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Better Skills & Bike Setup


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Hi guys


Trying to improve my technical skills.


Read that one finger braking is the way to go, also braking with the focus on the front as primary and back as secondary makes you faster with better entry and exit speeds etc.


Been trying it on the trails and find it works rather well...


So I want to adjust my setup so my index finger has more leverage and griping closer to the end of the lever.


To do this, I have to move my brake lever slightly inwards to stem....


What's your setup? Also can I swop the shifter and brake around so that brake bracket is outside of shifter bracket? Currently my shifter bracket is on the inside but if I want to move my brake levers inward it would take my shifters out of nice setup and reach?


Also, btw, what's the story with the gear selection indicators, does anyone actually use them or can I take them off - I find them redundant and change my gears on gut and don't need to look at them?


Both brakes and shifters are XT If that makes a difference.

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Post a photo of your set up,it's easier if we see what it looks like.


Take the idicators off if you have the little disc that covers the hole.Don't lose the screws :D


How wide are your bars?

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I took the indicators off, you don't need them.


I swapped my brakes and shifters around for a while but in the end found I prefer the normal set-up, so I switched back. With XT brakes you should have enough leverage with one finger in the standard position unless there is something wrong with your brakes. That said, You do get more leverage gripping near the end of the lever. For me the deciding factor was that my bars are quite narrow, and I couldn't get every thing comfortable with the brakes on the other side. If your bars are wider you might have more room to play.


At the end of the day, its personal preference, so give it a try and report back your opinion.

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