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Spinning class programs


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Camerons on the hub gave me this a few days back

It;s a very hard program, if you can do 4 sets it will be amazing , make sure you keep the kadence up

I did this program but only 2 set out of the 4 and it came comes down to about 30 mins



To build power try this program on the bike:


On a effort scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being sitting on your sofa and 10 being balls out max you want to vomit type stuff do this:


Warm Up part one:

5 mins - effort starting at 2 rising to 5 by the end

Warm up part two:

Time trial - 6 mins - effort level 6. Cadence 90-100

Rest - 1 min - effort level 4

Main Set:

Time trial 4 mins - effort level 7. Cadence 90-100. Every minute add 20 to your candence for 10 seconds (effort level 10) then go back to time trial pace

Climbing - 2:30mins - effort level 8. Cadence 80 max. Every minute add 20 to your candence for 10 seconds (effort level 10) then go back to normal climbing pace

Rest - 3 mins - effort level 4

Repeat x 4

Cool down:

5 mins - effort level 4 reducing to 2 by the end


Make sure that every time you do this you are going slightly harder than the time before otherwise you'll just platue and never get any better. This is why some way of measuring effort it key.

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