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  1. Man, those CT pics are something. Our weather has also been very nice, 23° on the way to the trails, and perfect for riding. saw some real tall hikers along the trails and of course, recovery is very important…
  2. Apparently, for this specific fork, it was made like that. Confirmed by someone far more knowledgeable about cotic stuff than most peeps.
  3. Spent the week on the indoor trainer, work has picked up a bit, so my “free time” became restricted. Took leave on friday as I had to go do my moto learners and went for a ride at around 2pm in the cradle. Tyre issues about 30mins in. Bombed and carried on. I kept on slowly loosing pressure. The tyre had a small hole just above the rim due to a pinch from a hard landing on an exposed rock, too small to put a plug in, as the canvas would have just tore more, and I was running low on bombs. ( one left) Kept going at a sedate pace, trying to keep weight off the rear ( not smart on the dirt) went till the squishyness became wobblyness and figured I’m close enough to the car that if I do plug and bomb it, and the pressure doesnt hold, that the hike will not be too bad. as I was rummaging through my tool pouch, I came across 2 of those really tiny “worms” I could never figure out their usefulness due to the skewer I have makes a bigger hole than the worm can plug. I had a wee brainfart, and decided to try and insert the worm lengthways next to the rim and the tyre, to hopefully close the hole with pressure being applied ( see photo, as I’m sure my explanation sucks) this seemed to have done the trick, and i managed to avoid the hike. Well deserved:
  4. Got my learners yesterday, must say the process at Westonaria is quite smooth, there is never more than 10 people in the row, worth the drive out there. now.. to book for my actual license test….soon
  5. I can’t take their website serious with all the spelling mistakes. “Swift” in stead of Zwift? I’m not on facebook, and using that website is like going to the dentist.
  6. The more things change... the more they stay the same...
  7. Think the OP wants the cover for the battery. https://www.ikhambi.co.za/support-request These are the distributors, they should be able to hopefully assist.
  8. Thanks for that Hairy, pretty cool vid. was expecting weirdly dressed riders and beer stops. But this is pretty cool.
  9. My learners (I know... dont give a procrastinator more **** than is required) expired last week, so I have booked for another test next week. In Westonaria (about 50mins from where I live...only slots available. ) The actual driver's test is another story alltogether.
  10. very difficult to get an appointment tho. (here in Gauteng)
  11. Under R300 Check the natis website. They have lots of info there
  12. You should also be able to take it to your city's refuse site. (We have these city of joburg ones that takes garden refuse, recyclables and engine oil. My Local motor spares shop also takes used oil.
  13. Thirsty… the angle of the shot, and the way my bike’s front wheel is turned makes it look weird. Not my favourite shot, but the message needed to be put across…
  14. I was feeling peckish, and was hoping the KFC drive through was operational…alas…
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