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Albert's Farm-where exactly is it


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I've done the Braamfontein spruit route a number of times now. I keep hearing about Albert's Farm as an additional add-on. I've looked at the Gauteng street guide and asked around, but for the life of me, I can't get a clear route of exactly where to enter it from Emmerentia Dam/Jan van Riebeek Park and what to do when I get there. I suppose you need to get onto Beyers Naude and ride north. But what then? Also, how long is theis addition if you do a loop going back to Emmerentia Dam. I'd appreciate any help here.

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Follow the green line.



Thanks AndreZA. So the way I see it, you leave the traditional spruit, if you're riding from north to south, at Linden Road and pretty much follow the Montgomery spruit. Is that right?

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I would go out the top gate of the botanical gardens and got down Byers Naude (red line). Just after you cross Thomaas Bowler you will find a bus stop and behind the bus stop is an entrance. Go in there and follow the trail. The green line is my line that I take when I'm "going" as I start my rides with Albert's Farm.

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After you cross Tana and Linden Roads heading south and ride in the park along Louw Geldenhuis you then cross the little stream on the right, then have the little dam on your right and across the wooden bridge to head up towards the Emmerentia dam wall and botanical gardens.


Ride around that little dam keeping right (heading back to Tana Rd) and then just before the concrete bridge go left onto the trail. That will take you up towards Roodevelt Park and the golf course.


Ride on the road on the left of Golf course (Schroder) then when past the golf course through the park and then cross Beyers Naude and go in the gate behind the bus stop.The trail goes along Montgomery Park, cross at 5th St then across 7th and alongside houses on your left. When you get to 6th you can either follow the trail right back towards Botanical Gardens.


Or continue more left along 6th up the hill and just past the electrical box go right back into the park and follow the trail up the rocky climb. Cool rocky downhill then follow the trail under the trees and round to the right through the weeds.Then head right along the bottom of the rocky outcrop under the trees and as you come out onto the flat grass again go right downhill across the bridge. Go straight up past the tree and look for the trail to go left down hill, across the long wood bridge at the bottom and then go left back towards Botanical Gardens


If you ride from Mugg & Bean in Paulshof around Delta Park, around Botanical Gardens,then up round Alberts Farm and back its about 60km. Alberts Farm loop probably adds 12-15km onto Botanical Gardens route.


If you look at Google maps on Satelite view the trail is prety clear

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