensor, please drop me an email Benoit.Capostagno@garmin.com. We have a prototype that we are currently testing, which is integrated into our test bikes (we will provide you with a bike for the testing) The ideal use case would be commuters, but anyone who regularly rides in the areas (our offices are in Techno Park) and is interested in testing a new cycling sensor, please feel free to respond too. Thank you. Ben
  5. Satellite Classic, presented by Everything.Insure, defending champions David Maree and Joanna van de Winkel will have their eyes on another win when the road race takes place at Hoërskool Bekker, Magaliesburg, on October 1. This year marks the 18th edition of the event, which was first hosted in 2003. Due to Covid-19 regulations, the race last took place in 2020. The event also consists of an MTB Relay (October 2). Now in its third year, it provides four hours of cross-country off-road fun and takes place on the former SA Schools Final trail. Maree's track background came to good use when he sprinted to victory in the 2020 race, to get the better of Flavio Venceslau and Jaco van Dyk. The Team DMS rider said it was a great feeling to be back at one of the country’s iconic races. "Having my big disappointment in 2018 and winning in 2019 makes it special. Winning the last event, I'd like to successfully defend the title." He added that having won a few races and getting to the end of his career soon, he would use another win as an opportunity to teach the younger riders. The 33-year-old felt that it was "quite a hard race" with a few climbs, but it always turned out to be one for the riders who put in the work. "Hekpoort will always be tough - it's the big one. "Once I make it over there in the front group, I know I have a chance with the tricky sprint finish." Maree, who lives in Fourways, felt that this event was great preparation for the end of the year. "It also has some great scenery, and the weather is always great." Van de Winkel captured her third straight Satellite Classic title at the last edition. The Sandton City Cycle Nation rider crossed the line half a minute ahead of Parys Edwards. Azulde Britz finished third. "I'm excited to be back on the start line of this Classic. The last time I raced it, I had just come back from a stint of racing in Europe and the UK, so I was in good form. "They say 'pain is temporary and memories are forever' and it's true for this race, which I've won a couple of times." She added that this year there would be other riders returning from overseas racing, which would make it more of a challenge for those who have remained local during the winter. "It's exciting that a few of the young women have been racing internationally and will come back strong for the end of the SA season. "It will be challenging competing against a strong field of women. Cherise [Williet] and I will have to work together and communicate well during the race to maximise our strength as a team." She added that they always went out with the goal of winning. "Cherise and I work well together. The hill comes quite early in this race so I'll be maximising on that, but I know she always has my back if it doesn't work out - as a natural sprinter who has won almost every Classic in SA before." The 40-year-old said that she would be very happy if they could win this race again. "I'm at the point in my career that a personal win doesn't mean the world to me anymore, but if I can help our team win, help others achieve, or inspire others, then I'm just as happy." Due to Van de Winkel being an endurance climber, she feels that a long and gradual hill such as Hekpoort suits her. "The race is not only suited to a climber though. The hill comes early while everyone is still fresh and there's a long stretch afterwards to catch back. "A few groups re-joined after the climb in the last race, and we'll be looking to work as a team to manage the breaks and maximise on the technical finish, if this happens." The Hillcrest local said she loved riding out in Magaliesburg and up Hekpoort. "It's a fun day out with a real challenge, beautiful scenery and comradeship!" This year's Satellite Classic is a seeding event for the Virgin Active Ride Joburg cycle race. Entries close September 18. Visit www.facebook.com/satelliteclassic to win a road or MTB entry. Enter at satelliteclassic.bike.
  6. Welcome to the official Anatomic Sportswear thread. What exactly does that mean? Well, let's just say it's just a more official way to line up our relationships with BikeHub members - most of whom I've gotten to know over the years via my personal profile (Andrew Steer). Much of the time it will still be me posting on here, but other members of our staff will also have access to the profile, so we can make the most of it and keep you up to date with our latest products, promos and competitions. As most of you know we're a Sportswear manufacturer, we've been making cycling clothing for over 30 years at our factory in Parys just off the Vaal river. We've also recently successfully branched off into many other sporting disciplines. Running, Triathlon, Action Sports, Corporate Tee's, Golf, Netball etc. Basically, if you need any custom made performance apparel, we're the guys to call. We've got 100's of South African sized patterns and wide range of imported and locally manufactured performance fabrics to cover pretty much any needs. We're also permanently evolving and enhancing to cover current trends and needs. We've also got reps/showrooms based all around the country (www.anatomic.co.za/showrooms/) with the aim of delivering the best service possible. By South Africans, for South Africans - we're very proudly South African company with a long invested history in the sport of cycling through our magazine Ride and our numerous events, Crater Cruise, Southern Skies and our partnership in the rapidly exploding Spur Highschool Mtb Series. We also have an online retail wing (www.weardirect.co.za) which we will be expanding on in the next few months with a nice new website and some exciting new line items. So please, follow this thread if you want to be kept in the loop with what is happening our side; Sales, new products, competitions, giveaways, event specific offerings, limited edition kits etc. I might even just ask for some design input from our followers - we want to push Anatomic to higher levels than ever before, we want to deliver a South African product on par with the world's best brands. Thanks for reading and welcome along on our journey.
  7. http://www.kremetartcycling.co.za
  8. Good Afternoon: Please note we are starting to experience an escalation in attacks on cyclists within the Langebaan area. 1) Monday 18 April 2022 at approx 10:15 a female cyclist was accosted by two males on a tarred cycle path off Oostewal Road (main entrance road) outside Seaview Park (commonly known as Hopland). The cyclist refused to hand over her bicycle and was assisted by another cyclist and a motorist. The perpatrators ran off and could not be located by local SAPS. 2) Male cyclist was accosted and assaulted on Langebaan entrance road near Engen One Stop, by a single assailant. The perpetrator made off with the bicycle, but was apprehended by SANPARKS rangers and a motorist who stopped to assist. The cyclist has been seriously injured. The perpetrator is in SAPS custody and a formal docket opened. The bicycle was recovered. We are currently experiencing an unsettling crime spike within Langebaan. I would like to caution all who visit our area to please keep your items safe, cycle within the West Coast National Park, the Langebaan Country Estate or make sure you are cycling in numbers. Many bicycles have been reported stolen, few have been recovered and the new attacks on cyclists is very concerning. We are trying to give it priority attention with our local law enforcement agencies and government as well as our Neighourhood Watch, Team Langebaan Neighourhood Watch. Kind Regards Jon Amira Cycleworx Langebaan
  9. Edit: taking a leaf out of Peter Sagan’s book of 100 riders each having their own story. 100 riders, 100 different stories. Here's my story of "lockdown", with some data leading into it. Having come off a club Tour to Durban, a few half marathons and the 947 Ride Joburg, I took a break that had some riding, but not much. I got back into it in mid January with the hope of planning for the Maluti D90 in April 2020. Some green spikey thing had other ideas plunging us into a lockdown never before seen in our lifetime. Rouvy and Zwift kept me busy when work (essential services) allowed me a break here or there. Then we had something called the 5Km radius and a curfew of 6-9), later extended to some hours I cant remember. Then the radius of "you shalt not go out of" was dropped and we returned to some normality, as a cyclist. In the meanwhile golfers were fuming that they couldn't play a round at their locale. Events popped up, and I did one for the entire 365 days of lockdown... the Winter Fast One. Really enjoyable, even though I was "spinning out" on some descents. Plans to return to racing came, and were gone (with the wind). By year end, I was about 600Km short of hitting what I thought was an impossible target when we went into lockdown. Thanks goodness for some Challenge called the Rapha 500, as it forced me to put in 3 big rides (140Km each) in 4 days (with Christmas day giving me a 30Km IDT ride). As I was travelling to the land of the Disa on the 28th, I had 60Km to do in 4 days, of which 2 would be spent driving from the highveld to the Overberg. 8pm on the night we slept over in Beaufort West, el Presidente told us all beaches were no-go areas... what did he think us Vaalies would react? Luckily I had the dikwiel, some awesome trails around Kleinmond and two weeks of sublime weather. 2021 carried on where 2020 left off, and was again disappointed when the 2021 Maluti D90 was also called off. Oh well, riding has been a joy over the last 365 days. My 2021 goal has been stepped up a touch... 220Km (minimum) every week, to the end of the year. So, what's your story... let's keep it going and have something to look back on in 1, 2, 5, 10 years from now.
  10. A number of hubbers have reported in the Covid threads that they, or their family members contracted the bug. I am sure many more cyclists have been exposed. Hopefully most did not suffer severe symptoms or get hospitalised and by now, many will have recovered. Getting fit and cycling again is the next step. This thread is document the experiences of hubbers, their families and friends when they resume cycling and training after recovering from Covid 19. Please keep other Covid discussions to other threads! I will discus my personal experiences in a following post.
  11. Price Drop for this coming september long weekend - Pay only R6500.00 for a group of 4. There is only one package available at this price - to book now, click here We arent really sure if this weekend escape from the city is for the foodie with a MTB problem, or the MTBer with an eating disorder. What we do know for sure though, is riding bikes makes you hungry, and food and wine go so well with MTBs, that it makes perfect sense to pair them. This awesome weekend of MTBing is a bargain at only R2600.00pp, and includes 2 nights accomodation, all meals, a full day of guided riding on saturday, crossing through private property normally off limits to the public, two cheese tastings, a number of wine tastings (if the goverment grows a brain), and a day pass to the Hemel and Aarde Trails on Sunday. all of this, and its not even 2 hours drive from the city, if you take it easy. for all the details, and to book your spot - click here Space is strictly limited to 8 riders for the weekend, and we already have two spots taken - so there are 6 spots still avaialble. Remember, if you pay by EFT, you get a free branded buff. ************We will have a selection of local botique wine for personal consumption available free of charge, at the accomodation, regardless of the regulations that may be in place at the time.... however, wine tasting at the vineyards may not be possible, as a result of the alcohol ban.
  12. "Bike Odyssey 2021", the toughest and biggest race in Greece and one of the hardest worldwide, will be held from June 20 to 27 June. Get ready for the most exciting cycling Odyssey in the mountains of Pindos. Stay tuned for many more! More info: https://www.bikeodyssey.gr/en/
  13. Hi all, I need a little bit of help here. I am new to cycling and have gone out for a total of 2 rides since I got my bike last week. Now on these rides (both about 20km) I can't pedal consistently for more than a few minutes before I need to free wheel to 'catch my breath'. The pain in my quads burns like **** which forces me to stop pedaling. From a cardio perspective, I am unfit, however when I look at my HR data from Garmin my AVG is about 100bpm, so clearly I could continue, but its just that burn that stops me. I have been for a bike fit so I am confident that it is all setup fine. Is it just a case of me needing to ride more and more to 'get through it' and it will become less, or is there potentially a problem here? It's just the HR data throwing me off, which is why I thought to get a few opinions here. TIA
  14. For the Bike Mad Dads… We can’t take you to the sport, so we’re bringing the sport to you! Join us at 12h00 on Father’s Day for a chat with Tour de France stage winner, Daryl Impey, and multiple award winning Chef and Cape Epic finisher, David Higgs on all things cycling, leadership and fatherhood! R200 per family– all proceeds go towards Rare Diseases South Africa. Date: Sunday 21 June 2020 Time: 12h00 Venue: Zoom Chatroom (Details to be sent upon booking) To Book: https://bit.ly/Heroes_4_Heroes #Heroes4Heroes #FathersDay #Lockdown
  15. Hi fellow hubbers Does anyone know where I can find some colorful cycling caps? Or if not would anyone be keen to import and split shipping/tax costs?
  16. https://9gag.com/gag/aO0OA6R
  17. Event Name: Around The Pot 100miler When: 18 July 2020 Where: Swellendam, Western Cape Category: MTB OVERVIEW & FACTS WHEN: Saturday 18 July 2020 FORMAT: Solo, Teams of 2, Teams of 3 and Teams of 4 ​​ ENTRY FEES FULL 200MILER/321KM COST: Solo - R900 Teams of 2 - R1700 Teams of 3 - R2550 Teams of 4 - R3400 FULL 100MILER/160KM COST: Solo - R700 Teams of 2 - R1300 Teams of 3 - R1950 Teams of 4 - R2600 60 MILER/98KM (SHORTCUT OVER THE FERRY) COST: Solo - R600 Teams of 2 - R1000 Teams of 3 - R1500 Teams of 4 - R2000 25 MILER/40KM (CHICKEN RUN) COST: Solo - R325 Teams of 2 - R550 Teams of 3 - R825 Teams of 4 - R1100 ​REGISTRATION FOR ALL 3 DISTANCES WILL BE IN THE AFTERNOON ON FRIDAY 17 JULY 2020 FROM 15:00 TO 21:00 OR ON SATURDAY MORNING BETWEEN 05h00 AND 06h30 ONLINE ENTRIES WILL CLOSE ON WEDNESDAY 15 JULY 2020 AT MIDNIGHT GOODIEBAGS ONLY FOR THE FIRST 500 ENTRIES THE RACE BRIEFING WILL BE AT THE START LINE 15min BEFORE THE RACE START. ALL FINISHERS WILL RECEIVE A RACE MEDAL AND A FINISH LINE HAMBURGER. AFTER RACE MASSAGES CAN BE PRE-BOOKED ON ENTRYNINJA @R100. ON THE DAY FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS @ R120 PRIZE-GIVING WILL BE AT 15:00 ON SATURDAY ​ WHERE All 4 races will start and finish at the Swellendam Showgrounds. GPS Coordinates: 34*1.683' S 20* 26.546 E Click on the 'Maps & Directions' icon above to see map and directions to Race Start ​ ON ROUTE & WATERPOINTS This route will mainly consist of fast flowing gravel/dirt roads through the rolling foothills of the Overberg. 200 Miler Riders (321km) will leave Swellendam at 00:00 (midnight) Friday evening and will reach Waterpoint 1 (50km) at about 02h00-03h00 200 MILERS 9x water points (of which 3 are official checkpoints) on route with water, energy drink and eats. (50km / 90km(CP1) / 127km / 170(CP2)km / 192km / 223km(CP3-ferry) / 257km/ 295km/308km) At Waterpoint 6 at Malagas (223km) you will enter a neutral zone for 45 minutes. Here you will be served with breakfast at Malagas and you'll experience real Overberg hospitallity. All other checkpoints will be included in your timing. At all checkpoint is where you will be able to meet your team support vehicle or support box. Teams without support vehicles will be able to collect their support boxes at the 3 checkpoints. Support boxes to be handed in by 21h00 on Friday. (3hours before start) Support boxes to be collected as from 18h00 Saturday afternoon Hamburger at the finish when you hand in your race number. Cut off time at the ferry (223km) 17h00 avg speed 13.2km/h Finish Line cut-off will be at 00h00 Saturday evening. (24hours) 100 Miler Riders (160km) will leave Swellendam at 7am and will reach Waterpoint 1 (35km) at about 08h00-9am 100 MILERS 6x water points on route with water, energy drink and eats.(35km/65km/100km/118km/130km/145km) At Waterpoint 3 at Malagas (100km) you will enter a neutral zone for 45 minutes. Here you will be served with lunch at Malagas and you'll experience real Overberg hospitallity. This is where you will meet your team support vehicle. Teams without support vehicles will be able to collect their support boxes at the water table. Support boxes to be handed in by 6:30am on raceday. Collect boxes from 3pm after the race. Hamburger at the finish when you hand in your race number. Ferry cut off time at 100km 1:30pm avg speed 15.4km/h Finish Line cut-off will be at 6pm (11hours) 60Miler Riders (97km) will leave Swellendam at 7:30am and will reach Waterpoint 1 (35km) at about 9am 60 MILER 4x waterpoints (35km/48km/75km/85km) will be stocked with good fluid supplies and some scrumptious snacks. At Waterpoint 2 at Malagas (48km) you will enter a neutral zone for 45 minutes. Here you will be served with lunch and you'll experience real Overberg hospitallity. Unfortunately NO support boxes or Support vehicles for 60 MILER Riders. Hamburger at the finish when you hand in your race number. No support boxes allowed 25Miler Riders (40km) will leave Swellendam at 08:00 and will reach Waterpoint 1 (28km) at about 09h00 25 MILER 1x waterpoint on route (28km) will be stocked with good fluid supplies and some scrumptious snacks. Hamburger at the finish when you hand in your race number. Unfortunately NO support boxes or Support vehicles for 25 MILER Riders. You will have 45 minutes to eat and cross the river. Any minutes more than 45 spent in the Malagas Neutral zone will be added to your race time. Kiddies area at the finish line! 200 Miler, 100 Miler and 60 Miler routes is Cyclo Cross/Gravel Bike Friendly. Please note this is an outdoor MTB gravel-road race. Please come prepared for all weather conditions. It can be nice and sunny, but also rainy and muddy. SUPPORTER INFO There will be a Support point for the at Malagas on the Western side of the Breede river just before you cross the FERRY. This will be a Neutral zone for Riders to enter for no longer than 45 minutes. Any minutes more than 45 spent in the Malagas Neutral zone will be added to your race time. Go to Event Page
  18. Hi all. I'm new to the group. I'm currently cycle touring around South Africa and hoping that maybe someone has done a similar ride. I'm looking for a route from Johannesburg to Durban and plan to cycle it over a few days, I have found a few and have made some but not sure what they will be like and if the areas they go through are safe or not, it needs to be an alternative to the N3 as its very dangerous and I think its illegal to ride on highways here. I don't mind any distance, dirt roads, hills etc, if they include camping spots along the way then thats awesome to or I will find places to camp. I will be riding with a loaded bike and will have all my camping gear with me. Thanks for any advice, it will be highly appreciated.
  19. The Schitz beer vintage cycling jerseys caught my eye while looking for design ideas online. I created a brand new vector design of it. If I want one, I would need to order at least ten to keep costs down, obviously the more I order the more the costs will come down. Looking at +/- R1300 per shirt for Anatomic Performance Cut, 5mm zip and no Anatomic logo on outside. Would like one for myself and get the ball rolling in the new year if there is any interest, so pm me if you are keen and I will get back to you if I see there is interest in it.
  20. Good day all, I am Ryan Lenferna a B-Tech Industrial Design student at CPUT busy working on an exciting project relating to cycling and commuting in CAPE TOWN! My project revolves around: How can product design help manage the exposure to air pollution while commuting by bicycle in Cape Town? I would greatly appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes to fill in my survey below, thank you. Also any additional input is always welcome, Cheers, Ryan https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R6WLQLB
  21. The 17th edition of the ever popular Bloem 24 Hour Mountain Bike event will once again take place in 2019. The Bloem 24 Hour MTB event will in 2019 be powered by Diesel Electric together with KYB Shock absorbers & NGK sparkplugs. The event will once again take place at VCSV Retief Camp grounds just outside Bloemfontein, next to Maselspoort on 30 Nov 2019. As one of the most popular mountain bike events on the calendar, riders can look forward to a fun filled year end challenge. The Race village will be taking on a brand new look with support zone and braai area moving to a new spot. With the Start/Finish “stoep” still the main feature on the race village area. With a brand new side by side bridge system planned to get riders in and out of the 7km lap, it’s going to provide an even more spectator friendly environment. The 2019 event will see Solo and Team categories compete for the title of the top dog after 24 Hours of riding. With a lap of 7km and an average accent of 80m per lap it could turn into an interesting race.http://www.24hourmtb.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/24-1-300x200.jpg In 2018 we saw a new solo male and female record set at the event. Daniel Stroebel claiming the Solo win with a total of 392 km (56 Laps) and Bianca Cooper finishing a fantastic 5th overall on 315km (45laps). With Diesel Electric, KYB Shock absorbers & NGK sparkplugs coming on board as the main sponsors to the event, we can all expect some fantastic changes and improvements to the event.http://www.24hourmtb.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/24-2-300x224.jpg The teams will be competing in any of the following categories, Open Team / Mixed team (2 Female, 3 Male) / Schools Team (allowed 1 extra rider). 24 Hour Coffee, Food and all kinds of snacks will be available at the race village, and lucky draw prizes will be going out every hour of the event to those who are on course. Entries available: http://www.onlineentry.co.za/event/24h19 http://www.24hourmtb.co.za https://www.diesel-electric.co.za/bloemfontein-diesel-electric-fs-pty-ltd/
  22. Hi All, Please note the following bike was STOLEN from our shop (Bicycle Line) last week Wednesday 7th of August 2019. Titan Valerium PRO 54cm with flat pedals. The bike is brand new. The guy paid with a fake proof of payment. He bought it under the name Emmanual Sekhula (possibly fake name) If you see this bike anywhere please let us know. Please call/WhatsApp us asap if you see anything. 083 288 4746
  23. The Paarl Adventure Trail Network is a joint initiative between Hero Adventure Trails, Drakenstein Municipality and Land Owners to create a network of quality mountain bike , trail running and hiking trails . The city of Drakenstein and Paarl in particular is not only one of the most visited destinations in the Western Cape but one of the most beautiful .The custom-built trails traverse through a variety of terrain and boasts some spectacular features and views around and on Paarl Mountain. Take a journey of discovery and stop over at the many points of interest along the trail. Restaurants, wine, olive, cheese, guest houses, museums and various other artisans make up just some of the features along the trail. This Trail was designed to showcase the amazing features, venues and activities around the Paarl Mountain, most of the trail is wide single-track with a few climbs and intermediate technical sections. TRAILS: Base Trail (58km Orange Trail ): A journey around Paarl Mountain. Take your time and enjoy the traverse around Paarl Mountain, there are many points of interest and stop over points along the way. Various venues where you can stop to enjoy activities. You can also plan your trip and only use sections of the trail (Point to Point use). Many of these venues, artisans and farms rely on your support so please stop enjoy what they have to offer and don’t forget to thank these amazing folks. Reserve Trail ( 20km Purple Trail): Enjoy the picturesque landscape of fynbos vegetation dominated by massive rounded granite rock formations set among wild olives, rock candle-woods and wagon trees. There are a host of other activities to do in the reserve that include Picnics , Fishing and tours. Please note that this area is an environmentally sensitive area, do not deviate of the trails, remove or damage and fauna or flora. The trail is mostly sand road , but includes a couple of long climbs and steep descents . There are also links to the Hero Adventure Trails at Rhebokskloof and Spice Route as well as the Paarl Adventure Base trail. please note that on this route you share the road with vehicles , so keep left and be cautious. Link Trails ( Grey Trails ): There are 2 link trails between Hero - Rhebokskloof and Hero- Spice Route that both go up and over the Paarl Mountain reserve . Rhebokskloof - Spice Route Link Trail : 40km Spice Route - Rhebokskloof Link Trail : 25km Both trails have a few big climbs but the rewards are amazing . Hero Adventure trail Park Links: as part of the network we have included all the trail options at both Hero Adventure Trail Parks . opening up a variety of over 40 different trails to select 1 day pass gives you access to over 200km of trails , great venues and endless adventure Access to the trails is strictly through purchasing a day pass , no pass no use . Registration points include : Rhebokskloof wine estate Spice Route Destination Paarl Tourism Office Ridgeback Wine Estate Picardie farm http://www.paarladventuretrails.co.za
  24. Spice Route Destination and Fairview Estate is one of the most visited attractions in the Winelands area . located lease than 30 min from Durbanville and 40 min from Strand and the City Bowl , it is the ideal venue to take the family or mates for a awesome day out. Spice Route has no less than 5 restaurants , a host of different artisans that include craft beer , gin , chocolate , cheese and 2 new kids play areas that include pump tracks . Developing a Hero Adventure Trail park was a no brainer and together with the land owners we have spent the better part of 18 months developing a network of trails to suit everyone . The Western Cape is blessed with many trails and trail parks .The variety and quality is probably right up there with the best in the world . But when designing and planning the trails at Spice Route our key focus was developing trails for the families and weekend warriors . With Hero - Rhebokskloof , Paarl Adventure Trails and Wild boar trails , the area is packed with great trails for the intermediate -experienced cyclist/runner . We felt there was a gap for trails for the less experienced , juniors and fun trails for tourists . Spice Route and Fairview is a venue where people visit to enjoy the views , wine , food and just have a great time . We have taken that foundation of fun and tried to put it into the trails we have developed . We wanted to develop trails that are not difficult , packed with features and provide a place where newbies - intermediate cyclists/runners can enjoy lots of fun single-track . The majority of trails on offer have very little elevation ,giving weekend warriors ,families and tourists the opportunity to get in some proper distance and experience all the great features on the farm . We have however added in a number of pockets where the more adventrous and experienced get their moneys worth . The 1st few months were not much fun . having to deal with difficult terrain and finding a happy medium between having set trails on a working farm . but as we move into the coming season we are really excited at how the park is developing . TRAILS: * 2 kids areas with obstacles and pump tracks * 3km Yellow Trail : A fun short trail through the vineyards close to the main buildings * 5km Pink Trail : A fun but pretty challenging trail that traverses down to the lower part of the farm and back up. it includes a 2km flow trail and forest , so packed with fun * 10km Green Trail : This Trail in our opinion is perfect for weekend warriors just getting started , families and tourists looking for a fun easy adventure . lots of single-tack , vineyards , olives and and .. * 20km Blue Trail : The popular trail for mates, tourists and families that want some proper distance but not technical . the blue showcases many different parts of the farm and terrain , packed with features and a great experience *35km Red Trail : The Red Trail was built for a great day out for the intermediate cyclist/runner .With all the fun and adventure of the blue but topped off with a few challenges and technical sections to get the adrenalin going . The Red trail also includes sections of the new XCO Trail we developed for provincial xco champs at Diamant Estate next door * XCO Trail : We have a dedicated 5km xco trail on the property next Door ( Diamant Estate ) where you get to experience some proper xco love , also included on the red trail * Link trails : There are also 2 link trails that go up Paarl Mountain and to Hero Adventure - Rhebokskloof . Hero Adventure - Spice Route also forms part of the Paarl Adventure Trail Network and has direct access to over 200km of other trails within the project VENUE: Spice Route is a great venue to enjoy a fun day out after your ride , run or walk . grab a shower at the venue and spend the day with family and friends enjoying all the artisans and experiences . for more info visit : http://www.hero-adventure.co.za
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