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Found 10 results

  1. We bought our gardener a Raleigh Nexus 2.0 29" bicycle. The frame is nice but the shifters and V brakes are not good. He took it to a local repair shop and they buggered it up by replacing the rear shaft bolt (so now the warranty is voice) and the hub cone is missing so the whole rear wheel wobbles. I've cycled a lot but know very little about the parts so I'm struggling to find a replacement online that I can buy to fix this. I'll add images here to show the issue. If someone can help me find the right replacement or suggest alternative fix that would be appreciated. He's a young guy from Malawi and he takes great pride in his bicycle which he rides to work every day, so I really want to help him. I'm also going to start looking for 2nd hand shifters and disc brakes that I can use to improve the bike for him. VID_20240217_160011.mp4 VID_20240217_160028.mp4
  2. Hi Where can I find a replacement and are there alternatives or must I purchase a specific dropout for the bicycle ? I'm in cape town
  3. Hi My dad phoned me yesterday to tell me he found a chopper in someones garage, without even seeing it i bought it This is what she looks like. http://2share.co.za/Files/10624752_10152919201738564_7700790686576970492_n.jpg http://2share.co.za/Files/559577_10152919202143564_8461191789988089246_n.jpg http://2share.co.za/Files/10431574_10152919202303564_2897692256233641370_n.jpg http://2share.co.za/Files/150716_10152919202478564_2889572755948198288_n.jpg after a "quick" wash http://2share.co.za/Files/10402761_10152919202653564_1494609282932992165_n.jpg and this is what she will look like soon. Also the original colour http://2share.co.za/Files/your_n85.jpg There is quite a bit of work that is needed to get her restored. Bottom bracket is completely stuffed Gear lever doesn't move Seat needs repaired Paint needs removed from frame Frame needs resprayed Stickers Printed Loads of chrome work will post photos/status as i go along
  4. Hi all, I recently received a Raleigh El Dorado Platinum Series MTB. Any idea what the exact model is? Thanks
  5. Good day, When I first started road cycling a while back I got a second hand bike from a mate's dad. Now that I am all consumed and obsessed (as I usually get) I want to know every single thing I can about my bike in order to also improve on it's foundations. I have quite a lot of information about every part except the frame (Or some of the frame) and the handlebar. If anyone can help or even better provide documents with details that I can use. Also just to point out I am building an excel sheet for the details to help me in my build restomod process. Attached is the bike, a Raleigh 7000 (RC?) from between 2006-2007 I think. Thank you!
  6. Good day All, I'm very new to this and I've wanted a mountain bike for a while now. I've read trough a few posts and noticed that almost everyone hates on Raleigh and Makro. That said I'm looking into buying a mountain bike preferably a 29" as I'm 1.86m tall. I found this at Makro yesterday and Its on special for R3000 https://www.makro.co.za/sports-and-outdoor/raleigh-29-vapor-frs-mountain-bike-black/yellow-297608EA I know most of you don't like Makro because the people who build the bikes know nothing about them but if I can give it a good run trough and rebuild and check everything would this kind of bike be good for a beginner like me? I have a budget of about R3500 if you maybe have a better idea. I'm in the Sunninghill area.
  7. Hey bikehub peeps I'm considering an upgrade, and wanted to pick y'all brains on what would be a fair price if I decided to sell my current bike. Raleigh Team full Carbon frame (2009 If I'm not mistaken?) with Dedaccia Carbon fork. Carbon Seat Post Shimano R500 Wheels Shimano 105 10 Speed Groupset. Size 54cm. CT based. It has a few minor scratches on it and needs a good clean, but otherwise looks good and works 100%. Seat & Bar wraps are starting to show wear. I've loved it despite the fact that its actually too small for me. I'm considering an upgrade to the correct size. This is the closest to a comparison that I can find online (although the components are a bit different, the frame is the same) https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/23481-raleigh-team-full-carbon-bargain/ Any input re:price would be appreciated!
  8. Hey guys, I was visiting my grandparents over the weekend and after chatting to my gran about my Mongoose MTB I was building, she decided it's time to hand her childhood bicycle down to me to give some much needed love to. It's a Raleigh bomber (not sure what year model it is yet), mostly surface rust and alot of dirt but the bike is solid! Back then there were no "Girl bikes" and my gran is a short lady, they decided to manually convert the bike to a ladies bike by cutting, inverting and re-welding the top tube back on. The original mount is still there with the marks the grinder left and the bar has it's (now upside down) "bomber" logo on it. The welds were left untreated and has some significant surface rust. Bike is mostly chrome, I suspect the handle bars aren't original as the interweb pics don't show a center stiffening bar like the bmx's have and mine does have. So I've opened up the crank, the front and rear hub, scrubber the bearings, re-greased and refitted the lot, she actually freewheels now and rides quite nice. So I'm wondering, full restore (including fitting the top tube back to it's original position) or partial restore which entails a wire brush, rust killer and maybe a clear coat to keep that patina old school look, this way the bike keeps it's story. The components I will strip down, refinish and replace where necessary but I'll keep the old look? So I need help (as usual): 1. Where do I get old school parts (brakes, handle bar, seats, rims, hubs etc) 2. What clear-coat can I get (rather cheaply) that will stick to the metal as is? 3. Where can I find old school (preferably slick white-walled tyres)? 4. Where can I get new (but old looking) decals? I'll pop some pics up for you guys.
  9. Hi All, So I'm considering getting a beginner mountain bike with a max budget of around 4k I have done some research and came up with 3 options: 1. Silverback Stride 10: Is this bike still available and relevant as a beginner bike in 2016-2017? I can't seem to find anywhere online stocking it, and most 2nd hand deals are medium frame (I'm XL) I'm guessing the price is 4-4.5k? 2. Titan Nova 26: I can't find any information on whether or not this is a good bike, it's definitely the best looking Retails for R4.5k 3. Raleigh Nomad 10 (second hand): My colleague has offered to let his 2011 Raleigh Nomad 10 go for R3k, is this a good deal? It is also a medium frame and I need a XL Which would you rather take and why? I am leaning toward the Titan Nova 26 I basically want a bike that I can take out cycling on the road (if I want to), however would also like something that is capable of entering a comp if I really wanted to? I'm looking for versatility Can anyone advise on what sort of gear I would need to look at too? Nick
  10. Please help! i am looking to buy a used Raleigh RC6000 Triathlon - Well looked after and maintained, however, could anyone hazard a guess as to a fair price on the bike (as detailed in the link below) thanks https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/16179-raleigh-rc6000-triathlon/
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