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Cleats slipping


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Okay, so i bought some new shoes - sidi dragon 2.


Fitted the cleats, tightened up nicely (tight) and then went for a ride. After about 20km the cleats had both shifted slightly and were out of alignment.


Tightened again and carried on. Same problem happened again. Only thing i can think of is that the varus wedges under my cleats are causing the cleats to slide around and not allowing the cleats to bight into the soles of the shoes. This never happened on my previous shoes with same wedges.


Any suggestions how to fix? - I cannot tighten the cleat bolts any tighter or i am going to break something!!

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had the same problem with Spez shoes and spd cleats.


eventually tightened, went for a ride, as soon as I felt them loosening, I tightened them again. have not had a problem since.




definition of Bight:


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Had the same problem and literally destroyed a pair of sidi's. The local rep helped me with a solution though - sidi and crank brothers make a thin metal plate that you put underneath the cleats, tighten and voila. No more slipping, no lock tite, no loose cleats, niks nada.

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