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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, Anyone on the hub experiment with their own 3D printing? Its an exciting industry that i'm only recently dabbling in but the potential for truly custom parts is really cool. Anyone made their own quadlock/garmin mounts, tri-bars etc etc. Keen to see whats out there
  2. Hi Hubbers If you commute too and from work in the Stellenbosch or Somerset West areas and are interested in testing a new cycling sensor, please drop me an email Benoit.Capostagno@garmin.com. We have a prototype that we are currently testing, which is integrated into our test bikes (we will provide you with a bike for the testing) The ideal use case would be commuters, but anyone who regularly rides in the areas (our offices are in Techno Park) and is interested in testing a new cycling sensor, please feel free to respond too. Thank you. Ben
  3. Greeting, I need knowledge in regards if the following components will be compatible with my Giant Stance 2 27.5 2015. https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/za/en/shimano-slx-m7000-1x11-drivetrain-groupset/rp-prod148625 The link above is the groupset I am looking at. My bike has an FSA bottom bracket bb-cfm92 24mm Alivio derailleur 3x9. So the question is will my current bottom bracket be compatible or do I need to get the following bottom bracket that the link states are compatible; BB-MT800/BB-MT800-PA? Thank you in advance.
  4. What are the options for getting trained as a bicycle mechanic in South Africa? General (MTB focused), and with specifics like wheel building, suspension, etc? Any feedback about specific options would also be appreciated.
  5. Any expert wheel builders out there that have an opinion on whether an asymmetric rim will work on the rear of a Scalpel Si? I am mainly wondering if the spoke tension will be symmetric on both sides of the rear wheel. I've had various mixed answers from bike shops. Some say it depends very much on the hub and flange distance, which I am having trouble understanding.
  6. while killing time at the orifice today I wandered across this inidegogo campaign. Its aimed at kids and pets but I thought it would be great to use with the things we love the most. Tracking down our bikes. It reads to be a pretty badass GPS tracker that you could hide somewhere on your bike and then if stolen locate your bike on the app. The cell subscription seems pretty reasonable $89 (+ $10 for international coverage) - and if one bulk buys 10 then this comes down to $78. This include a year of data coverage subs - then i think its $46 a year every year after that... Oh battery like is 3 months. What do you guys think? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ping-the-world-s-smallest-global-gps-locator-bluetooth#/ I see it has an accelerometer built in so it could be updated to have crash detection built in..
  7. As always when I first hear of consumer wearable technology I automatically think "gimmick" but after reading the article and realising the calibre of the developers and company behind this product we actually might have a game changer in front of us. VIDEO: Everysight - a revolutionary new consumer wearable technology company – announces its official launch today (November 2015). Everysight is spun out of Elbit Systems – the largest defense technology company in Israel and market leader in advanced fighter jet and rotary wing helmet mounted display systems – and backed by external investors. The Everysight team brings decades of cutting edge experience in augmented reality and vision display systems to the consumer wearable market. Driven by a passion for cycling, the company chose to focus first on smartglasses for cyclists and, in 2016, will launch its first product: Raptor by Everysight. Raptor smartglasses pack uniquely unobtrusive display technology and powerful functions into a deceptively sleek design. The team spent several years working with professional cyclists to design and optimize Raptor, which looks and feels like traditional sports eyewear, but with hidden technology that helps athletes get the most out of their activity. Raptor will also be equipped with Everysight Beam technology, which sets it apart and makes it a superior and first-of-its-kind product. Similar to what pilots have been using for decades, Everysight Beam is a unique see-through display technology that crisply overlays information directly in the wearer's line of sight. With Everysight Beam, the lens itself serves as the augmented display, eliminating offset displays found on other smartglasses. Everysight Beam avoids peripheral distractions, reduces eyestrain and eliminates opaque display elements that can obscure the view. In addition to superior optics, smartglasses with Everysight Beam are stylish, lighter and more comfortable. “We have more than 30 years of experience and dominate the market in vision systems and augmented reality, integrating real-time data in pilots’ helmets to optimize performance and keep pilots safe and focused on what matters,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO of Everysight. “Now we’re bringing this experience to the consumer market with smartglasses that will revolutionize how athletes see and experience information. Raptor is the first step in our greater plan to create a full line of smartglasses.” Raptor by Everysight will launch in 2016, with an open program for the developer community and full product details announced at that time. In the meantime, to learn more about Everysight and be among the first to receive updates on product news and announcements, please sign up for more info at www.everysight.com. SOURCE: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20151117005584/en
  8. Hey guys so i spent a bit of time and worked out a few bits with a formula and here is the result. its basically an idea of how far you would travel on one full rotation of your cranks using different gear setups and how to find that sweet spot between the 3 diff tyre sizes if you own more than one fixie. Might be a bit helpful or not
  9. Dah mtb doctor! The service shop Hi and welcome to Dahmtbdoctor. I would firstly like to introduce myself as my name is Donovan Shaw and I am a professional bicycle mechanic, I have over 8 years of experience in the mechanical section of mountainbiking. I have a partner by the name of Dean Hugo, who has been in the industry for over 5 years; some of you might know him from northcliff cycles. We have come together and we now have the very first pickup and delivery workshop service out there, what we offer is very unique to the cycling industry, and we take great pride at what we do. You’re probably tired of rushing to cycle shops early in the morning, lunch times or even after work, where you just make it in time to book your bike in somewhere, well with us it’s a different story. We actually drive to your house at any time of the day to pick your bike up, we then give you a 24 hour to 48 hour guarantee bike back. It’s a common fact that due to the sport being so active and big, that you sometimes wait days for your bike Our prices are very competitive, with us you not only saving money but also saving time! After a long hard ride and you are battling with our bike, giving you issues then all you do is give us a call or an sms and we will come pick your bike up. To top it off we even do callouts, which means if you came from a ride and you wish to have your gears set, or tubeless giving problems, even if you want us to fit new parts for you. How does this work? Our workshop is based in nortriding, randburg, we have a 20 kilometre radius from which we charge a standard rate, and if you fall out of that radius we then charge an extra fee per 320 kilometres. When you feel our bike needs a basic or a full service, all you need to do is give us a ring and we will confirm a pickup time with you,within a 48 hour period you will have your bike back at your house, worked on, properly cleaned and tested, ready for another ride. Below I will give you our full price list on our services, please be patient as our parts list will be available soon, this is just to give you an idea of how we work.: Service list Basic service: R350 -wash and lube -bottom bracket service -headset service -gears set front and rear -complete rundown on wear and tear on your parts -setting of brakes Full service: R450 -bike gets stripped completely to the frame -wash and lube -gears set front and rear -headset service -front and rear hub service -bottom bracket service -both wheels get trued (balanced) -brake bleeding if needed (excluding) The following is not included in our services and will be charged separately: Brake bleeding- R 125 per side (R250 for both) Shock service- R600 Gear cables and outer housings- R200 (for front and rear) Tubeless sealant – R100 per wheel The following are additional services on its own: Wheel true- R100 per wheel Gears set- R100 Headset services- R100 Bottom bracket service- R100 Setting of brakes (v brakes) - R70 Hub service- R100 per hub Wash/lube- R50 Shock service (rear) - R500 Fork service (front) - R600 Tubeless conversion (tubeless tape, sealant, valves) - R450 excluding tyres Tubeless package (including tyres) - R1550 (maxis crossmark tubeless tyres) There will be an additional charge of R150 with pickup and delivery option if you fall under the radius of 20 kilometres, if you decide to drop your bike of there will be only a half price charge on the callout, however…if you live within a 7 kilometre radius from bland fort road, northriding then we charge only R100 for pickup and delivery These are services we can perform at your home within an hour only: -setting of gears R100 -headset service R120 -tubeless N/A (new tape, top up sealant, fit new tyres) -Wheel true R120 per wheel -hub service R120 per wheel Callout fee will be charged at @R100 for these services! How to get started? It’s very simple, all you need to do is give us a call or email us and let us know what you would like us to do, we will then confirm a time with you that suit you for us to come and collect your bike. On our arrival you will receive a quotation on what will be done on your bike, if there are parts that need to be replaced you might not get your bike back the following day but as soon as our supplier has delivered our stock. Insurance purposes Please know that although your bike is with us and not at a cycle shop, we indeed have insurance from where your bike gets worked on. We live in a secure complex with 24 hour guards; your bike will be 100% safe with us!! Payment method We are very easy going when it comes to payments, as much as you trust us with your bike we expect no payment hassles from you, we prefer EFT or cash on drop of. Feel free to contact me via whatsapp or cell: 0721561718 Hope to hear from you soon Thanks don/dean
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