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Bennie's Tours - Karoo 2 Coast Transport


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Was anyone else left stranded in Knysna on the morning of Karoo to Coast by Bennie and his USELESS crew????

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Phone them:


Tel: +27(0)44 384 0103

Cell: 083 728 5181


Lets put a add on gumtree.... Small Bulldog puppies, Registered....R1000 with Bennies phone number for revenge.

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I spent 6hrs in my car on sunday driving to the start and then driving back to start to collect my car after a 5hr K2C! All because of USELESS Bennie who says its not his fault!

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You sound like a kid on a rant.

Tell us the story...but I HATE waiting and would be more than furious.


details, details, details

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The Story


Bennie's tours was supposed to take riders up to Uniondale at 4am Sunday for the K2C race. So after waking up at 3:30am and arriving at the meeting point it was clear that Bennie only had 2 buses but 40 people with bikes. He tried to call a buddy to help but no luck. So a bunch of us had to drive up to Uniondale, leave our cars there and then mission back after the race to pick the cars up.


Bennie did not even have a list of the people who where supposed to travel that morning and who paid! He had zero organization skills and did not even apologies! We paid R380/person for this supposed service.


Then when the race was finished he said that only one bus would go to Uniondale and it needed to be full, in order for him to do 'good business'. So I waited 3 hours for the bus to leave, but decided to tell Bennie exactly what I thought of him and his service for an hour. He said it was 'my peoples fault' ie white people, I told him to go 'f himself and that he was a racist!


The lessons learnt - Don't ever use Bennies tours of Knysna, Go up the day before the race and I should have punched him rather (more satisfaction)!!!

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