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  1. Easter weekend bike trip loading: I’m showing my mate from CT some KZN roads and FS roads. Day 1 JHB woesrand to Fouriesburg Day 2 Fouriesburg to Underburg via not one straight road Day 3 Sani up-down to Winterton/Bergville Day 4 winterton/Bergville to the Woesrand. Accommodation all in B&Bs ( we are both closer to 50 than we are to 20) must say, there are some reasonably priced places out there) Will definitely port a ride report.
  2. There is a Hippo that made it’s way back into the lake at Cradle Moon. Not sure if the owners are aware, they certainly made no-one aware of the fact that there is one on the premises. Photo by a school MTB group that was there this afternoon for a training session. If you are riding there, perhaps steer clear of riding too close to the dam for now.
  3. @Spokey I love the fact that you have such a diverse taste in bikes. It’s clear you love them for the love of riding. People get so caught up in the marketing bs and brand names and loyalty, it’s great to read you perspective. @IceCreamMan I’m jelly of that 850 GSA, tubeless, cruise control and all the little extras on that bike, makes it almost perfect in my eyes. Enjoy, and please post photos.
  4. “The parasitic mind. How infectious ideas are killing common sense” Gad Saad I am 60% into this book, and it’s a good one.
  5. Are you keeping the Harley? I would say you have to consider what you will use the bike most for? Each machine has it’s pro’s and cons. I think the T7 is a great bike, possibly leaning more on the technical riding side. As ICM said, it may be lacking in the long distance touring department. The 850 GS’s has been upgraded with tubeless spoked wheels, rider modes, cruise control suspension settings etc. All in a slightly less bulky package than their 1200 and 1300 counterparts. The 1200’s are great machines, but I wouldn’t be able to live with one as my only bike. For me, commuting daily, with the odd trip thrown in, has me more comfortable on and 800adv. Owning the 800gs adv after putting 90 000kms on the standard 800GS, the following stood out: The added bulk of the adv, has the bike more planted offroad. This comes with the downside of added weight when things get technical. I am aware of this, and I am choosing my riding accordingly. I have had the wrong tool doing similar things to people on much lighter bikes, and although possible, it’s a lot harder work, and if things go wrong, expensive. The bigger bike for touring purposes is great, long range fuel tank (450 to 500kms on a tank mixed riding) is great, as well as panniers ( for the kitchen sink etc) I struggled with the added weight of the 1200GS adv. But I also know riders that are very capable on their big bikes, that does not necessarily have the stature. You said you were not in a hurry, so lots of time to read up on and do some comparisons. If you were in JHB I would gladly offered the 8gs for a weekend. If at all possible, try and get a bike to take on a meaningful test ride.
  6. Not all GS riders wear crocs. But like ICM says, go ride a 12GS, and then buy one.
  7. Baviaans is definately a bucket list for me. maybe 2024. In the meantime, I did a small trip yesterday, just to get out the house a bit. 350 odd km, with a stop for some beer and Currywurst at Brauhaus near Rustenburg. Got a beesting on the arm for my effort, little shite flew into my jacket sleeve, and crawled up to my tricep where he decided this is it.
  8. Camelbak mule user here, I use the mule when I do moto trips, as it has a lot of packing space over & above the water. In winter I sometimes ride with the Mule for when the missus and I have to strip layers. It’s many years old, and is still in perfect condition, although a little faded.
  9. Baviaans is on my list. As is Die Hel. On the note of B-day rides: some of my Hilton weekend is loaded on WDs .
  10. Are you specifically focused on the Business administration along with the Project management? I recently prepared for and obtained PMP certification form a non university institution. You may find benefit in starting with a CAPM. Along with some years of experience that you will need to record and demonstrate (in my case it had to be a lot more, as my highest qualification is a trade) you can do the required hours of formal preparation to obtain the certification. From there, you can progress on to full PMP with whatever work experience you have in the related field.
  11. I uploaded a ride report of my trip at the end of September. https://wilddog.net.za/threads/tjops-in-the-karoo.280528/ I have not started writing the KZN trip.
  12. Lekker Pics Andy, And super special memories with your dad!!!
  13. Correct. However, I practiced fire safety by having water on hand should my tiny gas flame decide to become a flame thrower and ignite the grass.
  14. Had an unbelievable trip. Will eventually write a report on WD's. Some amazing scenery in the Freestate and KZN
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