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Newbie Advice - HRM vs Endomondo - Duathlon Training


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Hi All,


I need some advice and hoping that forum members can assist.


I've gotten back into running and cycling over the last 2 months and have decided to start a training program to see if I can complete a duathlon in Feb/March(my swimming sucks, so no Tri for me :( )


I'm busy putting together a base training program and one of the tools I need is a HRM.


Currently I use Endomondo for running and cycling and it does the job pretty well for my current requirements, at this point. The missing item is the HRM.


The question I have for this fourm --> is there any other benfits from splashing out cash for top line HRM for base training (aerobic/anaerobic zone training) for running & cycling or will a basic HRM in conjunction with Endomondo be sufficient ?? I know that one advantage would be cadence, currently I do not measure cadence on my riding, simply using Endomondo's output every 1km as a gauge.


Any advice welcome ;)


Thanks in Advance,

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Hi SunSo,


I started out with a very basic HRM which did the job fine in terms of training zones, but when I started doing some interval work on an Indoor Trainer, I found that I did need cadence and bought a Garmin FR60. Might be better to go this option to begin with to save you having to buy two things like I did.


As an aside, my swimming also sucked which was a reason I never in the past thought I would be able to do a triathlon. Two lengths of the pool (my stroke was sort of a cross between doggy paddle and crawl) and I was buggered! A running injury early this year made me bite the bullet and get a bit of coaching which made the hugest difference. I'm still not the greatest swimmer but ok, pretty much middle of the pack and I now actually enjoy it as well as finding that it really helps recovery from longer runs/rides :D

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Endomondo works well and with a HRM would be good, in my view. The only issue is it chows the battery on your phone, so not to sure what the max run time for the app would be.


A HRM/watch is a good buy, but to get a GPS, cadence, speed, interval etc set-up, you gonna pay a bit. I have a Garmin Forerunner 405 and it works great for all of this. The new 610 is much better.

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