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  2. Just to put my 2c worth into this debate My Masters was on stretching and a lot of the confusion about stretching comes from differences in definitions of stretching and flexibility, sometimes questionable research design and implementation of different stretching interventions. For example, stiffness and flexibility are biomechanical terms related to the gradient of load deformation curves. Range of Motion is assumed to be a direct measure of flexibility but it is affected my other things like joint structure, connective tissue, ligaments, nerves etc. so is not always the case. Consensus now is that static stretching before exercise might be detrimental to immediate performance (average of 5%) and might predispose injury. There are benefits to including some dynamic stretching (controlled through range movements) as part of a warm up in some sports, although I don't remember reading anything relating directly to cycling. Stretching after exercise and outside of activity periods has been shown to be beneficial in many studies. Generally injury risk in subsequent sessions is reduced and performance is increased if 20 - 30 seconds static stretching per major muscle group is performed post-exercise as part of the cool down. People also reported feeling looser when they stretched compared to when they didn't. To put in practical terms, after cycling or running, I would cool down a bit then do 20 - 30 seconds stretching of calves, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, gluts, and hip abductors. I also find stiffness and niggles creep in if I neglect this because of time or anything else.
  3. Opsite Flexigrid?? I wiped out a couple of weeks back and took a lot of skin off. Used these dressings and within 3-4 days I was pretty much healed.
  4. Hi SunSo, I started out with a very basic HRM which did the job fine in terms of training zones, but when I started doing some interval work on an Indoor Trainer, I found that I did need cadence and bought a Garmin FR60. Might be better to go this option to begin with to save you having to buy two things like I did. As an aside, my swimming also sucked which was a reason I never in the past thought I would be able to do a triathlon. Two lengths of the pool (my stroke was sort of a cross between doggy paddle and crawl) and I was buggered! A running injury early this year made me bite the bullet and get a bit of coaching which made the hugest difference. I'm still not the greatest swimmer but ok, pretty much middle of the pack and I now actually enjoy it as well as finding that it really helps recovery from longer runs/rides
  5. https://secure.entries.co.za/onlineentries/landingpage.aspx?EID=1300
  6. Taping is worth a try, it often helps alleviate the acute pain sufficiently for people to do the strengthening/stretching programs required to correct any imbalances. Google McConnell Taping and see what you think. If you still seeing a physio, they will be able to show you how to do it, otherwise PM me your email address and I will send you an attachment with the taping technique.
  7. Have you tried taping the patella? One of the causes is the patella not tracking properly, often due to muscle imbalance as said earlier. I've known taping to be very effective for some people. Also in the slightly longer term, supplementing with Glucosamine Chondroitin has also helped.
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