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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Def seems a cheap permanent bike on an IDT is the way to go. Thank you
  2. Hi guys. Keen for an indoor trainer but the idea of having to setup my bike each time I want to bring it indoors seems annoying especially if it’s muddy. What suggestions for a good quality indoor complete trainer like a watt bike type setup. What are options and prices? Watt bike seems very expensive.
  3. My 2009 x1 frame developed a hairline crack in similar place. Was replaced under warranty with a 2011 frame in 3 days. Good reason to buy new! I believe it is not entirely uncommon.
  4. Excuse me for being ignorant, but can someone tell me why tapered head tubes and through axles make any difference to the handling of a bike? I recently had my 2009 giant anthem x1 frame replaced under warranty and i got a 2011 frame with a tapered head tube. I cant honestly say i notice any real differnece. But then again, i struggle to tell the difference between tea and coffee
  5. Good to know. Thanks a mill.
  6. Okay, so i bought some new shoes - sidi dragon 2. Fitted the cleats, tightened up nicely (tight) and then went for a ride. After about 20km the cleats had both shifted slightly and were out of alignment. Tightened again and carried on. Same problem happened again. Only thing i can think of is that the varus wedges under my cleats are causing the cleats to slide around and not allowing the cleats to bight into the soles of the shoes. This never happened on my previous shoes with same wedges. Any suggestions how to fix? - I cannot tighten the cleat bolts any tighter or i am going to break something!!
  7. I am struggling to find a pair of spez to try on. Olympic doesnt have any. Any suggestions of where else i can look? Seems kinda hard to find them.
  8. Tried on a pair of Sidi Dragon 2 mtb shoes yesterday. Wow - fit like a glove! Going to try on some spez s-works and then decide, but for those who have used either or both, please let me have your thoughts on which one you would go for! My only concern with the sidi is that the dial tensioner release looks a little flimsy. thanks
  9. Hi Guys, perhaps you can offer some advice here. I am interested in an item in the classifieds on the hub, but have never bought anything on the hub before. What is the normal protocol for making the exchange. I am obviously concerned about parting with any cash until i receive the goods and can inspect them first. Please advise. rgds
  10. Try Second Skins. Speak to Tammy - tammy@secondskins.co.za He is a good friend and gave me a few pairs to try. I think they are really great. Pricing should be very very good compared to other "Big Brand Names" rgds
  11. A big thumbs up to CYCLE LAB NORTHGATE for their super efficient service! I requested a copy of the invoice for the purchase in 2009 late yesterday afternoon via email and it was in my inbox before 8am this morning! I know a lot of people are quick to complain about bad service but we must be just as quick to acknowledge better than expected service too. Thanks Howard - much appreciated!! Rgds Jacques
  12. I have no idea when the crack actually occurred as I never noticed it. My seat was quite high but presumably not beyond what is in the normal range and I am riding the correct size frame (large). Maybe just one of the reasons why we need a warranty.
  13. My thoughts exactly! I have emailed them and await their response. By law they have to keep it for 5 years and it has to have all my relevant details on it. This is of course the theory and i look forward to getting their cooperation in this regard. Nonetheless, out of interest, can something like this be repaired properly?
  14. Took bike in for a major service today and i have been told i have a cracked frame. Where top tube meets seat tube. Can this be repaired such that is as good as new or is this a poor idea? Bike is a 2009 Giant anthem x1 - aluminium frame. It is under warranty but i am certain i no longer have the original invoice? Trying to get a copy of proof of payment from bank but not sure if this will suffice. Just trying to figure out my options here!! rgds
  15. Ok, so now that the event has been done, time to reflect! Destroyed both sets of brake pads and in the process some other bits and pieces. Service both front and back hubs and also crank bearings etc!!! All around quite an expensive ride - BUT BOY DID I HAVE FUN. Unfortunately i had to bail at the 30km mark of the long ride due to brake issues but i can honestly say this ride was the most fun on a bike i have had in a long time. Will i do it again? - If it is so wet probably no due only to the damage it causes. If it is dry - for sure! Out of interest, how many other hubbers did this and managed to make the full ride without issues? As i was riding back to the start/finish i past quite a few bikes sounding pretty dodgy.
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