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  1. any SRS type MTB shoes size 45?
  2. ah bugger, will never get time to pop out in the week
  3. wasn't me just to be clear, but still an apology goes a long way
  4. ok, cap in hand, I rode for the huskies so ill apologise. I rode with the wife and did a lot of riding, waiting and pushing. but anyways sorry bud, hope it didn't mess with your race, silly mistake but most at the back are beginners.
  5. nah id go conti, I find the Richey's to be a little on the slippery side
  6. missed the first one, but keen for the august one. will drop you my email now.
  7. any chance we can pop by the office to have a look at some point?
  8. DJG

    SIDI Mid Season Sale

    Ditto on that request, been struggling to find a 46 (that I like) on sale myself
  9. got a silverback syncra 1, lovely machine
  10. how's the head feeling? sure your wife gave you a bit of a scrubbing after but glad you are ok nonetheless
  11. ah nuts, missed out on this one
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