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  1. He's just looking for any excuse to pass on the floating trophy he currently holds
  2. I'm sorry, but I must decline a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.
  3. You can always find them outside having a smoke...maybe get their side while having a twakkie
  4. That's what made me wonder...because the top bolt is just a pre-tentioner, the stem bolts clamp the forks and keeps it all together.... Check your stem bolts, fasten them equally in rotation, each a little bit at a time, not one at a time... No locktite needed anywhere near your stem, headset or bars...
  5. Probably a Spaz? Just kidding.... Don't know where exactly one would apply locktite to a headset... Because you have a pre-tensioner and stem bolts holding your headset together... What's getting loose goose?
  6. Yoh, I don't know, if you have a torque wrench and regularly maintain your bike, then I won't even put it there... Because the benefit of using it can cause way more hassle in the future as opposed to just applying the correct torque at regular checkups
  7. a fork at the back?..some people really like a forks at the backside... Even me....
  8. I've never used locktite on a bicycle....can't think of any situation when I would even consider that....
  9. Snap, that's what I said, just with a bit of irritation added
  10. Absolute bs that the standard response on the hub is to blame the OP... If you don't have anything constructive to add, then maybe that can be your retort. In this specific case, the OP specifically lacked the technical skills/knowledge to correctly assemble and install the parts purchased online, and my initial comment stands... If you want to buy online, and learn how to diy, gain knowledge and experience, then you should be willing to take the risk that sometimes you might get it wrong, but you take the medicine and move on... If you expect everything to magically just work by luck or chance, then purchase from a LBS. The ops attitude on how all online stores now all of the sudden have to up their game, check their goods before shipping, do this and do that is a joke.... You got it wrong, let the shop help you fix it and stop crying like a girl about it... Still didn't answer my question on who removed the lefty and installed the new forks, because this was also you, then I suggest you get someone to check your work dude... And not posting pictures is a jerk move too...
  11. My buddy purchased a Scott from them, asked for XT brakeset upgrade, just around the time the new generation one way bleed tech was introduced... After them trying for 4 days to bleed the brakeset I eventually just drove there to show them how... Took me less than 5min... They wasted about 20l of mineral oil... Classic, won't ever forget it....this was the branch in the South.
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