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  1. Maybe just a little dirty....needs some TLC....
  2. Leave them alone....seems like they can do with them extra miles
  3. What tragic news....RIP. God bless the family.
  4. 2013 CIOCC Supremo.....Italian at its best. Oh and a San Cristobal STEEL frame for training....
  5. Reynolds 853 tubing is the bees knees.....but don't disregard the others....
  6. Where, how and why.....
  7. MAESTRO's

    94.7 Expo

    That's the problem....its become a bazaar. Its actually meant to be an opportunity for importers/distributors to showcase their new 2013 stock to the cycling public.
  8. On the positive side, excuse the pun, maybe he'll be scooped up by supercycling so that he'll be able to share his 15 years of knowledge he gained in the PRO Peleton.
  9. Has anybody informed Lance yet...they were team mates after all....
  10. Once you try bibs, you'll never go back to shorts. Agree also that you must try and buy the best bib you can afford. Its pointless buying the cheapest just for sake of having a bib. Goedkoop is duurkoop.
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