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What needs to be done?


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Hey to all the home mechanics!

I need some guidance, I've got a 2007 mongoose tyax, the bearings are pretty much scrwed, and my chain loves jumping everywhere!

When I go up a steep hill and exert high torque on the crank, I find it seems to jump to different gears, in 1st front, it jumps between 1 and 4 on an 8spd, while 2 it sometimes jumps to 1 ...

When in 1 it loves jumping off and lodges between the ring and bb, and often in 1st the chain will pull up from the bottom and lodge between the gears and frame, what is the problem? Is the chain too bent and vrot? I put on a new casset in the begining of april, so it cat be that? The derailers are both Shim Alivio...


Wat would you guys advise? Considering I'm looking at getting a new bike in jan....

Thanks in advance!

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Check that your front and rear deraillieur are aligned, and the Hi and Low screws are set prperly. I had a similar issue on the rear and it was a bent derailliuer bracket. Found videos on you tube that helped me sort it out in about 30sec.


Good luck

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And the 'tracking' of the chain (staying curved and being brought up by the front gear) ? Replace the chains, cos some joints seem to 'sticking'?

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is there anyone else experiencing a problem with xt cassettes? Especially the 2 easiest gears, not sure what they are 27 & 30? (roadie terms would be 21 & 23)


I have been having problems with gear slips in the two easiest gears and it is driving me nuts!!

Hanger has been re-aligned, cable tension has been adjusted a million times and still it keeps slipping in the two easiest gears.


Have met a couple of guys now having the same issue? :blink:

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