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CSA, Regional Clubs ?????

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What a fantastic race put on by Deon, Spur along with Anatomic,today must have been the most fantastic race my son has ever entered where 23 schools as far as Bloem( Grey College)and including Hartebeespoort High attending the race where it was held. 439 entries and "No" injuries or riders taking the wrong route.


Now for the issue I have, Why does CSA or the regional clubs not recognise the High School event and sanction it?


The local bike shop Trinity Cycles got involved assisting with track building, the local community got involved, the race went off on time, prize giving was spot on, 082 911 medics were on call, commisaire was great,Race orginisation was great, schools managers and kids had a ball, and most of all, I have never seen TEAM spirit like this at any event, Baring "95" World Cup.


Does one know that the CGC and GN Regional XC race had no more than 50 kids entered this year at any of their XC races, Nationals were even worse when it came to entries but they are sanctioned. Does anyone on the Hub not have inroads into the MEGA Powers and educate them where the sport is going and where it starts for many new comers.


I must admit, our new GN MTB Chairman was at the event today and showed some intrest, however I never managed to get a chance to speak to him regarding the above, but would love to have a chat and plead with the clubs to get this series included in the National calender. As a sport we need the numbers and today should open the eyes of many who seem to be wearing blinkers.


After 4 years of school series growing in leaps and bounds, with fantastic sponsors, I commend the people in making this happen. Ride magazine even cover the racing with great Pic's and stories giving the kids hope of getting some sort of coverage, and hopefully sponsors for their future passion.


Enough said, Now someone please get involved and Help the future of this beautiful sport. My son finishes school this year or I would get involed


PS. They kept 439 kids out of the malls today.

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I couldn't agree more.

The future of SA Cycling is in the hands these school kids, and judging by their enthusiasm, determination and the general vibe at the race, the sport can only grow from strength to strength.

I wish every hubber could experience a race like these kids had today.

Not everyone was on a top-end bike. There were some bikes that most people would not be caught dead on, yet these kids put their hearts into it, and that is where it matters.

Out congratulations and heart-felt thanks to the organisers, sponsors, timekeepers, and everyone else involved in the day.

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Just to put you on the right track,


CGC has been involved for the last 4 years and sponsored the series medals for the last 3 years and has helped with the growth of it.


We also offered to help again this year but this was turned down as it is now being run by Atomic which is a privately run organizer.


From a CSA point of veiw they would like to see it run on a national base around the country and are looking at ways to do this as some provances can not afford this.


As for clubs, well what do they offer!!!!!

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Howzit T


CGC is probably the only Office that appears to be pro-active, thankx for their support, but the issue is that its not sanctioned by CSA. For this reason its not included and protected from the few that do want to do a series race as they may fall on the same dates as other series races and believe me, there are a few kids that are effected by this, then the new kids exposed to the sport via the school series is also needed to grow the sport.


As for clubs, they should be scored on involvement and activity and anyone not being proactive should be banned from having the writes to a club membership affiliation. This may get to where CGC and GN should be, 1 central office, we may then be able to take on the KZN cycling and the like seeing we have the numbers in Gauteng but have too many uninterested clubs out there.


Hey, effort equals reward. Some just have it and then some don't.

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I go and watch all these races as my wife is involved with the series.


I think that the success of the series is due to the passion of the organisers and the extensive marketing . If the series was run by a committee put together by the controlling body(ies)then it will not be as big.


In my opinion CSA santioning comes with petty officialdom. The kids want to race/ride, not be bogged down with red tape.


I always walk/ride around the course so I can watch from many vantage points. I had a couple of feel-good moments at the top of the only steep rocky climb on the course. A youngest in the middle category was in about 6th place. He was trying to past the backmarkers who were walking all over the riding line. Instead of complaining and shouting for track he rode through the rut and rocks while encouraging the walkers to enjoy the race and to make sure they finished. Later a boy from the Potch school did the same thing when he past a team mate who was walking.


Kevin from the epic should patent the rider identification stickers that are stuck on the bikes. They are indestructible. I saw an old hand me down yeti being ridden on Saturday. The bike was quite battered but the 3 epic stickers were in pristine condition.

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I do agree, but this is where the sport starts from and where we need to assist as passionate supportes of the sport. We must get this sorted out.


I heard this morning that another two school series want to be started in Gauteng, how do we screw up a good thing, by letting this sort of thing happen. Deon has been involved for a number of years with this series and has done a fantastic job of it, lets support him.


Is it possible the Fat cats want money but dont want to do the work, or am I wrong ?

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