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Found 11 results

  1. We bought our gardener a Raleigh Nexus 2.0 29" bicycle. The frame is nice but the shifters and V brakes are not good. He took it to a local repair shop and they buggered it up by replacing the rear shaft bolt (so now the warranty is voice) and the hub cone is missing so the whole rear wheel wobbles. I've cycled a lot but know very little about the parts so I'm struggling to find a replacement online that I can buy to fix this. I'll add images here to show the issue. If someone can help me find the right replacement or suggest alternative fix that would be appreciated. He's a young guy from Malawi and he takes great pride in his bicycle which he rides to work every day, so I really want to help him. I'm also going to start looking for 2nd hand shifters and disc brakes that I can use to improve the bike for him. VID_20240217_160011.mp4 VID_20240217_160028.mp4
  2. Hi everyone, I have a problem. i have started to ride more and more aggressively (came from XC) and now I bought myself a new bike, a 2018 Merida team big nine hardtail, it is an amazing bike and the frame weighs just 900g but I NEED a dropper post, I bought one now assuming it would work but apparently this model cannot use a dropper post, so now I sit with a dilemma I have a amazing bike but the frame isn’t working for me. I was wondering if anyone has or knows anyone who has a Hardtail 29 frame medium or large that is INTERNAL DROPPER POST READY (30.9 or bigger) who is willing to trade for my frame, even something less high of a spec. It’s a medium 29 inch frame! Let me know! Ps if anyone has a way of making it work on my frame it would be Appreciated.
  3. I have been wondering for a while now why it seems hardtails are so unpopular in SA. I mean you hardly see a hard tail anywhere outside of a high school bike shed these days. Seemingly a full sus trail bike has become the entry point to being able to ride even a mild Jeep track. Now sure, I’m exaggerating a bit above, but it would seem locally that hardtails are not really selling anymore. I was in the specialized shop in Stellenbosch over the weekend to see some of the new bikes, and I was surprised not to see any decent hardtails. They only had the really entry level rock hopper hardtails. When I asked a young sales guy if they didn’t have any more serious hardtails in stock, he sheepishly showed me a top of the line S-Works Epic, that was retailing at R140k. Nothing else. When I asked him where all the bikes in between are, he said they don’t carry hardtails anymore, because no one buys them. This is in stark contrast to what we see in the overseas forums, and especially on channels like GMBN, where they seem to absolutely love hardtails, especially for longer rides across the countryside, or just some fun on a trail park. Now I know full sus is awesome, especially on multi day stage races, and especially with lots of long corrugated gravel or very bumpy track....... but for blasting on some flows single track, nothing on earth beats a hardtail. The XCO guys on the international scene also seem to chop and change between there full sus and hardtails depending on the terrain. So why on earth are hardtails basically dead here. Specially in a place like Stellenbosch, that is blessed with loads of amazing trail riding? If I was on a tight budget, I would far rather buy the best hardtails I could, rather than an entry level full sus. I mean bikes of R25 to 30k are being sold with sun tour and x-fusion suspensions, and SLX if you lucky. In these price range I much rather buy something with a REBA fork and full XT groupset....... If I was told I had to choose one bike now, and I could never have another, it would definately be something with pretty slack geometry, 130 mil travel up front, and nice wide 27,5 tires, and a hardtails. I do how ever hope the day never comes where one needs to be married to one type of bike for life......
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a 23 year old University graduate looking to purchase a new bike. I rode quite a lot a while ago, but University got in the way (and my bike was stolen..) I would like to ride on trails, so I think dual suspension is important. I have done some research on bikes, and have compiled a spreadsheet of options here. If you could please take a look and offer some advice that would be greatly appreciated! I have added a column for comments to be made if that's easier for you.
  5. hey guys. finally managed to get my head around the idea of planting R40-50k on my dream ride. i spend most of my time climbing hills and then flying down the single track; do the odd multi-day stage race (Cape Pioneer in 17-days yeah) and have ambitions to ride the Freedom Challenge 2015/16. not worried about the podium but very much so about having a good time! the question is: which is the one bike to rule them all? currently my heart is set on a pyga oneten29 with full xt & some premium bits to keep the weight down. since there's no stock at the moment i have the luxury to continue to play around the myriad of possible choices. i'm 1.88m in my socks and crunch the scale at 95kgs. please let me hear your opinions thanks! mok
  6. Hey Guys, Just a quick one, I have had a look through the forums and cant find much on the topic. I need to know what the difference would be between a 27.5 inch wheel and 29 inch wheel for my size, which is 1.93m. I just need to know if I should strictly stay to a 29er due to my height, or if a 27.5 will do just as well for my size? If you have a link to article which answers my question, please let me have it. *I am NOT asking for the pro's and con's between the two, or which one does what, as that has been discussed at length in previous threads and I'm not gonna be responsible for creating an argument
  7. Looking to buy a 29er carbon hardtail. Budget is ±R35k. Would like to stick with Shimano shifters. Current options are... A) Scott Scale 920 @ R35,999 B) Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29 @ R32,999 C) ? Recommendations/pros/cons? Frame issues? Difficulty to get a warrany replacement? Please keep in mind the budget is around R35k. Please also state why you recommend it over A and B. Price? Better carbon? Better groupset? Lighter? Cheaper? Warranty? etc.
  8. I am looking into buying a 29" Dual Suspension Carbon frame. After a lot of reading I am looking into these 4 frames: Booth Edge Design Black Spade Trigon Does any body have any experience with these frames? Which one would you recommend? Are there any other frames out there that might be a better choice? Any assistance will be much appreciated!
  9. Hi... I have a Bontrager RXL 29" rear wheelset, and I am looking for a replacement freehub. The only markings I can see on the freehub is "2010 I.F". How do I determine the exact model of freehub to get, and where would I be able to buy it? The bike is a 2011(I think) Trek Superfly 100 FS 29" Carbon. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. DC
  10. Don't message me - I'm just re-posting a Gumtree ad I saw There's an ad on Gumtree - looking for owner of a bike. Suspected stolen - guy asking whose it is bike it is. (don't go nail the guy - he's looking for the owner) If you know the owner, send him the link. http://www.gumtree.co.za/a-sports-bicycles-fitness/tableview/notice-do-you-know-of-anyone-that-has-had-a-scott-spark-elite-recently-stolen-from-them/1001148761730910017407209 The ad reads as follows: On Friday I bought a bicycle for my son from a guy near the Seven Eleven, Sandown Rd, he approached me asking if I am Interested. It turns out that I am looking for a Bike for my son to commute to school with. After a very sad story of his father passing away last week and him and his mother needing cash, I told him my budget was lower for my son bike. After I did my shopping he approached me again on my way home accepting my offer. When I showed my son the bike he almost fell off his chair. We did some internet research to find the bike value to be much higher raising my suspicion. I took down details from the guy but it seems dodgy, the phone number is message mode, and the address I will try again.
  11. Hi guys. I am posed with a bit of a problem. I am looking at buying a entry level MTB. The plan is to ride once during the week and then over the weekends. Then doing at least one fun ride (about 10km) every 2 months. I am about 1.7 tall. (Read short). I have been looking at the Axis A60 (26'') hydraulic disc brakes or the Trek Marlin (29'') with mechanical disc brakes. The issue now is... do i go for a 26'' with better specs or for a 29'' and maybe look to upgrade components later. Alternatively the secondhand market is a entirely different prospect, but it does come down to the same question 29'' / 650b small frame (not too common for a good price) or a 26'' with reasonable specs (because everyone seems to be selling them to upgrade to 29'')? Please help?
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