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Maxxis Highroller II


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Crow shared some experience on differnt tire types this morning, and poured some serious loving on the High Roller ;) This shuold make him a very happy man.




Maxxis just unveiled their new High Roller II triple compound DH mountain bike tire. The Steve Peat approved design gets visually subtle changes to the tread block shaping via sipes, new edge shapes and earlier engagement for the side knobs. It’ll initially come in only a 26×2.4 size with either their 3C Triple Compound (70a/42a/40a) tread or a MaxxPro 60a single compound tread, both with 2-ply DH casings. These will be available in a couple weeks, and additional sizes and formats will follow.


Pro racers Jill Kintner (Transition Racing) said “the tire felt like its cornering ability performed above expectation in dry conditions… plenty of traction on flat-ish, skatey terrain as well,” and Peat said the rolling resistance was improved and impressive.





One thing I'm glad is laid to rest, is how guys are always trying to jam me up for saying the high roller is horrible (IMO of course) because it has unpredictable break when transitioning from the center to shoulder knobs. Others again claimed the minion had unpredictable break. I still think that's bollocks. It's why I prefer Minions over HRs. I just dont like unpredictable losses of traction (strangely, running an HR as a rear tire and kinda getting used to the sudden breaks).


Looking at the descriptions of the changes, it looks like they've taken the best of the minion (side knobs) and the best of the HR and combined them. I'd definitely give these suckers a rolling. Will be interesting to see how they compare to the Schwalbe Muddy Mary..

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