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  1. For racing the Tubs still feel better to me, but otherwise my new Giant SLR carbon wheelset feels great with clinchers (want to run tubeless soon as it is compatible then it should be on par with tubbies)
  2. I use Trainer Road, programs work better for me. i also experienced issues with Zwift where it is delayed on the slopes/decents but it might be as it is a 3D riding experience(need 10mb+ internet then) and Trainer Road is block based programs, since moving over to Trainer Road had no problems with my trainer disconnecting. I connect to laptop via bluetooth and then the ant+ usb picks up my power meter and hrt monitor.
  3. Decided to upgrade my wheelset...got me the Giant SLR01 carbon wheelset FeaturesUltra-Light full composite 700C rimsTubeless compatible using supplied rim strips and valves23mm wide rim for better tire performance30mm rim heightStainless steel, straight pull, double butted spokesDynamic Balanced Lacing provides significantly higher transmission stiffness vs. traditionally laced wheelsAlloy locking nipplesGiant Alloy hub shell with pawl based driver1425g per pair
  4. Decided to upgrade the MTB...she is a bit dirty now
  5. In a way I can understand Chris's response, if a potential client had to swear at me and go all ape sh*t I probably would have also advised him to go somewhere else....I am in the service industry owning my own business I had already ignored certain people just due to the way they are and the way they speak to someone. Chris basically told him if he is not happy then go somewhere else giving him the option, maybe it came through as an offence but surely if he phoned CWC with a sh*t tone on the phone then customer service becomes challenging and rather than it becoming a 'panty sale fight' a end was put to it. I wanted the Giro Synthe helmet on the Black Friday Sale, when I added it to the cart and then when I went to the checkout section it was sold out, I cut my losses and moved on...I ended up buying 5 x 3sets Marvel tubes instead..(another bargain)... If the advert stated in store only then it is in store only, if the special was online it would have been on the website.
  6. With that casette ratio buying a cmpact will be pointless you might as well walk then...isnt the aim to get faster? When I started cycling I had compact and a 11/25, once I made it to elites my compact had to quickly, I was unable to keep up on quick accelerations as their 39/53 handed out more power on the flats than a compact. Made the move over to compact and kept my 11/25 and I felt so much better and faster. Some training advice for you, I used to be coached by science to sport so a combination of recovery and intervals rides a week is good. Tuesday zone 2 light gears cadence 90+; Wednesday Intervals start with 30min warmup 1min sprint and 1 min rest, do about 10 of them and coldown 30min cadence 90, thursday recovery zone 2 high cadence 90+... This way you will burn fat and gain speed on bike. I used to weigh 120kg, race weight was 76kg, I managed to mantain my weight after I stopped racing at 80kg by proper diet and still riding 4 times a week.
  7. If you know what to look for yes, but for the average cyclist without a coach it is like a bragging tool to say you smash 400watt up Llandudno all the way to the top. When I used to be coached they were able to analyse data better, at the moment I am a recreational cyclist and I just look at my power once a while to see how my fitness is but normally when you k@k off it means you pushing out higher power...your hrt will also be higher. Wouldnt say it is a need it is more a luxury. Just my 2c
  8. 1B for me....finished in 2h 49m and 32sec and 117th overall! COnsidering we beat the A group by 3 minutes, pace was nice and hard starting at Smits. Caught elite ladies about 2km in and they chilled in our group and got taken to the line by us. Overall...great day! Didnt see any crashes as I mainly sat in front of bunch so I am happy.
  9. I race the Swift RS-1....Love it! Propel is a cool frame however the brakes suck! a friend of mine is complaining about how terrible the brakes is... If I am you, go for the Swift, I raced mine since 2014 and the frame is still as stiff as when I have gotten it.
  10. Perhaps Arianne want to peak at the Epic where the others is already starting to peak?
  11. lol! we dont have league anyway so their CSA license means jack sh*t....why dont they rather focus on giving us a summer and spring league again like they used to here in Cape Town.
  12. Everyone does this, they suppose to go sit at the back of your team while you all work together. Also keeping about 1m gap from the team so there is no interferance.
  13. I am 184 and ride a 54, the top tube of the 56 was to long. Test a 54(Medium) and see how it feels, you can always add a longer stem but you can't go too short with a short stem because the handling becomes harder with a short stem where quick cornering is involved. If I may ask who did your bike setup?
  14. Yes, I made that comment there. Look how everyone around you sit on their bicycles and then you see how you lean off the back of your saddle. Either your frame is too big or your stem is too long...judging from the pic looks like your frame is too big. How tall are you and what is your frame size? Our team finished Top 10 so pretty stoked...although Team Volvo was drafting for a very long time after the 1st checkpoint until we eventually had to tell them to back-off a few times since they didnt want to go past to work a bit and just wanted to catch a free ride...not cool! Besides the weather overall a good race and glad to see how everyone still went out there to do it although there was wind and rain...well done to everyone.
  15. Josh, you cycled 850km the week of the DC and managed 15km with us when you dropped. You can't be smashing 650km rides this time of the year doing a long one every day, you need rest days as your body requires this, you need to focus on intensity which should have been done a month ago already. This is the reason you drop at Killarney you do a massive base but you lack intensity so when they put the hammer down you drop, you can easily ride 600km at 28kmh average but a one hour race of 45kmh you struggle to keep up. LBL is going flat out, you would need to be prepared by now sitting with them in the front at races. It is not to break you down or anything but you need to ask your coach to get your intensity up as you have more than enough base.
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