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The Selle San Marco Aspide Racing Team saddle

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Hi guys wife bought me this one and before i mount it just need a review.... What your opinion? Bare in min i have a stock standard silverback saturn now.

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Great saddle. I am on my third one.


They will take a bit of getting used to if you have a softer more padded saddle currently. Seat was designed to only make contact on your little sitting bones and so when the nerves in these area deaden after a few weeks they seat is ultra comfortable as it does not cause your shammy to compress everything else. In fact you can go nice and thin and minimal on your shammy with this saddle. Set it up so that you are at the rear of the saddle with knee knob over pedal axle and nose at least as high as rear high point of seat or else you may slip forward. Seat allows for upward tilt in order to keep effective leg length when moving to saddle tip in TT and break away position.


Nice saddle. Enjoy!

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